EMERGE App Review – One of the Best Inventory Management Software for Wholesalers

Do you want to add efficiency and precision in the everyday operations of your business? Then EMERGE App will take care of it. On the virtue of its versatile features and functionality, this application has become one of the most sought-after tools which can be used as an inventory management solution. With EMERGE App in hand, you can manage everything from sales, payments, exports, imports, inventory, products, suppliers and customer bills. Go through the following review to discover what EMERGE App has got for you:



  • Inventory management: With EMERGE App you can keep track of your inventory by maintaining proper records of your product history. The software also looks after some other important issues such as barcode scanning, damage adjustments, reorder feature, inventory adjustment and much more. Managing inventory records was never this easy but EMERGE App has made it possible for all its users.
  • Warehouse management: EMERGE App lets you manage detailed reports of all your warehouses which eventually allow you to keep a check on inventory. It also lets you create shipping labels along with easy return and exchange management features.
  • Product management: The app lets you manage exhaustive information on a wide range of product variants. Whether it is a measurement of highly complicated units or dealing with raw material, EMERGE App makes it possible for users with utmost ease.
  • Order management: If you want to bring multiple channels into a single system then EMERGE App will facilitate it. You can synchronize your orders in real time using and make sure that you never run out of business. In case you want to integrate your business with e-commerce platforms then EMERGE App lets you sell your products online as well. The app also offers some unique feature such as smart notifications and multiple access rights.
  • Wholesale management: You can create precise quotes with very few clicks. You can also create custom price lists for customers. The app looks after all the analytics and data thereby making sure customers are well informed about their respective orders in time.
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  • The PDF feature of EMERGE App lets you generate quotations and sales orders with ease and email them with a mobile tablet or laptop.
  • The app lets you keep track of all your important business figures and operations at your fingertips.
  • The tasks & notes functionality lets you share files and information with other staff within the company.
  • Whether you are a small organization with a few employees or a big company with several employees, EMERGE App scales with your business.
  • EMERGE App offers user access for a wide range of departments within the company. You can also set access permissions thereby making sure staff can only access what they are authorized to see.
  • The app synchronizes both offline and online sales channels thereby offering merchants a perfect platform to manage their business efficiently.

EMERGE App Pricing:


EMERGE App is available with five different pricing plans which are Free Forever, Bill Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly, and Yearly basis. If you subscribe to the premium plan then you can access highly advanced features of the app such as auto sync on an hourly basis, creating multiple companies within a single account and exporting all product details in an Excel file. The pricing structure of the app varies according to total users and integrations. You can use a pricing calculator to get a customized price.

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Apart from the features and functionality mentioned above, EMERGE App offers several complex tools that let you experience a professional level of service while using it for your business. With such a great app in your hand, you can take your business to another level. The software not only lets you drive higher profits but it adds a sense of discipline to your business by keeping things in a well-organized way. If you want to try your hands on this amazing app then you can with their First User Free Forever scheme that doesn’t require credit card details upfront.

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