7 Types of Lifestyle Changing Apps to Change Your Lifestyle in 2019-2020

We are living in a technologically advanced world where nothing seems impossible. Every day, there are new advancements and innovations that can make our lives better, fun and interesting.

The use of smartphones has become commonplace and these days, you can use your phones for pretty much everything. Whether you feel like shopping, reading a book or play a game, you can find apps for almost everything.

Some of these applications enable you to perform basic tasks, as aforementioned, with ease. Whereas there are also apps that have the power of transforming your life.


For instance, doctors are now using apps to remotely monitor patients to provide better care. Developers are constantly making improvements to ensure users can have a great experience.

Some of the apps that can change your lifestyle in 2019-2020 are outlined below:

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1. Anatomy 4D

Lifestyle Changing Apps 2019-2020 - Point 1Available in both Google Play and App Store, this augmented reality app has been designed to make it easier for people to interact with complex information pertaining to the human body. Anatomy 4D is completely interactive and boasts some great visuals, making use of cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality. It creates the ideal vehicle for twenty-first-century education. The app can be used by doctors, students or anyone who is interested in learning more about the human body. It can change the way medical education is provided. You can download this app here.

2. Spyglass

Lifestyle Changing Apps 2019-2020 - Point 2This is an advanced GPS navigation and compass app designed for iPad and iPhone. The app comes in handy as a bike, car, aircraft, boat, walking compass or vehicle and GPS navigation for cycling, driving, flying, hiking off the road or sailing in the sea. Anyone who spends their time outdoors needs to have Spyglass as it is a powerful toolkit as it packed with a wide array of useful tools; a gyrocompass, hi-tech viewfinder, tactical GPS, maps, speedometer, waypoint tracker, gyro horizon, coordinate converter, zoom camera, angular calculator and more. You can download this app here.


3. Charity Miles

Lifestyle Changing Apps 2019-2020 - Point 3This app is designed for tracking movements and raising money for good causes simultaneously. Whether you prefer to cycle, jog or run, you can rake in a lot of money for registered charities like Habitat for Humanity, Stand Up to Cancer (RED) and many more. Not only can you stay fit and healthy, but you are also giving money to a good cause. You can download this app here.

4. Prompt

Lifestyle Changing Apps 2019-2020 - Point 4People who are suffering from memory loss will find this app to be incredibly useful. The app offers reminders, a visual diary, and notes that can be used for adding photos, maps and contact details of important people. The mission of Prompt is to assist those who are living with dementia and other problems related to memory and it does so by creating links between people and events, giving context through stored photos. Put simply, it is a personalized helper that can be used if you forget a face, name or what you should be doing. You can download this app here.

5. Tree Planet 2

Lifestyle Changing Apps 2019-2020 - Point 5As the name indicates, the app is centered on trees and it essentially turns virtual trees into real ones. Tree Planet 2 has been developed by a Korean company and the app is to be used by people for growing virtual trees. The game requires users to water, fertilize and defend the tree from loggers. While people grow a tree virtually, a real-life tree is also planted and then tended to. More than 500,000 trees have been planted so far and in 10 different countries. You can download this app here.


6. Beimmunized

Lifestyle Changing Apps 2019-2020 - Point 6With this app, the need to carry paper records of their child’s medical history and other details are eliminated, which is immensely helpful for busy parents. Those who are traveling abroad can also find this useful as they are able to use their smartphone directly for managing their child’s immunization history. In this way, school administrators can be provided with proof of immunization thereby helping parents as well as the school in keeping students healthy and safe. You can get this app here.

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7. HTC Power to give

Lifestyle Changing Apps 2019-2020 - Point 7This app has been created for making the most out of your spare computing power and using it for medical, environmental and scientific research. You need to connect your Android phone to Wi-Fi and plug it in. Once this is done, the spare computing power will be used for various projects such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer research and comprehending climate change. You can download this app here.

Final Words

Lifestyle Changing Apps 2019-2020 - conclusion

These are some of the best apps that can turn out to be life-changing in the long run and can improve the quality of life.

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