Leveraging Work Collaboration with Work Management Platforms in Mid-to-Large Size Companies

When we compare medium-sized companies to small businesses, it is obvious that they have more employees. This means that their project workflows would be a lot more complicated. Hence, coordination would be difficult.

The main reason behind the difficulty in coordination is a lack of prioritization of integral project functions and clear objectives. Studies reveal that projects that do not have an aligned goal are 37% more likely to experience failure.

As we live in the digital age, enterprises can use the latest technology for coordinating the flow of data by ensuring productive communication. With the right tools, work teams can achieve progress.

To help you get an idea about how work collaboration can be leveraged with work management platforms, this post shares all the vital information.

Collaboration & Collective Intelligence


One of the concepts that will help you leverage work collaboration with work management platforms is collective intelligence. We have grown as a society because of it, and mid-to-large size companies can do the same.

The concept focuses on joint decision-making and collaboration at the workspace. It refers to how group intellect starts to form as people come together for work. In its essence, the idea is based on the universal wisdom suggesting that two is always better than one.

Through collaboration, employees work on producing something better than individual work. The focus shifts from the idea of synergy when you leverage collective intelligence; productivity increases. Collective intelligence is displayed through mutual trust and cooperation. 

Hubs for collaboration can be made and taken to the next level with digital transformation. Employees have to be equipped to perform their tasks.

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Collaboration & Work Management


The latest tools can be used by mid-to-large size organizations for effectively managing communication. The people that use the tools also matter, including the workplace culture. However, the tools help bridge the gap as they recognize the different needs of each team. 

The best work management solutions are those that are cross-functional. Therefore, the organization must select the right management platform and tool for coordinating with their workforce. 

As a team leader, you have a responsibility to leverage technology for transforming work across the organization. Both in-house and distributed teams can use the tools for collaborating and delivering better results.

The tools also reduce the overreliance on frequent meetings, spreadsheets, and emails.


online collaboration tool group team community connection

Communication is integral for an organization to succeed. As remote work becomes more common, the likelihood of miscommunication is a lot higher. Therefore, leaders need to use a work management platform to avoid problems. 

The main focus should be on open communication. This is possible with face-to-face chats and instant messaging. As long as you put in the effort to communicate the needs of the organization, miscommunication would be unlikely. 

With an effective work management solution, the gap between each departmental silo would be minimized. Thus, operations will run more efficiently.



There is a need for guaranteed autonomy for efficient collaboration. This is where mutual trust comes in handy. Visibility should never be confused with surveillance because the latter is common in an environment where there is distrust.

On the other hand, the primary purpose of visibility is to measure team progress and keep track of individual performance. Visibility relies on trust. Not only does the management benefit from it, but also other employees. It will help ensure that everyone understands one another better. 

With real-time collaboration, everyone would be on the same page. This would allow for progress to be made.

Work Performance


The performance of subordinates can be assessed using work management platforms. In addition to this, actionable reports can be generated to find out how workflow can be improved. Leaders must track how each employee is working and what they are working on. 

By creating charts, reports, and graphic data, it is possible to visualize employee performance and examine the work from different angles.

For instance, if you have a firm that offers digital marketing, you can use the data for improving the performance of just about every worker.



The truth is that no work management tool provides you with every detail that you need. By using an appropriate management platform, you allow for integration with similar apps and tools. This allows for operations to be conducted seamlessly and flexibly. 

Make sure to choose a platform that can adapt to individual work requirements and not stick to a rigid framework. 

For instance, if there is a team of talented developers, the platform you decide to use should natively integrate with Jira, GitHub, and other platforms. With an integrated work management tool, you get to provide employees with plenty of benefits.

The Best Work Management Platforms


When it comes to working management platforms, there are various tools out there. To help ensure that you use the right tools, we have listed the top two tools below:

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1. Clarizen


Clarizen is an incredible project management software program that medium and large businesses can use. The web-based solution specializes in improving the processes involved in the project by boosting collaboration.

The tool is designed for teams that want a robust solution to save time and ensure cross-organization engagement. By using Clarizen, the processes involved in the project would be performed much quicker. It does this by finding the perfect person for the project. 

Clarizen provides a bot that connects the project data and workflows across the team chat platforms for simplifying task prioritization and overall communication.

Know more about Clarizen

2. Wrike


Another excellent project management tool that you can use for delivering optimal work is Wrike. This easy-to-use platform handles everything for you. It offers a dashboard that shows the priorities and goals so that you can organize the processes accordingly.

Know more about Wrike

3. Scoro


If you require a comprehensive solution, you need to try Scoro. It combines all the features that you could possibly need for managing a business. Use the tool for reporting, billing, team collaboration, quotes, contact management, and projects.

Some of its top features include a real-time KPI dashboard, projects with deadlines and sub-tasks, contact management, time tracking, meeting scheduling, invoicing, and detailed reports.

The best thing about Scoro is that it lets you streamline everything. When you use the management platform, you would not need to use any other tool for performing any other task. Moreover, it will keep all your important information secure in one central place.

Know more about Scoro

4. StudioCloud


Looking for complete features to effectively manage your business? Then, you have to check out StudioCloud. It allows you to manage your company from anywhere and anytime.

The all-in-one solution organizes and simplifies all your work so that you never have to stress about anything again. Its top features include client and lead management, scheduling, creating pipelines, setting deadlines, creating and managing projects, and sending automated texts.

With StudioCloud, you get to run a one-woman show. Besides, it is free if you want to use its basic features. Its mobility is unrivaled as you have the option to sync all your data to the cloud.

Know more about StudioCloud

5. Zoho Workplace


Create, communicate, and collaborate with your team using Zoho Workplace. It is the only tool you will ever need for running your business. Whether you have a remote team or an in-house team, the tool will help improve collaboration.

The integrated apps offered by Zoho Workplace enable you to handle everything. Some of its best features include a central platform for creating and saving your work, getting email and social to your inbox, and managing files from the cloud.

Zoho Workplace is famous for its bundles such as Recruit, Finance, and CRM. This means that you get to manage just about every aspect of the organization with a single tool. As for its cost, you do not have to pay much.

Know more about Zoho Workplace

6. Odoo


Odoo is a terrific work management platform that provides a variety of open-source business apps for covering all your needs. From project management to inventory to accounting, eCommerce, and everything in between, it is the tool you need.

The main draw of Odoo is its features. They include accurate forecasts, custom design dashboards, automation capabilities, and real-time messaging for enhanced collaboration. It even lets you turn your sales into invoices with just a click of a button.

Know more about Odoo

7. NetSuite


Considered to be one of the best-unified business management solutions, NetSuite has taken the world by storm. It is used by thousands of operations for eCommerce, CRM, finance, and more.

With NetSuite, you can streamline every process, get a 360-degree view of your customers, boost sales performance, and manage global sales. It is suitable for every industry and business size.

Know more about NetSuite

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Conclusion – Work Collaboration Using Work Management Platforms


Collaboration is vital for every project to be successful. By using work management platforms, it is possible to achieve your goals. If you want to succeed in the world of today, you must invest in a work management tool. It will help ensure collaboration by leveraging collective intelligence.

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