What’s New With Magento 2.0 (Infographic)

Magento 2 may have taken a while to get a beta release, but the recently revealed changes and updates to the original Magento system that it showcases clearly make it a must-have for old or new Magento users alike. Magento 2 basically retains all of the good aspects of its predecessor. It focuses more on making the CMS more user-friendly to users who are not too tech-savvy, as well as modernizing the entire platform, making it more mobile-friendly and amenable to third-party collaborations and integration.

For one, it now allows users to work with a plethora of more advanced and contemporary languages for web development like HTML 5, PHP 5.5.x, and CSS3. In short, users now have greater freedom in customizing their e-commerce sites. The main Admin interface has also undergone a major overhaul as it now prioritizes user convenience by focusing on such factors as accessibility, desirability, and usability; all of these factors carry on to tablet compatibility as well, as users can now work on whatever mobile device that they have, with support for multiple types of screens.

Additionally, how you work with Magento is now more organized and streamlined because of major changes in its general platform, with comprehensive data and information as well as mass actions and editing now at arm’s reach and simplified respectively. Product templates are made simpler and mass-editing of elements such as Image and Pricing can now be done efficiently and swiftly. Forms are now available in newer element types and now have dynamic capabilities, besides being given a host of other enhancements.

While a lot of the improvements may deal with Magento users only, know that the shopper’s experience has also been given equal importance by boosting page load speed as well as page caching, to cite a few.

It is because of these reasons that the importance of Magento 2 as an all-in-one platform for today’s modern e-entrepreneurs becomes apparent. Much of the value of Magento 2 as a CMS lies in the fact it has only made an already solid and proven platform more friendly to online business owners, who found it hard to work with the original Magento due to technical reasons. As for experienced users, they can only expect their work to become easier and have more options in making their e-commerce sites into how they really envisioned it Magento 2 is now close to its Merchant General Availability stage, and it is only then that we will truly know how much it has revolutionized this powerful CMS.

The following infographic gives you all the key updates & exciting features of Magento 2.0 compared to its previous versions Magento 1.x.

What’s New With Magento 2.0 (Infographic):

What's New With Magento 2.0 (Infographic)

This infographic is shared by Brian Taylor. He is the Vice President at Forix Commerce, a web development company based in Portand, Oregon. Forix specializes in Magento & Magento 2 E-commerce Solutions and have recently started serving clients with their initiatives all over United States. Get in touch with Brian through LinkedIn.
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