Laravel vs CakePHP – Which One is Best for Web App Development?

When it comes to technology, it helps in reducing your labor work, minimizing the efforts to perform a task and enhancing productivity by offering advanced support. As we already know about the world of mobile is reaching the peak of the world. The mobile phones have gathered such brilliant apps that can easily perform the entire essential task. All the services offered by frameworks Laravel and CakePHP. They are the most preferred development frameworks and extremely high in demand these days.

PHP is the most looked platform for developers when it comes to creating a dynamic website or building high-end apps. Utilizing PHP frameworks provides us the entire place to have an affordable website that comes with an astounding user interface and a great experience. Here in this post, we will figure out which is the best option between CakePHP and Laravel in having an outstanding web portal or application.

Let’s Understand the Benefits of Using Framework


They are coming with widespread libraries, helpers and active communities that help in changing the database, superlative security, and secure unit testing, simpler upgrading & maintenance alongside the lesser need for coding and so on.

  • The pattern of MVC along with the framework gives more features.
  • There are numerous frameworks options for developers to choose from.
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What is the Laravel PHP Framework?


A PHP framework comes along with an MVC or known as Model View Controller and architectural model. The functionalities of the Laravel framework involve diverse ways to access database utilities, which are useful in app development and maintenance. In simple terms, Laravel is a trending and open-source technology of PHP that enables easy and comprehensible coding. Its MVC function creates designing simpler by offering a lucid presentation and sense. It also helps efficient and thorough documentation.

What is the CakePHP Framework?

CakePHP Framework logo

CakePHP is a different PHP framework that uses various software design models with the help of great software engineering methods which make web development more and more appealing. In simple mean, The CakePHP is a PHP based web framework that follows the MVC model and functions for example data mapping, front controller and active record aids the developers the adaptability and flexibility to work appropriately. This helps in a quicker development process.

Let’s see what Laravel and CakePHP Offers


Laravel Includes: CakePHP Includes:
Free Open source frame network
Open-source PHP framework Follows MVC Pattern
Prominent PHP framework Written in PHP
Apply Modular packaging alongside a devoted dependency manager utilizes software engineering strategies
Multiple ways to access relational databases Apply software design models
Orientation is in the direction of, syntactic sugar Convention above configuration
Model–view–controller (MVC)
Active record
Association data mapping
Front controller

What Are the Features of Laravel & CakePHP Framework?

programming code web development

Features of CakePHP Framework: Features of Laravel Framework:
Laravel framework is rapid and simple to configure and customize A Secure & safe framework
Helps to enforce the constraints amid different database stuff by applying a superior query builder means Allows in authenticating users
The framework involves an auto-loading feature and doesn’t want manual maintenance as well as inclusion approaches Simple to study framework
Gives new tools along with the assistance of LOC container Help to simplify the app development
offers a simple version control strategy that is helping in simplifying migrations management Helpful for big applications and large sites as it is an MVC based framework
The site configuration and location are all done with the help of the framework. One needs to connect with the database only
Key benefits of CakePHP is that it gives user-friendly templates
The procedure of web app development becomes quicker because of templates
Custom testing functions are offered that makes testing speedy for developers
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Comparison Table: Laravel vs CakePHP


Here are the top comparisons between the two frameworks Laravel & CakePHP:

