Why Social Media Marketing is beating Traditional Marketing

Since time immemorial, Traditional Marketing has been the obvious way of selling a product or service. Big organizations have always stuck to the traditional structure and techniques of marketing and have made it to where they stand today.

But let’s face the fact: today, even the most stringent of business houses have pages on different social media platforms. Even the biggest names from various sectors readily sell themselves through LinkedIn profiles, Twitter handles and Facebook pages. And you probably know why.

Because they have to terms with the fact that social media, indeed, has changed the way we used to business yesterday. Although, in this digital era, you would also need an app development company to fabricate an app for your business, for now, let us focus on social media.

So let us take you through some of the pointers which explain why social media marketing will beat traditional marketing in the long run.

Why Social Media Marketing is beating Traditional Marketing

Brand Building

If you have just started the business and trying to promote it via traditional marketing, it will certainly take your time to gain adequate recognition for making the profit. Social Media, on the other hand, can get your product or service go viral in no time; provided you explore the right opportunity, at right time with right people.

Remember how a newbie beard and mustache brand ‘Ustara’ stepped into the market through Facebook and quickly caught eyeballs. What it did, was that it utilized the trend among males and produced the exact product needed back then.

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Reduced Marketing Costs

On a social media platform, the only input cost you incur in the name of marketing is Digital Ad cost. And it’s funny, but seriously appreciable at the same time that you don’t even need an office to market your product. All you need is an internet connection and understanding of social media tools available on the platforms itself.


Keep your Customers Updated

Even if you are an established brand, the quickest way to get your customer fed about your latest ventures, strategies or a simple product launch, is social media. For building generic awareness about your brand, you will need a platform with relatively more number of followers, such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. If you want to publish something that represents your brand’s opinion or a press-release for your product, LinkedIn is a great way to get your message across, as more number of people prefer to read on that platform.

Facebook Lead-Ads

Lately, Facebook launched its lead generation tool for businesses called Lead-Ads. What this tool does is it lets a prospective customer fill up a form in just two taps, thereby resolving one of the biggest issues faced by businesses – getting a prospective customer to take a minute off their busy schedule to fill up the lead generation form. Lead-Ads tool can create detailed advertisements that reach only the defined users and enables the user to share their preferences in a tap, which extracts that particular user’s information stored on Facebook. This information, which is relevant for lead generation, is then handed over to business’ CRM system configured on their Facebook page. Lead-Ads is currently one of the most-used marketing tools.

Facebook Customized Audiences

Customer Retention

Retaining your customers, when competitors would do just about anything to convert them, is hard. Keeping your customers engaged by offering exclusive deals, cash-back, and discounts through your Facebook page is not only a good strategy to retain your customers; it is also an apt way to expand your customer base. Not only that, you can also keep your followers posted about upcoming exclusive or affiliate events and offer them passes or conduct ticket sales on discount, to develop more trust than ever, thus winning their loyalty.

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Why Social Media Marketing is beating Traditional Marketing

With the onset of a new generation, one has to forgo the hard and fast principles of the previous ones. Mostly for us, this applies to the world of technology as well. Social Media platforms like Orkut, MySpace have always been around us. But since the rise of Facebook in 2004, we have seen a paradigm shift in the world of marketing. This encouraged many mobile app development companies to create other potential platforms like Instagram, SnapChat etc. However, we need to remember that each and every advancement we have made in the digital marketing space relies on connectivity and is unusable in the absence of internet. So, from here on, we have two options: prepare a 24×7 consistent energy surplus or keep traditional marketing at least as a backup plan, which basically brings to square one.

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