Corporate Video Content Crafting 101 – Video Marketing is here to Stay so you Should Join the Move

Someone may have told you that video marketing is the future. Well, the future is now, so if you’re an entrepreneur running your gig, and you haven’t created video content until now, you shouldn’t wait any longer. Statista revealed that 85% of all internet users in the USA watch online video content on various devices. People 25 to 34 are watching video content, with adult males spending around 40% more time checking videos than female users.

And you may think that all people watch TikTok videos and YouTube tutorials, but they don’t. Alongside funny videos and tutorials, they’re also interested in the corporate content. 54% of people want to see video content from a brand they support.

Still not convinced to join the trend?


Maybe the following numbers will do the trick. 70% of the companies that integrated video content in their marketing campaigns reported higher conversion rates. You, as many other entrepreneurs don’t consider video marketing an essential tool in promoting your brand. You probably invest more in social media posts and case studies. No one can blame you because video production isn’t exactly affordable, especially if you hire a pro company to do it.

Yes, blog posts and written content are easier to produce and manage, but they address other public, and you need to expand your reach. Here are some guidelines on how to craft corporate video content without boring your audiences and breaking the bank.

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Start with a vlog


Social media influencers made the concept of vlog famous, and nowadays, all brands want to associate their names with a notorious influencer. When your conversions are low, video blogs are exactly what the doctor ordered because they deliver personality-driven content that draws attention toward your brand. The great part about vlog is that they’re easy to produce, and you don’t have to hire a pro company.

Actually, if you choose to create a vlog for your brand, you’ll be one of the pioneers because few organizations have vlogs. Ask your marketing specialists if they have experience in creating corporate-level video content, and assign one of them to craft vlog content. They can shoot a 5-minute vlog in front of their webcam, and they’ll boost company trust because they’re part of the company, not a brand ambassador you paid to promote your products.

Gary Vaynerchuck is a true inspiration for the companies that have no idea how to start a corporate vlog because he works in the marketing world, and everything he does is to document what he does daily for work. Your videos should show your public glimpses of the production and shipping process, present the people behind the brand, and teach them how to make the most out of your products.

Vlogs allow you to share with your audience your company’s journey.

Share interviews


What better way to introduce the people behind the brand that interviewing them? By crafting interviews, you inject authority into your video channel and engage your audience. Interviews have the potential to establish a positive reputation and build connections with potential clients and partners.

A good interview requires a set of guidelines. But, it’s essential for the viewer not to feel they are listening to a script. Discussions are one of the easiest ways to create content for your website and YouTube channel because you can invite specialists working for you to talk about the products you launch or about their daily routine.

You can also invite industry experts to join you for a talk and associate your name with the pros. It will gain you credibility and convince your audience that your company is trustworthy.

Craft tutorials


Have you ever heard about Michelle Phan? She is one of the video content creators who amazed the Internet with her makeup tutorials. It transform her into someone else. Her videos got so famous that some investors funded her own makeup line. Her story is quite simple; she provided her audience something they needed.

Most of the beauty experts ask people to pay fees for makeup tutorials. But Michelle posted them on YouTube where everyone could access them. She is only one of the many influencers who use tutorials to reach audiences and build a brand. Most of them deliver video content that engages the public through the ambiance they create. They make people feel comfortable through the light, background, music, and discourse they provide. Many social media influencers and corporate companies purchase royalty-free music for their video content. They want to offer their clients a unique experience.

You can learn from influencers like Michelle that you must identify the content your public fids helpful and deliver it in tutorial form. When you launch a new product, it’s worth spending some time to put together a tutorial to help the buyers figure out how to use it, and what benefits it brings.

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Publish behind-the-scenes video


People want to know that someone is thinking about them when they manufacture the product they’re using. More and more buyers prefer the brands that promote the image of a more human brand and less money-making corporation.

Your clients love when you respond to their emails, social media questions, and engage with them one-on-one. To retain clients, put a personality behind your company, one people relate to.

“Video is a great tool for influencers as well as corporate entities because it is the most personal type of content. People can see and hear the individual behind the camera, what they’re wearing, their body language, personality, and tone of voice. You can post behind-the-scenes videos on your official website, or you can organize Q&A sessions on social media.” – as mentioned by Mike Novikov, the music composer & the co-founder of, in his recent interview.

Let your clients have a glimpse of your company culture


If you want to have fun during the production stage, make a company culture video. You decide what the topic is. It can be anything you want, from your company’s values to how you picked your logo.

Did you have a pancake competition at the office last week? Share videos with your customers to offer them a glimpse of how you connect.

Is the CEO driving a motorcycle to the office and sports a leather jacket? You definitely want to share this with your public. You only have to make a video of them riding the bike to the office; maybe ask them a couple of questions on the road from the parking lot to their office.

This type of content shows the audience who is behind the scene and adds a human touch to your image. If you want to connect with your clients, show them a piece of your company culture.

Do you have a pet ambassador for your business? It’s a good idea to make a weekly vlog with them to let your audience know what their last adventures are.

You can also use company culture videos during the recruitment process. They show future candidates how engaging the work environment is. Instead of writing 1000 words about how great the company is, make a 10 minutes video that shows the benefits the employees get and presents the office building.

Check the engagement rates to determine what videos have the highest success to your public.

Use sales presentations as a secret weapon


When used right, sales video can work as marketing weapons that attract new clients. There are many reasons all famous brands use pre-recorded sales presentations, and one of them is timing.

You only have to record a sales presentation with a camera and use a screen-recording tool to speed the images. Prospective clients can watch the product presentation when they find suitable and provide feedback. Before sending the sales presentation to clients, share it with the employees, and ask them to review the content objectively.

When clients receive presentation videos, they appreciate the effort you put to crafting and planning it because video provides easily-accessible information.

You can use an app like Soapbox if you want to record yourself when you present the product and film the laptop screen simultaneously.

This content requires little resources because all you need is a screen-recording app, a computer, and good lighting. And if one of your employees has an engaging voice, you can ask them to present the features of the product because their pitch will definitely retain viewers.

Depending on who the target audience is, you can drop some puns from time to time or opt for a friendly tone. Try to answer the questions the public may have when you create sales presentation videos. Because, they watch it only to find pieces of information they’re interested in.

Sales presentation videos should have no more than 3 minutes to maintain engagement at maximum rates.

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The Bottom Line


The above ideas prove that you don’t need to hire a video production company or have pro recording tools to create corporate video content. Everyone is crafting videos nowadays, so why wouldn’t you? Tools like Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube are here for you to use them.

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