Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for Android 2017

Music is life, and with our Android smartphones, we can access lots of music with the right apps. There are several apps that claim to provide you access to music, but many of them allow you stream and not download the songs for offline listening. Others allow you download, but their database of songs is not very large. We have recognized these problems and several others faced by people looking to access music on their smartphones. This is why we have created this insightful post outlining the top ten free music download apps for Android smartphones in 2017.

The Top Ten Apps:


These apps have been carefully selected taking into consideration everything that matters to a user looking to access music on their Android smartphone. These apps are up-to-date, as they contain all the current and latest music releases, as well as older ones. In all, these apps offer a comprehensive way to access music on your Android Smartphone in 2017. You can download music on these apps, so you are not restricted by internet access. Everything about these apps will be revealed to you – their many features, advantages, and disadvantages will be explained. After reading this, you will be able to decide on the best one for you properly. In no particular order, these are the top ten free music download apps for Android in 2017:

1) Jamendo Music App:

Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for Android 2017 - Point 1This is one of the perfect music downloader apps that allow users save songs for offline listening. There are several features that make this app stand out from others. It’s beautifully designed user interface is pleasing to the eyes and very easy to use. Users can filter songs by artist name, album name, genres, mood, popularity, instrumentals, etc. This allows for a wide range of options with which to find whatever song you are looking for. There are millions of songs on this free android music app, so you are sure to find whatever it is you want.

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2) SuperCloud Music Downloader:

Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for Android 2017 - Point 2Supercloud music downloader is a very simple free mp3 music download app that makes sure your enjoyment of music is not tied to an internet connection. This app is simple but very functional. You can easily search for artists, songs, and albums from whatever year. There is a massive database of songs – both old and new. Users can preview songs before they download them, so they are sure that is the particular song they want to download. This app is available on older versions of Android, so it caters for a wide range of users.

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3) AudioMack:

Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for Android 2017 - Point 3Audiomack is ideal for both music listeners alike. If you are an upcoming artist, you can upload your songs to this website and get access to a large audience. This app updates song regularly, so you are sure to find the very latest songs here. You can preview songs before downloading them, as well as create playlists, bringing all your favorite songs in one place. The design of this app is very easy to the eye and simple to navigate. There are no hidden menus, so there is no chance of you getting stuck when using this app. There is a trending section in this app that provides users with the most viral songs at the time. This app provides a complete musical experience.

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4) 4Shared:

Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for Android 2017 - Point 44Shared is one of the free music downloader apps that has been around for a long time. This tells you that there is something special about this app. This app offers a community feeling that makes it stand out from other apps. Users are provided with 15GB of cloud storage, so you can upload songs and share with fellow users. Using the 4shared music app is very easy. All you have to do is search for whatever artist, album or song you are interested in, then proceed to download for offline listening. There is also an inbuilt music player, providing another option besides your regular music player. The design of this app is also sleek, so you are getting an all-round app here.

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5) Frost Wire:

Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for Android 2017 - Point 5Frost Wire allows users access music offline by downloading music across various years and genres. All you have to do is enter your search query, and it will be searched against the extensive database that this app has. Frost Wire ensures speedy downloads and an enjoyable user experience.

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6) Copyleft Music Downloader:

Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for Android 2017 - Point 6This is a free music downloader app for Android smartphones that allows users download songs directly to their mobile storage. This app lets you easily discover songs and artists by simply searching through its vast collection of songs. You can also listen to songs right in this app without having to use another player. This app is a full music app that ensures your music is not restricted by your lack of internet access.

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7) Jam Music:

Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for Android 2017 - Point 7Jam music is one app that focuses on simplicity and functionality. This app performs music downloads on Android phones very effectively and efficiently. There are no complexities with this app, and you can easily make your download with just a couple of clicks. The speedy download of this app is perhaps its biggest strength, and you can be sure to complete your download in no time. You can search for music via various keywords. This app is simply designed and very purposeful.

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8) Songily:

Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for Android 2017 - Point 8Songily is one app that is quickly rising to the top of free android music downloader apps. This app lets you stream and download songs of your choice. There is also an inbuilt video converter on this app that allows you download songs from YouTube and other video websites. You can search for music on this app via various options – artist name, genre, mood, album name, etc. You can also select songs from the top charts, ensuring you have access to the hottest and trendiest songs at the time.

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9) Music Paradise Pro:

Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for Android 2017 - Point 9Music Paradise Pro is one of the mp3 music downloader apps that has been around for a while. The design of this Android music app is very sleek and is sure to catch eyes. In addition to music, users can download ringtones, sound effects, and other audio media files. This app is very simple to use, and users can easily carry out downloads without getting stuck.

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10) Music Maniac Pro:

Top 10 Free Music Download Apps for Android 2017 - Point 10This is a mp3 music downloader app that offers more than just music. You can download ringtones on this app. Any song you download comes with a cover art, unlike several other music downloader apps. This app allows users search for songs via several options, so you will be sure to find whatever you are looking for very easily.

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When it comes to free music download Apps for Android in 2017, the apps listed here are at the top of the pile. There is so much music out there to discover, and these apps make sure to help you do that. All the features and benefits of each of the apps have been revealed so that you can choose the best one for your Android smartphone.

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