Magento PWA Studio: The Progressive Web App Tool for Magento!

Smartphones are the only devices that are changing the internet and the traffic generating on it. If you go through any internet traffic statistics reports, mobile traffic has soared 51.4 percent traffic and made 31% of internet revenue.

In today’s time, it is a stark reminder for retailers, shopkeepers, store managers, etc. to make mobile eCommerce app and earn money with mobile conversion rates.

The online market or the internet market started with websites, then followed by mobile applications, and now is running wild with cutting-edge PWA!

You must have noticed ‘Add to Home Screen’ banner on a few websites while browsing. When you click the button on that banner, an application installs, downloads and get saved on your home screen.

Opening the application and using it gives you the same experience on a mobile phone which was getting from the website. You see it right as easy as it looks! An app without accessing the play store or app store got installed on your mobile phone.

However, that’s not the only case. The best part is when you are able to access the app without internet connectivity in offline mode!

What You Came Across Is A Progressive Web App (PWA)!

A PWA is a new advancement in our app and website development industry after responsive websites and applications. In other words, a PWA – Progressive Web App is a web-based application which uses web capabilities of the internet and delivers us an app-like experience.

It is progressive because it loads itself, web because it uses HTML, CSS, and, JavaScript programming languages, and finally, an app as it quickly runs on mobile devices.


If you see the above image, then you can see the logos of many big companies. The common thing to all of them is they use PWA. Most of the eCommerce giants and service provides today want users to use their web-based progressive applications.

As the internet is evolving more and more with each passing day, we can see a number of PWA. You might ask me – why?

“Answer is quite simple: These PWAs serves like gateways to our shopping experience!”

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PWA Plugins & Modules

Progressive-Web-App-PWA-logoWordPress PWA Plugins & Drupal PWA modules allow you to convert your website into an app without coding instantly. However, they are not able to deliver proper PWA features such as;

  • Though they are fast, secure, and fully responsive, still lack in browser compatibility.
  • Since they are less browser compatible, PWA also lacks a bit in working offline.
However, using plugins and modules can’t give you a proper functioning PWA.

If the latest technologies in website development are supporting mobile interactions, then PWA is meant to evolve our shopping experience. Progressive web apps give a promising web-like browsing experience that uses powerful and emerging technologies.

“PWA mainly focus on giving high performance to make the customer more engaged. And it is required because 53% of visitors abandon those mobile sites which takes 3+ seconds to load.”

Shoppers now have become really smart and judge apps and websites from their loading speeds. This is the reason why we are PWAs can be your assets!

It is not a futuristic thing, PWAs are now common in US local market and is spreading like Amazon’s wildfire all over the world. Moreover, the last year Magento – An Adobe Company decided to make PWAs a phenomenon with their PWA Studio tool.

With Magento 2.3 in web & app development industry, now you can develop your personal progressive web apps and launch a startup mobile app development company. In this article, we are going to learn everything about Magento PWA Studio.

Let’s get started!

What is Magento PWA Studio Tool?


Magento introduced Magento 2.3 (most awaited Magento version) on November 28, 2018, with several new features. Out of all new features, one that was termed as the best Magento feature is Magento PWA Studio.

A suite of tools to empower web application developers!

From that day until now, Magento has become the best Progressive Web Application (PWA) builder platform. By any means, if you are planning to launch your mobile application, then drop that idea!

Now, it is not time to develop websites and apps; It’s time to integrate websites and apps together. This is the reason why Magento PWA studio has earned much respect.

This Magento tool helps the developers to create lightning-fast front-ends, components, and extensions that can be reused or in the Magento marketplace.

When you take PWA and Magento together, you can say;

A Magento PWA Studio develops eCommerce Progressive Web Apps and online stores powered with Magento 2 templates.

