Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About 5G Technology

The Internet has always been the basic need of man to compete with the developing nations in this technical era. Applications of the internet are increasing daily; making us more and more dependent on it. Thus, for this, technologies need to be introduced to access internet in a faster way. 5G refers to the 5th generation mobile wireless network system. The main aim of introducing 5G technology is to provide better and more reliable machine communication than the 4G.

In this article, you will get answers to some of the most popular question people have in their mind about 5G. Some of the features of 5G discussed in this article are:

  • Faster speed and low latency
  • Data rate
  • A Higher Number of Connected Devices
  • Energy Saving
  • Privacy Controlled
  • Video Streaming
  • Computing Capabilities
  • Standards Reserved for the Deployment of 5G

Faster Speed and Low Latency:


Right now, 4G is capable of providing you a download speed of 1Gbps, whereas in 5G you will enjoy 10Gbps download speed.

Latency refers to the time that device consumes in sending the packet to another device. In 4G the latency rate is 50 milliseconds. You will get a latency rate of 1millisecond in 5G.

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Data Rate:

With 5G you can enjoy much better connectivity and the coverage. The peak data rate of 5g is 10Gbps and the cell edge data rate is 100Mbps.

You might be confused with the word peak data rate. Well, peak data rate refers to the fastest data transfer rate at which any device can transfer the data.

A Higher Number of Connected Devices:

5G will support a greater number of simultaneously connected devices. It would be much useful for IoT applications also.

Thus, you will have intelligence available at your fingertips and it would be much easier to use the machine that makes up the Internet of things.

Energy Saving:

We will be living in smart homes very soon.  Advancement in technology will help us to save more and more energy.

5G will prove to be energy efficient in the following ways:

  • As buildings consume almost 42% of global energy. Therefore, efficient building design will prove to be much energy savers.
  • The smart electric meter will save energy.
  • 5G will help a lot in smart grids.
  • Smart lighting can not only save power but also reduce light pollution. By smart lighting, the lights would be automatically dimmed when there is no vehicle or person on the road.

Privacy Controlled:


5G has been for the networked society; therefore, it will be more security features compared to the 4G.

As 5G will bring new business a model for the industries, therefore, its security concern is what most of the people are thinking of?

5G will provide you with:

  • Cloud security.
  • Flexible security architecture.
  • 5G radio network security.
5G will bring some additional security features than the 4G. The security drivers would be used in 5G to make it much more secure. Authentication will be required between different actors to use it.

There will be efficient support for the transfer of the secured data from one device to another.

Thus, the main points defining the characteristic of 5G securities are listed below.

  • New trust models.
  • New service delivery models.
  • Increased privacy concerns.
  • Evolved threat landscape.
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Video Streaming:

5G will help in high video streaming. A large number of users could watch high definition videos online at a time very easily. Signal efficiency will surely improve with 5G.

Computing Capabilities:


The main reason for which 2G was introduced was the voice. For 3G there were 2 reasons voice and the data. 4G was introduced for the broadband experience.

In 5G you will see quite advanced things from the discussed above. 5G will be sourced for computing capabilities. Making easier for you to get fuse with communication wherever you intend.

In this way billion, even trillions of objects would not have to think about the computing power because network would be able to fulfill all the processing needs

You will experience wearable devices working along with sensors and some other devices.

Standards Reserved for the Deployment of 5G:

One main benefit of 5G includes the standards that are reserved for its deployment. The spectrum band it would be using is agreed globally by world radiocommunication conference.

For example, if you are using a 5G phone in the UK then it would use the same system as in South Korea or any other place in the world.

Final Words:

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About 5G Technology - Conclusion

The need for faster connection will surely be increasing in the upcoming years. At that time 5G will help you connect a large number of devices with a super fast speed.

This technology is much more intelligent as it provides more incredible data capabilities. It will bring many benefits for the mobile users. It will make your life much better as it will allow you to use IoT devices in a much easier and faster way.

The business application would be able to use the 5G technology from 2020 onwards.

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