React Native vs Flutter vs PWA: Battle of Trending Mobile App Frameworks

There is no way one can even think about their life without mobile applications. Yes, every individual is addicted to some sort of mobile application. It doesn’t matter whether it is Android or iOS platform; there are several applications for the delight of its users. Even businesses are making the most out of this getting their services online through a mobile application and connecting with their audience. This has become a big platform for one to explore or for others to showcase. The mobile applications are designed keeping its audience in mind, making sure that it has:

  • Easy-to-use interface (UI).
  • Exceptional User Experience (UX).
  • Compatible with different platforms.
This makes them the go-to option for users around the world as it gives them feasibility and compatibility as per their convenience. The developers can just understand the needs of the businesses and also assess the consumer behavior which can help them come up with the best of application which can be beneficial for both. There are many frameworks available for developers to get their applications built. It is important that you get the best for their application needs. There are not many in the context which can be considered secure and reliable.

Every application development framework has its own set of pros and cons so, it is important that you assess every single aspect properly. Yes, you need to address the usage areas as per the needs of the application and then make your decision accordingly. For this, you need to explore every single area of the framework precisely right from its features to what makes it different. Having the right framework for your development needs will be a big help as it will let you have your application running in no time without any issues with the compatibility.

If you are thinking about what are the things you need to check then we will help you with it, take a look


  • You must also not forget to check with the reliability of the respective framework.
  • You need to check is the framework simple and easy to use for its development needs.
  • The supporting community of the framework also needs to be addressed before deciding on your go-to framework.
  • The standards of security are also a very important aspect for one to decide on their application development framework.
  • You must address the documentation features available in the framework to make your decision on the framework.
  • Checking with the popularity of your framework among developers will also help you in making your decision.
  • You must also keep a check on how frequently the respective framework releases new versions and fix bugs. In short, how the framework community is active in terms of making changes and fixes.
It is important for mobile app developers to be ready to work upon the latest technology trends as it can certainly bring in a lot of success to their project. To make it easy for you, we will help you with the suggestion of a few application development frameworks which can just be the perfect choice for you. Here in this article, we will help you with the comparison of best trending mobile application frameworks in the form of React Native, PWA, and Flutter. This will certainly help you understand and make your decision with much more clarity.

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React Native

React-JavaScript-LibraryAn open-source JS programming language, React Native was introduced by Facebook. This language has been exclusively acknowledged as the most preferred solution when it comes to building multi-platform applications. Yes, you can have your application build for both iOS and Android platforms with ease. When it comes to React Native application development, the programmers use JSX which exclusively the combination of XML-sequel markup and JS coding. React Native application coding completely opens the components of JavaScript and this is done to platform APIs. This is done so that the application can have access to attributes like location, camera, and more. This framework primarily focuses on the prospect of multi-platform development making it the go-to platform for developers for their application needs.


  • As the respective platform is associated with both of the platforms, the codings can be generated with ease.
  • This framework is just the perfect option to get the performance better with the help of native components and resources.
  • It also enhances the speed of the complete procedure because of the existing modules in the open-source libraries.
  • Another big advantage you get is the code reusability which reduces the development cost big time.
  • With the help of live reloading attributes compiling and code modifications become easier with complete flexibility.


  • To get a hold of this framework there will be a learning curve for the beginners. It takes time to understand and work upon it.
  • Well, its recurrent updates are certainly one of the biggest disadvantages of it. Because of this the developers always remain confused.
  • The environment of the respective framework is changing continuously, and programmers might have to understand again the new working procedures right from scratch. Not many would like to get updated at such a quick pace.
  • The security standard of the respective platform needs to be improved.
  • The number of in-built components is quite less as the technology is still evolving.


Flutter-logoWhen it comes to Flutter, it is Google’s kit for the need for application development for different operating systems in the Android, iOS and more. With the help of this framework, you will be able to build 2D applications with ease. Not only this, it allows developers to develop fully functional mobile applications which will have the complete support of location, camera, storage, and more. You will have your applications developed with the use of striking layout and that too for any sector in the business. It has a lot in the stock for developer community making it the go-to framework for the development of the mobile application. From helping you better performance, excellent outcome, to intricate graphics, you will have it all with Flutter.


  • With Flutter, you will be assisted with a reload attribute which will allow you to check with the code modification’s outcome. The best part is that it can be done quickly and you will be able to try different variations for the best of application.
  • Flutter will help you develop Android mobile applications of top quality in low-end machines.
  • Another advantage you get with Flutter is that it is responsive. If it has been coded appropriately you will not have to get it changed as per the updating needs. You can just make the changes in the variables and UI components and things will look perfect.


  • Web View widget is not supported by this respective framework so your application will be lacking this facility.
  • It is still not considered for long term usage.
  • The application developed through flutter framework is quite big when compared to React Native framework.
  • When it comes to working with the layout presented by this framework, it is not that comfortable. There are attributes which are not that spontaneous to use in the beginning. You will be required to put in more time to get hold of box limitations.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

React Native Flutter PWAA progressive web app (PWA) is a platform which is taken into consideration for developing applications in the same way as native apps. It is a group of application development procedures. It is comprised of a web stack in the form of HTML, JS, and CSS, and this exclusively makes them assist developers with rich attributes and most importantly exceptionally unified user experience the same as it is when using native platform. This app development framework is a perfect thing to consider whenever you are looking for an alternative for hybrid or native application development platform. The applications developed in this framework are not at all hardware exhaustive and are also budget-friendly as per your needs. It is a perfect platform to consider for developing cross-platform and native mobile applications.


  • With the help of this platform, you will have your application build quickly without any compromise at all.
  • The applications developed through this framework are compatible with any device and browsers.
  • It is very simple and easy-to-use.
  • Applications built with the use of PWA platform can update automatically.
  • PWA mobile applications duplicate communications and navigation similar to just of native web applications.


  • The biggest con is that the Social media add-ons are unable to fetch the data.
  • There is not much social media interaction of PWA apps.
  • PWA platform is not able to implement recent hardware development. The attributes like fingerprint scanning and vision scanning are few of the examples.
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Final Words

PWA vs React Native vs Flutter - Battle of Trending Mobile App Frameworks - conclusion

So, hopefully, you have an idea of how a different platform brings in the best of attributes to make your development process easier and simpler. All you need to do is match with your requirements and choose your platform carefully from the best of mobile application frameworks so that you gain with the best of results.

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