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Here in this article, I will list and discuss on 10 most reliable and fast WordPress hosting providers. Nowadays website has become an important key factor for any businesses. Whatever you are running a small business or a big company, your business should have a website. When you decide for making a website, something always started to play in our minds. And among the huge thinking list, the one thing which really makes us worried is how to complete the whole process of making a website successful and worthful.

To build a website, WordPress is getting more and more popular every day. Currently, WordPress has over 26% market share and it is increasing daily. As a result, many web hosting providers are now providing hosting services especially optimized for WordPress. I believe the loading speed of a website is the main and the most important factor for making it presentable and successful. If you are already using WordPress as your content management system, you should choose a fast and reliable WordPress hosting to make your website more successful. And so for that, I will discuss 10 reliable and fast WordPress hosting providers who can help you to make your website run seamlessly.

1. WP Engine:


WP Engine has become a very popular WordPress web hosting provider in the current time. In brief, if I need to say about the popular web hosting provider then I must say it is very much reliable as well as a very fast hosting provider. Also, their entire team is totally dedicated to WordPress hosting and nothing else. So By relying on this service provider you can remain to worry less from any kind of malware injection. Because they provide a daily backup and malware scan to keep your website protected from any kind of malware injection and hacking. Although the WP Engine is not to be very cheap in comparison to many service providers, comparing their service and support the extra price can be very much worthwhile.

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2. InMotion Hosting:


Choosing the InMotion Hosting provider for your website will surely give you lots of advantages. First of all, their 100% US-based in-house customer support is very efficient. They are available 24/7 a day and 365 days a year. So any queries and any problems if shared with them are going to sort out very quickly. Not only this, but you will also get an option to choose the maximum speed zone and as a result of this, it will enable you to increase the loading speed of your website to your targeted audience. And moreover, if you are not satisfied with their services you will get 90 days money-back guarantee that enables you to try before you buy their packages.

3. SiteGround:


SiteGround is the most leading web hosting service provider among the rest. Their services are very secure and as well as very advanced in terms of hosting for all well-known open-source applications like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and many more like them. Their service is very effective for both the small and medium-sized WordPress websites. To know more check this SiteGround review.

4. Media Temple:


Media Temple is established in the year 1998. They are especially very well-known among the professionals and the developers out there. So if someone needs a service provider who can provide some flexibility in their services which in return can make their website very attractive and very much functional, then Media Temple is the one you are looking for. From them, you will get lots of offers which include lots of hosting options, including shared, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated, and managed WordPress. Not only this every time they provide lots of exciting discounts for their customers throughout the year, which in turn can be very beneficial for first-time customers.

5. BlueHost:


BlueHost is very popular as well as a very old web host provider. They are also officially recommended by the WordPress team to host WordPress websites. If you are looking for any service provider who is specialized in this service then BlueHost is the one to choose first. Whatever your website traffic quantity is, there will be no tension in slowing down your website. So this is really a dependable web hosting provider who also offers a free domain and free site builder along with templates.

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6. Web Hosting Hub:


Web Hosting Hub is specially designed in such a way that even small business owners can get online visibility very easily. And all this is possible due to its very easy controlling paneling system, their website building procedure and their amazing support systems for building a successful WordPress website are really appreciable. Their super reasonable pricing and value are also unbeatable and award-winning till now. So go and enjoy their super services along with their special discounts for the first time users.

7. HostGator:


If you are looking for a cheap but at the same time reliable then you must try HostGator for doing your job to be done. HostGator is very popular due to its well-known features and also for offering maximum features at such an affordable price. Moreover, you can enjoy the fastest server speed, and their uptime is also very impressive. Along with this, you can also enjoy their special discounted offers along with mind-blowing support systems.

8. DreamHost:


DreamHost is known for its money-back guarantee. Most of the time it is found that maximum to maximum 30 – 45 days of a money-back guarantee is given for their customers. But in DreamHost 97 days of a money-back guarantee is given. Other than the money-back guarantee they are also doing very well in terms of security. In DreamHost, you can also enjoy lots of exciting features in a very low-price plan. To know more check this DreamHost review.

9. InterServer:


InterServer is established in the year 1999 in New Jersey. They are well-known for their easy budget-friendly services. They have also done specialization over shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting and for also colocation solutions. So if you are looking for a specialized service provider for Share, VPS, and dedicated servers, then InterServer will definitely serve your purpose. So they can satisfy three mass of customers one those who are small scale business owners, secondly those who want to have a constant online presence, and thirdly for those who are full-time bloggers. To know more check this InterServer review.

10. A2 Hosting:


A2 Hosting has till today more than 100,000 websites, who are their customers. They have established in the year 2001, and due to their constant dedication and passion, they have created very fast goodwill in the market. They are known for their superior quality speed, their uptime speed, and last but not least there great customer support systems. In one word they are well known for providing an unlimited offer at a very reasonable price. So A2 Hosting is going to be good news for the WordPress users, because from now onwards you can enjoy super faster loading time as well as awesome security, which is as same as WP Super Cache and iThemes Security. To know more check this A2 Hosting review.

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WordPress Hosting Providers - Conclusion

The above 10 WordPress Hosting Providers are very known to those who are in the field of website making. But many of us who are not in this field, but planning to make a website for ourselves, for them this list might prove to be a little beneficiary to select the right host. Hope you will like my article and if you have any queries regarding this article please feel free to send your comments using the below comment box.

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