WorldSIM Nigma Smartwatch – Feature & Specification Review

This article will be a full product review of WorldSIM Nigma Smartwatch. WorldSIM recently introduced this smart watch with many exciting features, especially for the frequent travelers. Below I will try my best to find out more about this smartwatch and its most promising features.

1) Design & Display:

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At the very beginning when I started writing this article I could not stop myself from writing about its looking. Because this is the first thing I believe we all look at when we go for buying any wearable gadgets for ourselves. So the pleasure will be all mines if I would get the chance to highlight this point at first. So when I first looked at this particular smartwatch its outer beauty really impressed me a lot. Because especially for any smart watch this is the first time I think the looking’s really given a very much elegant as well as very formal look.

The dial shape of the smartwatch is round with a capacitive TFT LCD screen and the dimension of the dial is 54×42.5×13 mm. The screen resolution is 240×240 pixels. The overall weight of the smart watch is just 63 grams. The watch is really very lightweight to be handling in your hand.

2) Features & Technical Specifications:

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SIM Card Slot: The first technical goodness of this Nigma smartwatch is its in-built SIM card slot. The SIM slot on this smartwatch has been given the capability to support unlocked single micro SIM card. This can be very helpful to use this watch independently as a phone without pairing with your smartphone. Of course, if you wish, you can pair it along with your phone as well.

CPU & Hardware: Nigma smartwatch also has an external memory card slot that can support any micro SD card up to 32 GB. You cannot get this option even in the premium watches like Apple watch or Moto 360. The CPU of this smart watch is powered by MTK6260 and it can support Bluetooth version 3.0. It also has the Bluetooth dialer support system. This smartwatch is compatible with any Android or IOS devices with the help of Bluetooth connectivity. Unfortunately, the push notifications feature is only supported on Android devices and not supported on iOS devices. It comes with a 350 mAh battery which can be considered great if you compare it with the 250 mAh battery of Samsung Gear S2 or batteries of many other premium smart watches.

Music: You can play music on this watch by selecting the music file from the micro SD card. Or you can also play the songs from your smartphone if you have paired your phone with this watch.

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Health & Fitness: Nigma smartwatch can help you to track and monitor many of your health related goals and issues. It can track your sleeping disorders, can check the UV radiation level in the weather before going out, and can also help you to remind you about your sedentary lifestyle by reminding you not to sit at a still position for a long time.

Security: This smart watch is having anti-theft apps on it. This app can help you to protect your cell phones from getting theft, which they will do by giving you alert messages to check out your whereabouts of your phone if your phone is not at your watch side for a too long time.

Other: Many more beneficial apps are already installed there in this Nigma smartwatch that will definitely go to help you out in your daily life. This is really filled with lots of useful benefits and features that will surely make it an exciting product to try out. This smart watch is having one more easy accessible quality. That is wakening up of the screen with just flicking the wrist of your hand. This means whenever your watch becomes blackout, you can light up the screen by just shaking up your hand to make it active.

Pricing: The Nigma smartwatch is available at a price tag of US $179.99.


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As per my research and knowledge on smart watches, I can easily say that this particular watch has really great features. Inbuilt SIM card slot is the main selling point of it. Even Apple has not yet introduced SIM equipped smart watch. So definitely this is going to make a huge response among the gadgets lovers. Along with this smart watch WorldSIM also proving a free international SIM card. If you are a frequent international traveler this SIM card will surely help you to save a lot on your international roaming and call charges. Overall, the Nigma Smartwatch is an elegant looking watch packed with lots of useful features and it is definitely worth buying.

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Inbuilt SIM card slot is the main selling point of Nigma smart watch. Overall, the it is an elegant looking watch packed with lots of useful features and it is definitely worth buying.

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