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As the internet is stuffed with extensive information, thanks to apps and social media networking sites, checking on the content of what you browse is of paramount importance. By checking, however, we do not imply the illicit use of the app, but simply keeping a tab on the activities of users using Android or iOS phones. Think about employers, business owners or simply parents who wish to gauge on how the internet is actually being utilized, and you will know that monitoring is best done using FoneMonitor app. This app is now considered one of the best in the smartphone industry for having a reliable monitoring system. This read will help you know how:

Working Principle of FoneMonitor

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You simply need to have this amazing app on your desktop, laptop or mobile browser and then marvel at how you can track the activities in no time. From call logs to messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other notable social media sites, FoneMonitor ensures you check on the content here without bothering anybody else to act on behalf of you. But one thing must be ensured- to track the activities, there’s a need to verify the phone after you have installed FoneMonitor there.

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Vital Features of FoneMonitor

Here are some chief features of the app that you can’t afford to miss at any cost:

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Monitoring Text Messages:

FoneMonitor App Review - The iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring Solution - Point 1So, you get to read all those text messages from Android and iPhones using this app, after you have tracked the respective devices. As an add-on, you can also play and then download the MMS section.

Tracking GPS Location:

FoneMonitor App Review - The iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring Solution - Point 2Now that you have got the device you are monitoring on, finding the exact location of it is easy. Also, you can delve into the route history of the device as and when required.

Monitoring Call Logs:

FoneMonitor App Review - The iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring Solution - Point 3At the time of tracking phones, call logs are usually the foremost things you wish to track. With FoneMonitor, you can get access to the detailed list of all the calls made, received and also missed in the tracking dashboard.

Checking Contacts:

FoneMonitor App Review - The iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring Solution - Point 4If not at the workplace, but in households, children must be monitored thoroughly. In other words, you have no idea who he or she is conversing with or chatting on a regular basis. Hacking here is ethical and you can do it using this app. Check for all the contacts and logs in details. Additionally, you can download the contacts data when required for future use.

Track internet history:

FoneMonitor App Review - The iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring Solution - Point 5As stressed earlier, tracing the history of calls constitutes an interesting feature of FoneMonitor. Basically, you can check the browsing history without much difficulty. You can also get to know about which URL opened up and also at what time and the exact number of times.

Monitoring App Activities:

FoneMonitor App Review - The iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring Solution - Point 6WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media apps, photos, videos and such. This constitutes WhatsApp or Facebook messages, checking photos and videos and the likes. Imagine your kid gaining access to prohibited details or pictures that can cast a significant negative impact on him or her. Hence, FoneMonitor proves indispensable when it comes to tracking on what is actually being watched on the phone.

The process of registering with FoneMonitor


No painstaking job, installation of FoneMonitor app on your system or phone can be accomplished using the following few steps only:

  • Register for the account and Sign Up.
  • Install the app on the device that you wish to monitor or track.
  • Now log in using your credentials and soon you will see the dashboard wherein logs will get recorded.
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Bottom-line: Why choose the app at all?


With all the above-mentioned features and easy integration and usability, it is quite obvious that most would recommend the use of FoneMonitor as a tracking app. Even the cost suits the pockets of many. But if you would actually think of using it, the list of benefits usurps everything else. And money takes a back seat! (You would surely invest on something that would prove functional for many and also purposes galore).

Just remember how and for whom you must use FoneMonitor without actually causing disruptions in anybody’s life. After all, it’s just meant to make things a little easier and not complicated.

Download The App Here

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