7 Unique and Long-Term Strategies to Improve Your Brand Identity

Consumers are more likely to buy products from a brand that they recognize. What does this imply if your business does not have sufficient brand recognition? Do you interrupt customers’ buying decision process to draw their attention? That seems like an unusually radical approach, doesn’t it?

It’s better if you adopt a long-term approach. Brand building is a journey that you build upon and evolve along with your business. This is easier said than done, mainly due to the fact that long-term brand building requires a lot of planning and effort. However, if done well, you can reap amazing rewards.

Stronger brand recognition brings with it higher pricing power, reduced customer acquisition costs, and unfailing customer loyalty. It becomes easier to attract and retain the best talent, and enhance your capacity to grow associated products and services. Nobody should have to miss out on these benefits, and for that reason, we’ve brought you seven unique strategies to build a better brand.

1) Focus on Developing a Suitable Brand Identity

7 Unique and Long-Term Strategies to Improve Your Brand Identity - Point 1A business should always settle on the right name and logo. These branding decisions should coherently and authentically gel with the values of your company. Do not be afraid to take risks, and combine practicality with memorability so that your business becomes instantly recognizable to customers.

However, branding is not all about the name and the logo – it’s about the message you send to buyers as well. The most important part of branding is your website. You must be well aware of the essentials of creating a website because your brand identity is going to be broadcast into the world, and so you should check whether it is compatible with your own values.


The look and feel and wording on your website, social media materials and profiles should all match those values. Whenever you make all your images and messages congruent with your values, the world is bound to sit up and take notice.

2) Weave a Great Story to Engage Buyers

7 Unique and Long-Term Strategies to Improve Your Brand Identity - Point 2Craft a compelling story by integrating your personal details of beginning the company with the major trends that your business focuses on. Humanize the company through authentic stories; this will automatically increase sales without you even knowing it. Why? Because when you tell a good story, it enables customers to understand the journey your brand has undergone. Produce content that helps to earn links. Content should allow the client to understand where they started and where they’re heading. It also provides something interesting that you can keep repeating. After all, repetition is a must for long-term brand building.

3) Look at the Bigger Picture

7 Unique and Long-Term Strategies to Improve Your Brand Identity - Point 3Build a brand through social purpose. Your business needs to think about which skills and values can contribute to society while ensuring that the concept is economically sustainable. Spreading a positive and empowering message through your products and services can actually help you strengthen existing customer connections while establishing new relationships.

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4) Make Your Customer the Center of Attention

7 Unique and Long-Term Strategies to Improve Your Brand Identity - Point 4The brand building becomes easier when you focus on customer experience, and the designers who design those experiences should think about the different ways they can address pain points. It is always a good idea to shift your attention to areas where the customers need you the most, and then satisfy their needs. Being there for your customers how, when, and where they need you is a surefire way to gain a lot of brand recognition and loyalty in the long term.

5) Build Good Landing Pages

7 Unique and Long-Term Strategies to Improve Your Brand Identity - Point 5Relying on a third-party to market and sell your products does not make you a successful brand. Instead what you can do is drive product conversions through the use of a landing page promotion. Promotional landing pages are a bit different from regular ones, and they provide valuable information to visitors about your services and products. Build great landing pages and use them as a natural extension of your digital advertising to generate more ROI.

landing page design video

6) Create a Community

7 Unique and Long-Term Strategies to Improve Your Brand Identity - Point 6Connecting with your customers is important. Thus, you should build a community of users who are capable of contributing to the advancement and sharing of your products and services. Members of this community, for all intents and purposes, will serve as brand ambassadors who can promote and represent your business more efficiently than even you can. If you wish to scale in a reasonable and realistic timeframe, you can always look outward to get the necessary help.

Another great way to establish a community is to let your clients connect with one another and exchange information and knowledge about topics that are important to them. You can host virtual gatherings for like-minded consumers – this gives them a chance to catch-up while providing you the opportunity to create value for them via relevant networking opportunities and content-sharing.

7) Be Ready to Evolve

7 Unique and Long-Term Strategies to Improve Your Brand Identity - Point 7The different elements that make up your brand – identity, story, customer experience, communication. These needs to evolve and be constantly reinforced to achieve the mental staying power you want. You should try various combinations of strategies to create awareness and maintain customer loyalty.


Final Words

7 Unique and Long-Term Strategies to Improve Your Brand Identity - final wordsYou do not have to spend millions of dollars to build up your brand. A single great idea on a shoe-string budget is sometimes worth millions in terms of engagement and recognition. The only thing you need to do is focus on what are important, mainly your customer and their needs. You need to shape your brand identity and your story to engage them. You should use the results to build a plan that will allow you to deliver a suitable brand experience in the long-term.

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