Top 10 Messenger Apps for Android

This article is about the messenger apps for android. So we will basically know about the most popular 10 Android messenger apps which are running successfully in the market. This review can help us to choose the right apps for our smart device. Let’s begin the journey of research.

1. WhatsApp Messenger:


WhatsApp Messenger is basically an app which can be run in different types of devices. And as a result of this cross-platform facility, we can simply enjoy exchanging messages without sending SMS. This can surely save our money.

This app is not only available for Android but also for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia. Not only this, but they can send or receive messages from each other. WhatsApp uses the same internet data plan that we generally use for checking our emails and for browsing our websites. It will not use any calling plan we have on our phone. Along with doing messaging, we can also send images, videos, and can even send audio and media messages to our loved ones.

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2. Viber:


With the help of this Viber app, we can simply enjoy doing phone calls, messages, HD quality video calls just by simply using WiFi and mobile network. Along with this app we can also create and send group messages to our 200 friends, can even share photos, video, stickers, links and much more with the help of this app.

This app basically does itself synchronized with our mobile contacts to connect with our friends and families. We can enjoy free phone calls in between the Viber community. But if we want to do phone calls to our non-Viber phone numbers then we can do it also by just paying a very low rate. There is a great option of sending disappeared messages to someone in the Viber app. This sort of messages will disappear itself after reading. For this, we will have to download their Viber Wink software.

Viber app is available for desktop, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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3. Yahoo Messenger:


Yahoo Messenger is the fastest as well as the easiest way of keeping in touch with the world. With the help of this app, we can enjoy sending photos and animated GIFS very fast. In this app, there is a great feature to take back any of your shared content. We just need to tap on the Unsend button and our shared message, image or video will be removed from the conversation.

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4. Skype:


With the help of Skype, we can talk, send instant messaging, make voice or video call just for free. It is compatible with any device and that’s also completely for free. People using smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Macs can also use Skype.

We can use also call any mobile or landline numbers those who are not using Skype at very low rates. International call rates are also very low for Skype. That’s why Skype is very popular among the mass of peoples.

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5. WeChat:


WeChat is the most user-friendly app running in the market. It has been found that this particular app is very much simple and versatile to use.

WeChat is basically known for sending messages and calling to someone wherever they belong from. So it can easily be said that it is an all-in-one communications app for doing SMS/MMS, for doing voice and video calls, for sharing your valuable photo and moments and last but not the least the games.

Along with Android, this versatile app is also available for Windows Phone, PC, iOS, Nokia & Blackberry.

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6. Messenger by Facebook:


Messenger app by Facebook is very much popular nowadays. With the help of this app we can reach the heart of our family or friends within a minute and that also inside our data plan. This app can give us the facility of sending messages, doing group chatting and also we can share our favorite photos and videos with them. Not only this, we can enjoy talking with people we want that’s also for free, but keeping in mind that we should within our WiFi range, otherwise it may charge our mobile internet data plan.

This app is also available for iOS and Windows Phone other than Android.

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7. Messenger by Google:


Messenger Google app helps us to stay connected with your friends and family. It will help us to send MMS and SMS towards any phone and will also help us to share photos, videos, group text and also we can do audio messaging.

This app is having one good feature, we can block someone from doing us SMS and can stay aloof when we don’t want any interruptions from others.

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8. Kik:


Kik helps people to stay connected with their desired mass of people. In this app, we can chat with people alone or in the group. Just select the desired username and start your conversation through chatting with that them. Along with chatting, we can also share pictures, videos, games, gifs and much more. Not only this, if we like we can also make new friends over here. But no phone calls can be done.

Kik app is available for Android, Windows phone and for iOS. Although this is not available for PC, we can use an Android emulator to use it on our PC. Here is a step-by-step guide in this Kik login tutorial.

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9. LINE:


LINE helps us to stay closer towards our family and friends. This is a free app where we can enjoy doing videos calls along with putting our voice and can also send our loved one’s valuable messages and stickers to express our feelings much more accurately. Along with Android, it is also available for iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia and even for our PC.

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10. IMO:


The IMO helps people to stay connected with their loved ones. We can send them a message and can even do video chatting, whatever devices our loved ones are using. Not only that, we can also do group chatting with our family and friends. In can use our 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection. This app is also available for iPhone and Windows along with the Android.

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Top 10 Messenger Apps for AndroidMost of the above-mentioned apps are providing us the same kind of features with some minor tweaks. The user interface of each app is different, though. All are quite well and delivering the needs of it quite justifiably.

Which app you like most? Which one are you using on your smart device? Share with us using the below comment box.

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