10 Most Useful Apple Watch Apps You Probably Haven’t Heard of

Are you an ardent Apple Watch fan and can’t just keep them away from discovering new features and applications for your smartwatch? Well, if your answer is yes, this post is exclusively for you!

There are millions of applications available on the App Store that can cater to the diverse needs of the users in the most precise way. But when we talk about Apple Watch, the applications aren’t available in huge quantity! One can expect limited applications that support Apple Watch. One can find few Apple Watch apps on the store that are actually must for all.

Here we are sharing detailed information about the useful applications that support Apple Watch and one shouldn’t miss them. Dive in here to know more about these cool applications that are must for all the smart-watch enthusiasts.

1. Strava:


For all the fitness enthusiasts over there, Strava is one of the finest fitness tracking application that can help you in reaching your fitness goals. The application lets you track your total walking distance, steps of the day, and the GPS-based distance tracking.

For the serious running and cycling enthusiasts, Strava is the best option that maintains the overall record of your fitness activities without any glitches. You can always rely on this smart app that synchronizes the results with your iPhone and shows you the detailed information regarding your weekly or monthly fitness records.

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2. Things 3:


If you are one of those who is unable to organize their day or schedule appropriately, Things 3 is undeniably the best application. This smart application sorts your life in the finest way that you can simplify the organizing of the daily tasks as well as reminders to enhance your routine.

The current tasks that you need to implement at a specific time are displayed on the Apple Watch along with the notification about the urgent reminders or the next tasks that need to be executed in the day. Apart from this, the application is quite popular among the ones that were earlier dependent on their smartphones for organizing the tasks as now they can get smart notifications on their watch itself.

3. CheatSheet:


CheatSheet is the finest application intended for the ones that usually forget their important details related to the passwords, emails, and other related crucial details. One can quickly spot the details on their watch’s screen with just a single tap. You need not to rely on your phone or need not memorize different passwords. Whenever you require any of these passwords, you can easily get the detailed information about the same with just a single tap on your watch.

The app is available on the App Store and you just need to pay a little amount for the same. It has great ratings and good reviews, which is the reason you should get it now if you are also one of those who is unable to memorize crucial passwords and ids for your different accounts.

4. Calcbot:


The Apple Watch doesn’t have a calculator, which is quite obvious as the user won’t be able to get adequate ease to use a calculator on a small screen. Calcbot is a smart calculator specially designed for Apple Watch that allows users to perform numerous calculating tasks without any hassle.

This app isn’t complex to use and the user can perform much more than the basic calculations at one go. The app is available on the App Store in both paid and free versions.

5. Dark Sky:


If you are planning an outing and not sure whether it would be raining outside or not; just open Dark Sky on your Apple Watch and get a precise weather report. The app lets you check whether there would be snow at a particular location or not.

Apart from this, this smart application also provides you notifications on your watch’s screen regarding any severe weather conditions in advance. It is a must app for all.

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6. Sleep Cycle:


You can now monitor your sleep through your watch with the Sleep Cycle app. This app lets you snooze and stop the alarm. It eventually encourages the user to change the sleeping position whenever required after an interval.

Furthermore, you can always get detailed information about your overall sleeping habits and health analysis based on the reports.

7. Streaks:


Streaks is one of its kind application that emphasizes forming good habits. There are people who are always busy in their hectic lifestyle and usually ignore the important aspects of their routine. One can define habits as per their interest and assign on a particular time. The smart application reminds you about the scheduled activity and tracks the time that you spent on every individual activity.

This application is solely intended for the people who wish to get the best out of their hectic day and need to spend some quality time getting involved in the activities that soothe them. One can download this application from the official Apple App Store.

8. Headspace:


With Headspace, you can always expect great relaxation with the meditations in this application. You can simply choose the duration for the meditation.

The application is intended to relax the mind along with some basic content. One can get the premium version to get more out of this application.

9. Standland:


You can expect a great experience with Standland activity tracker. This app awards you with some of the cutest characters whenever you complete an activity task. The user needs to be active enough to complete the tasks and earn rewards.

One need to move around here and there to collect these characters and the latest update also helps you in tracking the records.

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10. Just Press Record:


One of the finest voice recording app available on the App Store is the Just Press Record. You just need to tap the screen of your Apple Watch and there you go! Also, you can pause the audio, record, and continue whenever you need.

You can always transfer your recorded audios to the iCloud, which can be accessed by any of the other iOS device or a Mac PC. Moreover, the iPhone lets you convert the audio into transcripts without any hassle!

These are some great applications that you must have for your Apple Watch.

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