7 Wonderful Mobile Apps Everyone is Using in 2017

So, you love your smartphone, but you only use it to make phone calls? Let’s change that! Are you looking for some interesting apps to keep you entertained? Would you like to stay on top of the latest, most popular apps but you never have the time and energy to look it up?

No problem! We always keep a watchful eye over the latest apps to cause a sensation. Here’s an overview of the most exciting apps of 2017, these are the ones that everybody should try out! We picked apps which are available mainly for iOS. Some of them are also available for Android. Read on and have fun!

1) Missive: More Than Mere E-Mail

7 Wonderful Mobile Apps Everyone is Using in 2017 - Point 1If you’d never bothered to replace the default email app in your smartphone with something more advanced, Missive is smiling right at you. This app does everything you might expect, plus several unique features – such as the ability to write emails collaboratively or even hold chat groups inside an email. If your work involves spending a lot of time attending to endless email chains, this gem of an app will make everything easier.

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2) Pokemon: Magikarp Jump

7 Wonderful Mobile Apps Everyone is Using in 2017 - Point 2For anyone looking to play a quick and fun game, this is one of the best options right now. This enjoyable clicker is absolutely frenetic, offers mindless fun, and it does not take a minute to learn how to play. Unlike last year’s infamous Pokemon Go and its hordes of fanatics, this is aimed at very casual players. Whenever you have a spare three minutes and need to unwind, this should be your app of choice. Never mind that it’s Pokemon. This game is appealing, and everyone is playing it, so join in!

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3) Filtru: Coffee Connoisseur Toolkit

7 Wonderful Mobile Apps Everyone is Using in 2017 - Point 3Do you love coffee? Would you like to learn how to make the absolutely best possible brews? This app covers just about any type of coffee machine you can imagine (from drippers to siphons or pots). For each brewing method, it will guide you through the pouring intervals, stirring techniques and help you time all the intervals right in order to maximize your enjoyment. It even helps you keep track of the amount of coffee you’ve been drinking. If you’re a serious coffee lover, this app will please you!

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4) FaceApp: Selfies Retouching Toolkit

7 Wonderful Mobile Apps Everyone is Using in 2017 - Point 4People love having fun taking selfies, no surprises there! But this year people want to step things up a notch, so they’ve been turning massively to face morphing and retouching apps such as FaceApp. This fun photographic toolkit includes a diverse selection of filters that rely on AI technology to morph your face. Asides from merely tweaking your selfies to achieve the right color and contrast, you can use special filters on your photos to change your age, gender and even to switch up your facial features. Try it out, and you’ll find it hard not to laugh out loud!

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5) Empower: Personal Finances Done Right

7 Wonderful Mobile Apps Everyone is Using in 2017 - Point 5If you need a hand keeping track of your financial information within a secure environment, Empower will please you. This app helps you manage your bank accounts, credit cards and other aspects of your financial life. You can use it to annotate your spending and keep everything neatly organized in categories. It even allows setting up regular transfers to your savings accounts or between different bank accounts. Unless you’re desperately and irrevocably broke, this app will be tremendously useful.

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6) Funnel: Your Universal News Station

7 Wonderful Mobile Apps Everyone is Using in 2017 - Point 6For anyone out there who’s having a hard time keeping up with all the latest news and world events, installing this app is like keeping a highly informed friend at arm’s reach. Funnel does a great job at gathering streams and newscasts from the most reputable sources such as BBC News, CBC or NPR. It brings all the news together in a simple to use interface that will save you a lot of time and make sure you’re always up to date on world events.

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7) The Great Courses Plus: Your Personal Pocket-Sized Tutor

7 Wonderful Mobile Apps Everyone is Using in 2017 - Point 7Learning is great! Knowledge is power! We should all spend a little more time each day learning something new. If you install this app, you’ll find that will happen naturally. It brings together massive amounts of lectures from some of the highest regarded teachers around the world. You can learn anything from science to art or photography, all with the help of people who are the best in their fields. Do your brain a favor and install this app today.

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