More about Magento PWA Studio tools:

More about Magento PWA Studio tools

  • PWA BUILDPACK: It is a library of build and development tools for Magento PWAs that set up and configure a local environment for PWA development.
  • PEREGRINE: It is a collection of UI components that are used in Magento PWA projects to create unique, colorful, and creative Magento PWA storefront.
  • PWA STOREFRONT: Also known as Venia storefront, it contains examples of storefronts, sample product detailing, category pages, etc. You can also call it as a backend development tool for your eCommerce PWA.
  • LUMA: With Magento 2, Luma comes as the default theme. It is an elegant, clean, and easy on the eye theme, which adopts better usability practices. In other words, the Magento theme – Luma is reusable.
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Is Magento PWA Studio Really Necessary?

Is Magento PWA Studio Really Necessary?

Instead of making separate mobile apps for Android and iOS, the best option is developing a PWA. It is like a website shortcut under the app. When you click the app, you are able to access the mobile-friendly website.

Magento PWA studio tool creates the best progressive web apps that bring a native app-like experience at your device.

A Magento PWA development allows the business to increase app downloads and attracts thousands of more customers. In addition to it, PWA for Magento increases the mobile conversion rates as compared to apps from play stores.

This is why it really becomes necessary for us to understand this change and how Magento PWA studio is making eCommerce a vast industry.

The below features will shatter down your all thoughts against PWA! Additionally, will make you create one for your business.

Features of Magento PWA Studio

Features of Magento PWA Studio

  • Accessibility regardless of network conditions; uses fewer data.
  • Customers Can Access Your Website Across Device and Platform.
  • Fully Responsive & Cross-Browser Compatibility.
  • You Can Take Advantage of Mobile Commerce Without the High Cost.
  • Push Notifications Keep Your Customers Engaged.
  • Easy Installation, Enhanced User experience & Performance.
  • Fast load time & Secure.
  • Magento PWA is SEO-friendly.
Also, for the website owners and retailers, it is cost-efficient and time-saving. Furthermore, for end-users, it is fast loading, uses low data, and gives easy updates.

Should I Invest In PWA?

Should I Invest In PWA?

There is not a high price difference between developing an Android or iOS app and PWA. However, with Magento PWA Studio, the cost might rise a little bit depending upon your project requirements.

Additionally, with Magento Solution Partner, you can reuse the PWA ready active components, and new features can be implemented in the complex workflows.

Thus, the best advice we can give is to get in touch with a top Magento development service in the USA. A professional Magento developer or service provider company evaluates your project and guides you the best about the time required and money needed.

Whatever investment you do in PWA-driven eCommerce store, remember that the app will efficiently run on all devices across Android and iOS without any hidden charges.

The benefits that you get with Magento PWA Studio outweigh the initial costs and works in your favor. As PWA owner of your business, you should have two set goals in your mind:

  • First, to increase the downloads on your app.
  • Second, to get more mobile conversion rate via the app.
If you have such ambition with your business, then Magento PWA Studio is the money-making serum for you and your business.

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Final Words

Magento eCommerce Store

Magento 2 at a developmental level is a more intuitive way of developing PWA, but for Magento 1 it isn’t possible. Hence, if you ever plan on developing progressive web app on Magento, then never use Magento 1.

“Magento 1 will not be available after June 2020; all Magento 1 services will become disable.”

Therefore, the first thing you must do is to migrate all your data from Magento 2 to Magento 1. For that, you can take help of the best Magento migration services.

As soon as you start using Magento 2, you will be able to make the right choice with your business. Moreover, with Magento PWA Studio tool that guarantees you to give the best running app for the business project.

At last, we can finally tell that after years of mobile app development, a new way of reaching out to the customers is opening fast, and is almost here!

There is nothing one must worry in technology; these progressive web apps are definitely going to evolve further with data algorithm and existing standards of web app development.

Undoubtedly, Magento 2 PWA Studio is going to be a great competitor for the next generation app development business in the 21st century.

This article is written by James Burns. James is the Founder and CEO of CMS Website Services, a globally ranking eCommerce development services provider in the USA. With 10+ years of experience in designing, development, implementation & maintenance of high quality global redundant, compliance-ready applications, I have all solutions to your IT problems as a tech-business person. Follow him: Twitter | Facebook.

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