Planning for Your First Product Video? Check These 7 Beautiful Examples!

We are in the modern era of high-speed internet and online streaming. Watching online videos are now an integral part of our life. We are not only streaming movies or favorite TV shows. We are also watching product reviews, tips, tutorials, how-to videos, news and every other thing that you can possibly imagine.

At the current stage, video marketing is becoming the most essential part of online marketing strategies. If you are running a business (online or offline) and wish to promote your product or service to the mass of the people, you have to think about a promotional video. A good video is always self-explanatory. You cannot explain your product or service in a better way than a video. And if you are able to describe your product or service in a short, attractive video, you can surely expect a higher conversion rate.

Creating a good video is the most important part. Once your video is ready, you can promote it in several ways. You can publish it on your website, upload it to YouTube, or even can share it in social media. But make sure your video is short, attractive, and should explain all the aspects of your product. Here I am listing some great examples of promotional videos. All the examples are very inspiring and should give you an idea of how you can plan for your next video.

1) Product Explainer Video by Dropbox:

Dropbox is an online cloud storage service provider. It can help you in taking your important documents with yourself by synchronizing it with your other devices. It can automatically upload and sync all your selected documents from your computer to your Dropbox account. Then you can access them simply from any other device you want to.

This video is an animated explainer video to explain how Dropbox works. Once you watch the video, you can understand what Dropbox is and how you can use Dropbox.

2) Video Advertisement by Treehouse:

Treehouse helps those who want to learn anything online on their spare time. It can be website designing, coding, app design or can be anything. You can learn lot new skills for becoming self-dependent or becoming a pro to run your own business.

This is a video advertisement created by Treehouse to promote their website. This video can inspire you to become self-dependent and also tells you how they help you to achieve your goal.

3) Product Portfolio Video by Spiel:

Spiel is a digital agency, and they help their customers to create animation videos. They are experienced in both 2D and 3D animation and can also create explainer videos including cartoon characters.

They have embedded this video on their website background. So once anyone visits their website, this video will run automatically in the background. This is basically a portfolio video they have created by picking many clips from their previous works. In this video, they have managed to include all type of animation style that they can able to execute. This is a perfect example of a portfolio video.

4) Product Promo & Explainer Video by PooPourri:

PooPourri is now a well-known website which sells toilet spray. This is a good product to try out for keeping your bathroom fresh throughout the day.

But do you know how they managed to be well-known? Check the following video first.

I know you will love to see the above video once again. And this is the trick to the success of PooPourri that goes excellently well with them. They have managed to create few excellent product video that is visually appealing, enjoyable, self-explanatory as well as rememberable. And, as a result, they are now quite popular, and their sales are rising day by day.

5) Product Testimonial Video by Salesforce Chatter:

Salesforce Chatter is known to be best enterprise social network. Their collaboration software solution helps the employees to stay connected, collaborated, helps in sharing files, sharing data, and also becoming expertise in just no minute. In short, Chatter is going to help your company in driving productivity, efficiency, and innovation to some high level.

This is the perfect example of a testimonial video. There is nothing better if your clients talk about your product. This will surely build the trust to your visitors and help to convince them to become your customer.

6) Product Promotional Video by Dollar Shave Club:

This website mainly sells razors at most reasonable and affordable prices. They also roughly sell all the more or less saving equipment like blades, creams, shaving oils and many similar items.

Yes, they are telling that how they are different from other company who are their competitors, and why you all are going to like them and remember them for the products they are selling on their website. Similar like the PooPourri video mentioned above, the video of Dollar Shave Club is also very enjoyable and memorable. Moreover, the most liking part is the style of the video that is quite out of the box.

7) Mobile App Promotional Video by PicsArt:

PicsArt is a mobile app using which you can make awesome pictures. This app is compatible with any devices you are using. This is a good utility app which we might require for making our pictures more perfect.

If you are planning for a promotional video to promote your mobile app, then this video can be your inspiration. The video is quite simple and showing several screenshots of the app. Once anyone watches this video, he/she can get a clear idea how the app works. This will make them familiar with the app even before installing it.

Final Words:

Planning for Your First Product Video? Check These 7 Beautiful Examples - Final Words

Hopefully, you like the above videos and get some idea about how to proceed with your next video. The video is a great tool to reach the mass of peoples and reach their hearts. If you are able to satisfy your visitors by your video presentation, you are almost there to make them to becoming your customer. So, are you including video as a part of your digital marketing strategy? The choice is yours.

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