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Every week a new multiplayer game is being launched in the market but it doesn’t mean gamers are giving up on their old favorite games. Minecraft is one such a masterpiece that has got a loyal player base who doesn’t want to compromise with their online gaming experience. This is where the hosting provider comes into the picture as most of the players willing to opt for their own server. Here we have written a detailed review of a very famous hosting provider, ScalaCube who mainly focuses on the Minecraft server.

Main Features Offered by ScalaCube Minecraft Server Hosting

Let’s find out the most important features offered by ScalaCube Minecraft hosting:


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1. Easy Navigation:

number-rank-rating-point-order-1Navigation is one of the most important aspects when it comes to user experience and ScalaCube has done a fantastic job in this front. The entire website looks very appealing yet simple and you will find it extremely convenient to navigate. ScalaCube is extremely transparent when it comes to features and pricing. It doesn’t hide anything from users which most of the other companies do to facilitate the checkout process.

2. Complete Access to the Files:

number-rank-rating-point-order-2All the servers of the ScalaCube Minecraft hosting feature Ubuntu 18.04. It is recognized as one of the highly stable and strong Linux distributions. Customers will get ROOT access to the main server that will help them to monitor the server through the command line. Above all, customers are also allowed to access some other services like MySQL. They can easily get connected through FTP which will allow them to transfer files with the utmost ease.

3. Plugin and MOD Support:

number-rank-rating-point-order-3ScalaCube Minecraft lets you install some of the highly famous Modpacks that include StoneBlock, FTB Infinity, SkyFactory, and several others. Users also get plugin support and they have the luxury to use any plugin which is available through Bukkit, Spigot, Sponge, and Paper.

4. A plethora of Applications:

number-rank-rating-point-order-4The amazing control panel of ScalaCube Minecraft lets you control the wide range of apps and services without the need of paying any charges. Users will also get access to SSH and FTP servers. Besides this, they can use PHPMyAdmin, MySQL, Apache, and many other tools under hosting services offered by ScalaCube Minecraft.

5. Low Ping Time:

number-rank-rating-point-order-5When it comes to online gaming, ping time is a very crucial factor. ScalaCube Minecraft offers you complete access to a wide range of locations across the globe and users have a choice to select location very close to them. This not only controls ping time but also offer you better latency. Eventually, this lets you quick access to the server and you can get an amazing gameplay experience.

6. Easy Backups:

number-rank-rating-point-order-6Sometimes users spent a huge amount of time modding the servers and it may die because some of uncontrollable reasons. This is exactly where the intelligence of the ScalaCube Minecraft server comes into the picture and it lets you start from where you have left. Backups are taken on a regular basis and users can restore their server by accessing these backups whenever they need it.

7. Subdomain without any additional cost:

number-rank-rating-point-order-7Every server offered by ScalaCube Minecraft has its own free subdomain. This makes it extremely convenient for your customers to access your main sever without any hiccups. In case, you have any specific domain or you wish to purchase a fresh one from ScalaCube Minecraft then you can do so by informing their customer support.

8. DDoS Protection:

number-rank-rating-point-order-8Every user wants his server to remain active no matter what the situation is. This is where DDoS Protection of ScalaCube Minecraft comes into the picture. They track all the DDoS attacks proactively and take immediate steps to control every single attack. So even if somebody is sending DDoS attacks to your server regularly, nothing will go offline. ScalaCube Minecraft server even looks after minute attacks that may harm the performance of your server and it makes sure things are running exactly the way they were running before.

9. Peerless Customer Support:

number-rank-rating-point-order-9ScalaCube Minecraft boasts about the highly professional, well trained, and experienced staff. They look after customer issues very seriously. Users get live chat support which is available 24 hours a day. The chat support doesn’t go down even on holidays and weekends. It doesn’t matter what issues you are facing, the dedicated team of ScalaCube Minecraft will leave no stone unturned to resolve your queries in quick time.

