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A recently conducted research has proved that a teenage kid spends more than 5 hours every day on his Smartphone. All this important time is spent in doing some very common activities such as watching videos, playing games and chatting with friends. Most of the parents even confessed that they have observed their kids busy in watching adult content and doing several in-app purchases.  For all these parents, there is a good news in the form of Kidgy parental control app. It is one of the highly recommended apps available in both Apple and Android store. Here is a comprehensive review of the Kidgy app that will help you to discover its unique features:

1) Location tracking and Geofencing:

Kidgy Parental Control App Review - Point 1The location tracking feature of the app keeps you aware of kid’s current location so that you can take a sigh of relief knowing that your child is safe. The geofencing lets you set the virtual fences and it makes you informed when your kid enters and leaves the virtual fence. This technique keeps you assure that your child is at the place where you dropped him. In case, your kid leaves the fence and goes to an unknown location then you will be immediately notified of it.

2) Contact number back up:

Kidgy Parental Control App Review - Point 2Kidgy lets you collect contact numbers of all the friends he has. Besides this, you can also view the list of calls that your kid has made and ones that he received. The app also allows you to block the specific contacts thereby keeping him safe from fake callers.

3) Panic button:

Kidgy Parental Control App Review - Point 3It works like an alarm that allows your kid to contact you with an only single click when he faces an emergency. Once this button is clicked, you can immediately view the exact location of your kid via GPS. Once you have confirmed that your child is safe, you can turn off the panic mode through your Smartphone.

4) Task manager:

Kidgy Parental Control App Review - Point 4It is kind of a virtual assistant to your child. Using this functionality you can set a specific task that you want your kid to complete by a set time period. The app properly synchronizes everyday activities of your child and organizes the list very well. It is a nice way to teach your child how to manage the time and finish the task within given deadline.

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5) Internet activity management:

Kidgy Parental Control App Review - Point 5Most of the kids fall prey to the gambling, adult or online shopping sites and end up wasting a lot of time and money. This is where Kidgy has a great role to play as it allows parents to track the sites their kids are visiting. You can easily manage internet activity of your users by blocking sites which are harmful to them.

6) User-friendly features:

Kidgy Parental Control App Review - Point 6Kidgy is very easy to use as it comes with simplistic features. Even if you don’t have the technical knowledge or not very used to the Smartphone, you won’t face many difficulties using it. Users are also allowed to manage the settings of this app to make it compatible with their operating system as well as the device.

7) App block:

Kidgy Parental Control App Review - Point 7If you have observed that your child is spending too much time on useless apps then you can block them whenever you want. Kidgy allows you to track the time spent by your child on each app. This unique feature in the app lets you limit the app usage of your kid.

8) Free and paid features:

Kidgy Parental Control App Review - Point 8Though the app is available for free, you can subscribe for the paid service in order to avail additional features. If you are a novice user then spend some time using it for free and subscribe to paid service once you get comfortable using it. If you have subscribed to this app for the first time, then your next subscription will be automatically renewed. So make sure you keep track of your renewal date if you want to cancel your subscription.

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The Bottom Line:

Kidgy Parental Control App LogoThe internet is turning into a very intimating environment for kids nowadays as parents couldn’t look after the online activities of their child. In order to resolve this critical problem, Kidgy parental control app is a great solution that every parent must-have in his Smartphone.

Download Kidgy for iOS   Download Kidgy for Android

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