Comparison: CakePHP vs Laravel CakePHP Laravel
Basic Performance It offers faster and rapid performance in comparison to Laravel when there are tiny data sets. But when it comes to bigger projects, this isn’t preferred because it’s not able to perform the data binding procedure. It is the one most popular open-source &  MVC platform which offers high-end performance for bigger projects that provides a joint data binding technique.
Performance of Architecture CakePHP utilizes an HMVC pattern that doesn’t offer the data binding procedure. Laravel runs on the MVC pattern and it utilizes joint data binding practices to drive app activity.
Templating Performance CakePHP utilizes Underscore template formats. These template formats aren’t completely-functioned as those provided by the Laravel framework. Laravel provides a template of dynamic HTML features that are included in the doc to create a user-friendly app at a helpful level.
Testing the Performance CakePHP does not offer the data binding procedure and hence it mostly gives fast testing practice for a solo page or lesser apps. For multi-paged or large apps, it’s not much favored in comparison to Laravel Performance testing is the most important thing in Laravel in comparison to CakePHP. Mostly in case of a bigger app, testing is easier with this framework
Performance Upgrade & Support CakePHP holds the one biggest network supports. Laravel holds huge network support and widespread libraries for documents.
Routing Presentation CakePHP does not offer the data binding procedure and it has an easy and simpler way towards routing when comparison with Laravel. Laravel applies on the joint binding procedure and hence it has some complexity and not much preferable in respect of CakePHP regarding routing viewpoint.
Handling & Backup performance CakePHP is working on slighter projects and hence is less favorable when it comes to the backup of data and managing outlook. Laravel holds a great move toward and hence more preferred than CakePHP related to the data backup as well as handling standpoint.
Advanced Functions & Performance CakePHP is working on through MVC pattern and minor app manipulation loom to symbolize changes in app architecture and data. Laravel concentrates on suitable HTML as well as dynamic components that represent the fundamental data to restructure the web components for big apps according to the precise rules. It also works great on the rationalized data files.

Which one to Choose? Laravel or CakePHP?


When it comes to choosing the best framework, you should know everything about the framework you choose and why to go with that? The selections of PHP framework mainly depends on the project requirements and web developer. Laravel and CakePHP, both have their features and benefits that make them much popular. Now, let’s discuss some more points that can help you to decide which one will fit you.

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1. Great Object Relational Mapping

Laravel vs CakePHP – Point 1Laravel comes along with the ORM that helps to make the task easier and smoother. Moreover, CakePHP also comes alongside an outstanding ORM that makes it extremely comfy to create queries.

2. Robust Plugins

Laravel vs CakePHP – Point 2From two selections, CakePHP has come with more extensive plugins. It makes the process easier for all the codes and coding. It helps in cleaning the app folder and can reuse the codes again without any hassle.

3. Extendable Template Engine

Laravel vs CakePHP – Point 3Laravel developers opt for this framework preferably because this comes alongside a quick and easy way to enlarge the template mechanism. This helps developers to include extra features to the site or app with some simple configuration.

4. Ease of Usage

Laravel vs CakePHP – Point 4When it comes to ease of use, Laravel constantly ranks high with respect to the CakePHP framework. It provides an entire room to the developers to demonstrate his ingenuity and comes along with efficient readability.

5. Healthier Support

Laravel vs CakePHP – Point 5When utilizing CakePHP, you may expect great assistance from peers because this framework is older than Laravel and also it has widespread community. You can simply find all the answers to your questions with the help of this huge community. All you have to submit your queries and it will be fixed immediately.

6. More Flexibility

Laravel vs CakePHP – Point 6CakePHP is more adaptable in comparison to Laravel. Not just for this, CakePHP comes with a powerful reverse routing approach. The developers may usually alter the URL configuration at a single place. It saves time as well as efforts.

Conclusion – Laravel vs CakePHP

Laravel vs CakePHP – conclusion

After comparing the two major frameworks, Laravel vs CakePHP across a wide range of factors, Laravel, and CakePHP have their pros & cons. These are several differences between the two most preferred platforms and CakePHP is the best one. But it is still incredibly much slanted to the need of a developer.

So, before deciding any frameworks, the developers must know and analyze diverse aspects of CakePHP vs Laravel. But, this Framework won’t be able to provide you the equivalent experience. Hence, based on the requirement of the projects, working time and other diverse aspects, you can choose any framework to reach your goal. If you think that we have left anything to include in this post, or want to suggest something to add, do share your feedback in the comment section. We would love to include it soon.

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