ScalaCube has also offered enough content for people who are willing to opt for self-help. In the support section, you can discover several articles and guides that will make you acquainted with a wide range of topics. It is highly recommended to go through the video tutorials of ScalaCube that guide you through the steps of mods and plugin installation to make the setup process extremely convenient for users.

10. Quick Installation:

number-rank-rating-point-order-10ScalaCube Minecraft offers a very simple and single-click installation of more than a thousand different Modpacks. Users can install the setup within one click. The whole list of servers offered by ScalaCube Minecraft is very extensive and you can check out all names on their home page.

ScalaCube allows you to select amongst HDD and quick SSD storage. It also offers limitless traffic support without any disruption. Subscribers will get a guarantee of 99.9% availability which is more than what the industry average is.

11. Custom Control Panel:

number-rank-rating-point-order-11Once an individual purchases his dedicated server, he will have the luxury to control everything from a custom control panel. In case, you are new to this kind of hosting, you may get perplexed for the initial time. However, after spending some quality time on the control panel, you will get well versed with all the features and tooltips available on a control panel. A pre-configured website is also available to make things simple for you and the only thing you have to do is add content and get going.

Other Features of ScalaCube Minecraft Server Hosting


With ScalaCube Minecraft, you can avail of different kinds of servers and limitless slots on a single VPS server. All the VPS servers come with diverse kinds of resources that include disk space, CPU, and memory. The incredible servers of ScalaCube Minecraft support any number of players and the only thing you need is good CPU power and sufficient RAM. Though the number varies according to the mods and plugins installed, you always get more than what you expect from hosting services of Minecraft Server.

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An Access to Forum & Website


ScalaCube Minecraft hosting also offers a well-configured website as well as a dedicated forum that lets you monitor different online players on the server. Users can also replace them with their own players through FTP.

How to create your dedicated ScalaCube Minecraft Launcher?


ScalaCube also lets you create your dedicated Minecraft launcher using the control panel:

  • Users can develop their own launcher using custom forge servers.
  • They can also alter the design of launcher through a highly customized platform.
  • Users can also edit the entire servers list along with the mods present in every server.
  • You can allow your players to connect to the server via launcher very easily. The launcher will automatically download all essential files along with players to the respective server.

Facility to Test Different Server Locations


ScalaCube Minecraft brags about lowest ping and it even allows you to test servers for different locations. They have offered Test Server IPs for different locations such as Australia, UK, Europe, North America, and many more.

Plans, Pricing & Refund Policy

scalacube-logoScalaCube Minecraft offers plans for a specific region and you have an option to choose your currency from the dropdown menu feature available on the pricing page.

There are around 9 plans available for different regions that vary according to RAM size and number of slots. You will get a 50% discount for the first month on all the plans. The cheapest plan comes with 10 slots, 10 GB SSD Storage at a price of $2.5 per month. While the premium plan comes with 600 slots, 320 GB SSD Storage at a price of $96 per month. For all the plans, limitless numbers of game servers are allowed to install on a single VPS server.

ScalaCube doesn’t put any restrictions on the number of players who can participate on the server in one go.

The purchases made at ScalaCube Minecraft are final and there is no money-back guarantee. When it comes to auto-renewals, a 100% refund is possible only when you claim the refund within one day after the renewal payment is processed.

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The Bottom Line

ScalaCube Minecraft Server Hosting Review - conclusion

ScalaCube is highly recognized for the most reliable and quick servers. No wonder, you will find prices of its plan bit above that of the market average. Taking into consideration the feedback given by most of the existing customers of ScalaCube on social media and forums, there is hardly any downtime at ScalaCube. It definitely excels in terms of performance parameters as it utilizes high-end technology to leverage its servers. You can’t doubt the service of ScalaCube and it is one of the important aspects that separate it from other players in the market.

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ScalaCube is highly recognized for the most reliable and quick servers. Taking into consideration the feedback given by most of the existing customers of ScalaCube on social media and forums, there is hardly any downtime at ScalaCube.

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