Why Unique Content is Important for Your Website?

The uniqueness of content is a valuable tool that influences the positioning of a company. Uniqueness provides a good indexing of a site, indicates to users the value of information, goods or services, and improves an overall perception of a brand. This is a broad concept, which includes not only the quality of the posted texts but also an overall corporate style of a site, the exclusivity of the products provided.

Aspects of the unique presentation of material


The concept of uniqueness is widely used on the Internet, and it is attributed mainly to a quality of a content. Texts should be exclusive, written to order. Words repeated in separate blocks of articles should not coincide with other search results. The nuances listed below can be attributed to the aspects of creating a unique content.

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1. Creation of unique content for search engine robots

Why Unique Content is Important for Your Website - Point 1Search robots evaluate the uniqueness of the material submitted, using separate pieces of the text. They are entered into a search engine and checked. As a result of indexing, a verdict is made about the quality of the content, and the page of the site is risen or lowered in the search results.

2. Transferring unique experience to the visitors of a resource

Why Unique Content is Important for Your Website - Point 2Visitors of a site look for answers to specific questions. Usually, they use several resources at the same time. Among the information found, the most complete, useful and relevant content is accepted as worthy of attention. When creating informational texts, it is important to collect as much useful data as possible, to compose articles better than competitors do, and to add unique details that are absent on other resources.

In addition to the technical uniqueness of the text, the originality of the transmitted experience is also important. It is optimal if the text is written by a specialist in the chosen field because such a person can convey implicit nuances, and not just rewrite the topic. Good articles are quickly copied by sites-competitors, but during their existence, they manage to earn a good rating for their company.

3. The originality of the presentation of the finished content

Why Unique Content is Important for Your Website - Point 3The uniqueness of content can also mean its original presentation, which will interest users and encourage them to visit your resource or order the services of your enterprise. The creative approach creates a certain “boom”. This kind of uniqueness can also be attributed to the use of the original corporate style of the company that causes a number of associations and brand memorability.

What is paramount when promoting a website?


The uniqueness of content is important but not always the main factor of promotion. Its impact on the popularity of a project depends on the methods of obtaining traffic and the needs of visitors.

For example, an online clothing store that receives traffic from contextual advertising does not need to post 100% unique texts. For such a project, it is more important to create an informative content, where each product card will have an accurate description of the sizes, fabrics, functional features of a model, all those characteristics that a user will want to know before buying the goods. The uniqueness of the texts fades into the background and is an additional bonus.

A personal blog that will earn on advertising, on the contrary, should transfer to users not only technically unique information but also an exclusive experience. Articles should consider popular issues. Presentation of the topics should be attractive. The acquaintance of readers with new horizons of thinking, providing them with fresh impressions are welcome.

When planning a content, it is important to consider the attendance of the resource. What is the best way to draw the attention of users? What qualities of content are they interested in? What will cause them to move to other pages, to visit the site again? What will motivate them to make a call? For competent site design, it is important to understand the needs of the target audience well and create content that meets these needs.

About the uniqueness of pictures and videos

Animated Explainer Videos

The uniqueness of the videos posted on the site can play a role in two cases:

  1. If you want to provide only exclusive content.
  2. If you promote your personal channel on YouTube through the site.

These two factors are directly related since it is quite irrational to create unique videos and not to spread them to earn money on hosting. When using such resources, uniqueness is determined not by the general standards of search engines, but according to the internal rules established by the video portal itself. Usually, it is necessary to use your own video and music materials when creating such a content.

When placing videos on YouTube, their uniqueness is not controlled by indexing of search engines. The quality and usefulness of videos are evaluated only directly by visitors of the resource. Videos can enhance user activity, hold people on the site or, conversely, quickly become a cause of boredom. Everything depends on the quality of the resource and the preferences of the visitors.

As for the pictures, their uniqueness may slightly increase the rating of the site, but it does not matter that much today. The quality of the images affects the perception of the site by users, so it’s just important to choose the options with good resolution and color rendering. Pictures should carry the original meaning, convey your ideas and qualitatively attract attention.

The uniqueness of images plays a role only in the case of creating a portfolio site (for example, for a photographer) or a site where examples of specific works (such as cakes to order) are exhibited.

So, originality of visual material is not fixed by search engines, but it is useful for conveying the right message to visitors. It is much more important to create a unique text because it undergoes really strict checks.

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Final Words


Let’s say, you described the categories of products on your website or wrote an article for the blog. How could you know that you did not repeat someone else’s words, albeit involuntarily? Fortunately, on the Internet, there are many auxiliary tools that allow conducting a comprehensive analysis of written content. You may do it online (on such resources as Pro-Papers plagiarism checker, Grammarly plagiarism checker) or download the convenient app to your computer or gadget (a good example is Plagiarism Checker by Plagiarisma.Net).

We are sure that you have original thoughts that should be told to the world. Good luck!

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