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As an Android user, how many apps do you have installed on your Smartphone? Are those lagging the system due to occupying a lot of space? If yes, then we suggest you to uninstall the ones that you do not use and install the ones that we are going to suggest you in this article. There are many apps that perform the same function, but then there are some that would be on top of them all. All you need to do is go on to Play Store and install the ones that interest you from the list compiled by us.

Khan Academy

Khan-AcademyKhan Academy is an educational portal for all the academic levels, which first initiated 10 years back as a resource for people across the world, who were eager to learn different courses through YouTube tutorials. It has now extended its benefits to the Smartphone users in the form of providing them with an app to easily browse through the different tutorials. It is the best educational app, which is absolutely free of cost.

7 Minute Workout

7-Minute-WorkoutIf it is just a few inches or the need to boost your stamina, this app will surely work the magic for you. It features a 7-minute high-intensity workout, which is sure to boost your metabolism, resulting in weight loss and is guaranteed to improve the blood circulation. All those couch potatoes can easily download this fitness app for free and start their journey towards getting leaner and fitter. It also has a simpler user interface, making it easier for anyone to get the maximum usage out of it.

Chrome Beta

Chrome-BetaWe all have Chrome pre-installed on our Android phones, but its beta version is actually a better version of the browser. It recently is becoming stronger and better with the latest bug fixes and updates and is sure to not slow down your phone’s system once you install it. Out of all the browsers, this one rarely crashes or hangs during its use.


Fleksy-KeyboardIf you have to struggle with keyboards that slow down your typing speed and hang the system, Fleksy will be the best app for you as it allows an accurate and fast typing without a hassle. The developers have paid attention even to the smallest details while making the app, and it works best with its other extensions as well. It is available to be downloaded for free as well.

Camera360 Ultimate

Camera360-UltimateAs soon as you download this camera app from Play Store, you will thank us as it does not just have the features of countless one-touch fixing tools and NFC photo sharing, but it also comes with more than 200 filters. You can easily get the best out of your Smartphone cam as it is an easier to use, yet a power packed camera app nonetheless. It is the best app for the newbie’s as well as experienced photographers alike and is available to be downloaded for free.


PhotoDirector-Photo-Editor-AppIf you are addicted to taking your selfies or are into photography in general, this is the best app to edit and touch up your photos on the go. One can possibly get every feature they need in an image editing app if they download PhotoDirector, as it not just have the simpler tools, but much more complex ones as well. Whether you are a pro or a newbie, you will surely enjoy this editing app for sure!


HuluThe idea of watching movies and TV shows on your Smartphone seems quite intriguing. Now, you can download the Hulu app and enjoy a huge variety of shows available to watch for free. One can also pay a subscription fee to have access to all the shows available on the app, but a lot of awesome options are also available without spending a buck. This app, however, is exclusively available to the US residents as of now, but will soon be available to the other countries of the world.

Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast-Mobile-Security-AntivirusNo matter how many apps you install, if there is an absence of an antivirus app, you will risk losing your data and damage its operating system due to hoaxes and other threats. The Mobile Security & Antivirus app by Avast is amazing antivirus detection software that will not just scan and clean your MicroSD card, but also your phone’s internal storage as well as the browser’s cache. Download it for free to secure your Smartphone now!

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