Magento 2 Default SEO Settings (Infographic)

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms. Until recently there was only Magento 1 version that had many updates up to 1.9. But after a long time of collecting and analyzing feedback from the community Magento 2 has been created. And it is more than just an update; it is an entirely new system which changed architecture, settings and logic behind it.

The mentioned improvements have been made in different spheres of the CMS usage, and SEO is not an exception. Introducing a “Product Fields Auto-Generation” option is a good example of how routine SEO tasks can be optimized and simplified. This setting helps to generate products’ metadata in accordance with the template created by you. However, for every plus, there is a minus: this setting is configured on a global level, so no metadata customization for product groups or categories is available. Moreover, only 3 placeholders are currently supported: {{name}}, {{description}} and {{sku}} which doesn’t add any flexibility to meta tags generation.

On a positive side, there is one more great solution implemented in Magento 2: product markup which lets you get rich snippets and as a result – more visibility on Google SERPs. Great news!

What is more, in Magento 2 there is no need to edit templates in order to insert Google Analytics or Google AdWords tracking codes, this can be done via the backend as there are special fields for that. Another plus is that after enabling Google Experiments (also via the backend), you will be able to insert the experiment code right in the head of the original page in case you would like to A/B test something with the help of Google Analytics.

This is not a full list of all the SEO settings which are available in Magento 2 without any customizations. Below is an infographic created by Amasty and originally posted in this article. The image will give you a full overview of the settings needed to succeed in Google search. You can save it for a quick reference.

Magento 2 Default SEO Settings (Infographic):

Magento 2 Default SEO Settings (Infographic)

This infographic is submitted by Kristina Azarenko. She pays careful attention to the latest marketing trends while developing detailed strategies for site performance improvement. She is a marketing manager and SEO specialist at Amasty, a company that develops professional Magento extensions which make the lives of Magento store owners easier.
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