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VSDC Free Video Editor Review - A Free Software for Video Editing

VSDC Free Video Editor Review – A Free Software For Video Editing

Today, you don’t have to shell out a large amount of money to dive into video editing. In fact, with the recording equipment and a laptop available, you can perform the post-production magic for free. If you’ve already searched for video editing software, you’ve probably noticed that there are surprisingly many tools available at zero cost – and that’s certainly good news. Some of them, however, have significant limitations such as watermarks on the exported videos, narrow format choice, or …

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5 Excellent Android Video Editing Apps You Should Consider

If you are looking for best video editing software for your Android device then it is the time you should visit Google Play Store. Here, you will find abundant video editor tools for your Android device with a number of useful features and effects. You can use these smart solutions for instant and effective results to improve your video quality. Let’s discuss some of these effective tools here. 1. ActionDirector Video Editor: ActionDirector is powerful video editing & video recording …

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The Team Management Software by - Feature Review

The Team Management Software by – Feature Review is an effective team management solution that serves the needs of small as well as midsize companies across different industry verticals. This software let businesses to manage their projects efficiently and promotes knowledge sharing among staff members. The unique team management software offers a professional platform that let project members produce knowledge base and communicate with each other. They can share images, files, designs, messages or any other project specifications through this software. It is a tool with whom …

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Kidgy Parental Control App Review

Kidgy Parental Control App Review – All You Need to Know

A recently conducted research has proved that a teenage kid spends more than 5 hours every day on his Smartphone. All this important time is spent in doing some very common activities such as watching videos, playing games and chatting with friends. Most of the parents even confessed that they have observed their kids busy in watching adult content and doing several in-app purchases.  For all these parents, there is a good news in the form of Kidgy parental control app. …

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NetSpot App Review - A Wi-Fi Signal Booster and Survey App for Windows

NetSpot App Review – A Wi-Fi Signal Booster and Survey App for Windows

Are you facing constant issues related to your wireless connectivity? Are you searching for a perfect solution to overcome this problem permanently? Then the NetSpot app is an ideal solution for you. It comes with two important Wi-Fi modes for users. The first mode is Survey and another one is Discover. Here we have highlighted some of the best features of NetSpot (for Windows) in its detailed review. Highlighting Features: Recommended for you: Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About 5G …

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Disk Drill Review - A Freemium File & Data Recovery Software

Disk Drill Review – A Freemium File & Data Recovery Software

Have you not felt it often that an ‘undelete’ button on your keyboard would make things rather easy for you to retrieve the lost files? The Recycle Bin literally takes in whatever we choose to throw (read: delete) from our present collection of files or folders. And the worst part is that all this happens in a blink and you miss case! One clicks of ‘delete’ from your system and then data vanishes. This is where software like Disk Drill …

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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Review – All You Need to Know

Losing data is a big headache when it includes important work files because once lost, it is not a simple task to recover it. In mobile phones, it is quite easy to recover the lost data, but in case of desktops and laptops, it is the most difficult task. One needs to take the devices to a service station and get it done, which is a highly chargeable process and also consumes much of the time. In this scenario, the …

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The mSpy App Review - A Snapchat Spy App for iPhone and Android

The mSpy App Review – A Snapchat Spy App for iPhone and Android

Day by day technology is bringing new innovations in daily life. From mobile phones to mobile apps, it has become impossible to imagine life without tech gadgets and the convenience they bring. But, these innovations have brought their fair share of risks and these risks cannot be ignored. It has also become important to secure the use of these devices among children and employees. There have been several cases where smartphone apps have been misused and resulted in safety issues, …

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GPD WIN Handheld PC Game Console

GPD WIN Handheld PC Game Console Review – All You Need to Know

Gaming has seen many transformations since years as technology is being upgraded day by day. Of these transformations, video gaming was the best one and is still delivering the best ever gaming experience to gaming enthusiasts. Considering this, GPD (GamePad Digital), a China-based technology company had come up with a gaming console called the . It is completely based on the latest Windows 10 operating system, having the same display as that in a Windows 10 laptop or a personal …

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flow-e visualize inbox

Flow-e Review: A Visual Task-Board for Gmail and Office365

Flow-e is a platform which helps e-mail and task management. The application makes a complete transformation of your Gmail or Office 365. This technology is designed in such a way that it provides you with an unbroken workflow. This makes you and your team-mates more efficient, proving it to yield positive and fruitful results. By using Flow-e, there is no need for any other external workflow solution. Flow-e is basically meant for transforming the Gmail or Office 365 account inbox …

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