Unique Video Ideas to Get People Watching Your Channel

If you have long wanted your videos to gain millions of views, then just filming a video is not enough! Whether you are in a creative crisis or are just new to this social network, our tips and ideas will help you create awesome video contents that will help you reach the TOP, and bring new subscribers. In order not to get lost in a large number of identical channels, you need to take a qualitative step forward, and show your new video ideas to a large audience.

Imagine yourself in the spectator’s place: you have a British cat and are looking for information on how to treat a pet from fleas. Found a useful YouTube video and headed over to the channel page hoping to find out more information that will be useful for owners of adorable cats. But as a result, you see videos about foreign artists, product reviews from AliExpress, and other husks. It turns out that a useful video about cats came here by accident.

Of course, the viewer will no longer return to this channel but will go in search of like-minded people and specialists in British cats. Hence the conclusion: if you have a mainstream of content, more people are guaranteed to come to you, who will become regular viewers. Therefore, to begin with, we decide on the main idea, that is, we are looking for popular topics for videos on YouTube. There are many options:


For girls and women

It only seems at first glance that there is nothing else to do on this topic. This niche is quite extensive and provided that you broadcast truly good content, and even with an original presentation, the chances of success increase exponentially.

For children

Another area for a flight of fantasy. It is good because the target audience is a huge number of potential viewers. What can I say, when 3-year-old kids easily master tablets, smartphones, and other gadgets? Primary school children, high school students, teenagers, videos for moms, etc. – there is where to turn around.

  • a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, sports, body care are other groups of topics that will find their fans.
  • Keeping pets, interior design, horoscopes, homemade decor, web design – these are narrower areas. To find and retain a viewer, you need to generate fresh video ideas and present them in an unusual format.

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Tips for new users


If from the very beginning you have your style of clothing, makeup, unusual hairstyle or background, as well as a bright, memorable nickname, then this is already enough for a quick start. Not everyone succeeds in getting into the recommendations the first time, so look for your distinctive features, experiment, create your own unique image that distinguishes you from others. Show your advantages and disadvantages, features, and oddities.

Once you find your image in which you feel as organic as possible, you can see how to change the name to YouTube, and delete those videos that do not fit the new image of your choice.

5 Cool Video Ideas for Newbies


1. Start with trends – Lip Sync (lip-sync with sound)

Point 1

This is a video post where the hero performs a song to the soundtrack. The key to success is acting, and facial expressions rehearsed getting into the beat of the composition. You must know the melody and words well, live, and feel their meaning and dynamics, then the clip will turn out to be organic. Choose what is trendy, pleasant, and in tune with you, your mood, and your attitude.

2. Do you have the ability? Show them!

Point 2

Those who know how to do something cool are always popular. They become popular even without boosting subscribers. Magic tricks, sketching, beatboxing, cooking, origami – whatever skill you like, captured beautifully in a short video, can deserve many likes. Everyone wants to be able to do something cool!

3. DIY (from the English Do It Yourself – Russian “do it yourself”)

Point 3

A short master class. Pass on your skill to do something useful to others. Don’t have to be professional or talented – just show me how you laundered your sneakers, decorate your apartment, decorated the Christmas tree, baked pancakes.

4. Dancing

Point 4

Dancing has taken over all social networks in quarantine literally from the first days of its existence and is one of the most popular topics. In order to shoot such a video, you don’t have to be a professional dancer: dance funny, only with your hands or feet, in an unusual place, from a funny angle, alone or with friends – there are a lot of options! Shoot a video of you dancing, and changing at the same time. The more images you change, the more interesting the video will seem. You don’t need to be a stylist for this, share your clothing preferences with users, and give your fashion tips.

5. Challenges

Point 5

Take part in a challenge (challenge) for some popular hashtag.

If you already have an audience


In the event that you already have several hundred active subscribers, you can implement the following video ideas from time to time:

  1. Do you like the video? Sing your favorite song with your idol or friends. This feature provides many options for fan videos, reactions, clone posts, and more.
  2. Answers to subscribers’ questions in the format “yes or no”, “was/was not”, truth or action, and so on.
  3. Uncover the secret of your personal life – intrigue your subscribers, and then show, and make your couple the hero/participant of your videos. The audience will be delighted!
  4. Top fail. If you have a lot of bad takes from rehearsals of previous videos, it’s time to glue them into a mini-series of epic funny fails. Let your subscribers love you, your spontaneity, and your sense of humor by looking into your secrets.
  5. Reincarnation. Show yourself in an unusual way, completely opposite to what your followers are used to seeing. A complete change of image, cosplay, a gradual transition from nerd to the oligarch, from schoolboy to student or mother of many children – choose any option! A great way to surprise your subscribers would be makeup or shopping with a friend, presented in the “was/was” format – the brighter the difference, the more spectacular!

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It takes effort, but it’s worth it!


These channel post options require more preparation, scripting, and sometimes other input. However, if you get creative and make such videos, maybe this will help you achieve success!

  1. Survey of passers-by, customers in a store, relatives, children in the yard, classmates. Come up with an original question, and film people’s answers – they can be very unexpected, and the reaction is funny. In the end, you can summarize.
  2. Series on YouTube. Will you be able to intrigue and leave a bunch of questions in the series? Subscribers and casual viewers will be looking forward to the sequel!
  3. Vine with his mother, grandma, himself in different images, with a friend, a pet, a younger brother – use the well-known YouTube format!
  4. Prank. While “pinching” others, do not forget about the safety measures, and the moral side of the issue. A joke is good when it is not dangerous, not offensive, and makes laughing not only the audience but also the participants.
  5. Travel videos, including videos about fake travel. Capture stunning views of faraway places, fun en-route activities, extreme hobbies, famous places, and events, even in your hometown. Take your subscribers with you, let them share amazing emotions with you!
  6. And finally, an option that works. Take pictures of pets! Cats, dogs, hamsters, and even fish can become the stars of YouTube, and some owners even have separate channels for their pets with more than one thousand subscribers. Try it too!

Video on Daily Life and Habits


We do many things in our daily life out of habit, without thinking that even regular brushing can be a good idea for a YouTube story. A few examples:

  • We are writing this article and at the same time, we can record the screen to tell viewers how to create high-quality texts, edit them and remove unnecessary things, leaving only useful information.
  • We go into the children’s room and see a mess there. Several topics for the video immediately arise here: how to teach a child to clean up toys on his own; how many of them should be in general with age; storing toys: how to make practical and economical organizers; why there is irritation at the sight of the disorder; how to deal with stress, etc.
  • We come to work and first of all, we plan the list of tasks for the day. Here’s a topic for you: organization of working time; how to do nothing and keep up with everything; what programs will help to group documents.
  • We come home and prepare dinner. Here you, by analogy with the previous options, can immediately generate several ideas for a video blog: how to cook dinner from leftover food; nutritious, but not high-calorie dinner for those who are losing weight;

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Final Words


If you think carefully, you can come up with a huge number of video ideas without leaving the bathroom. And there is also a kitchen, bedroom, workspace, shops, beauty salons and much more. Try to think differently from the usual way – look at your life with different eyes.

In the news and social networks: If you are interested in politics, show business news, follow the economic situation in the country and the world, then you will surely be interested in starting a news channel.

Accordingly, the main source of information is social networks and news feeds of various web resources.

This article is written by Samuella Kors, the blogger from SpotifyPlaysFollowers.Com.

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