5 Best Cloud Computing Services You Can Trust

Whether you’re a business on the rise or someone who’s tech savvy, chances are you’ve encountered a situation where your hardware capacity held you back.

It’s a problem that’s all too common in the tech world even though it really shouldn’t be. You might be wondering why this is the case.

All it seems logical that when you buy a disk you can only store as much data as it can hold, right?

Well not quite!

Thanks to advancements in technology there’s actually a solution to overcome these hardware limitations regardless of whether they’re on a large scale.

Now here come the best cloud computing services – productive and scalable resources that let deal with space limits, budgetary shortages, or device deliverance troubles.

Nevertheless, the availability of several options there makes it difficult to decide on which particular cloud computing provider to go for. There are many platforms from Gcore Cloud to AWS Cloud and beyond that provide more-or-less the same services. Which ones truly stand out?

In this article, we’ll show you the 5 securest cloud computing services today. With that, let’s go!

1. Gcore Cloud

Gcore Cloud services screenshot

No doubt Gcore Cloud is the best service. These are versatile cloud services provided by Gcore, a company which specializes in cloud solutions, content delivery networks, global hosting, and edge computing.

Gcore is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and was established in 2014. They have formidable computing resources with more than 25 locations across the world, and a service that enables businesses to deploy their services in minutes, sometimes taking only 15 minutes. It comes with Edge Computing, CDN, and advanced security tools!

Mainly, the services attract the most common clients from every part of the business world. They use their AI-based service for every business need – from finance and manufacturing to healthcare and scientific research.


Infrastructure Scalability: Through Gcore, any user can deploy applications or upgrade their business infrastructure on demand. Gcore stands out with their very interesting scalability features.
Affordable Hosting: Gcore Cloud gives and enables aid in development; projects can be completed much faster and with smaller expenses.
AI and ML Capabilities: Do your businesses want AI in various sectors? Gcore Cloud delivers IPU-based AI cloud designed to be included by businesses in any sector they would need. In other words, they pave the way for integrating machine learning when local resources fail.


Cost-Effectiveness: Gcore is also comparatively cheaper than other available alternatives. However, this reduced cost should not make you think that they are a poor service. Instead, they ensure reliability in the provision with the cost-effective solution.
Security: Even when focus on security is overlooked more than ever, Gcore Cloud is totally safe and a 100% secure service!
Worldwide Reach: Many companies at the international level are connected to Gcore Cloud. This is beneficial to businesses seeking international expansion.


Competitiveness: All in all, Gcore is not the most demanded service and often stays under the shadow of other services from the list mentioned below. However, we believe in their ability and in their features.

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2. AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Amazon Web Services AWS Cloud Computing screenshot

One of the most popular solutions is AWS (i.e., Amazon Web Services). They have provided an excellent solution which is cost-effective, adjustable, and usable in multiple types of businesses.

Remembering that this is an Amazon product, you wouldn’t be surprised by their security and reliability. That is simply because of their worldwide network of data centers for redundancy and availability.

They have been an excellent service for startups and established enterprises to tune their systems down with the cost.


Flexibility: The flexibility of AWS enables businesses to customize required resources to specific technologies and needs.
Scalability: Through AWS, users are able to scale resources up or down as they demand at that particular time.
Comprehensive Features: Thus, they are not just any ordinary cloud server service. AWS offers more than 200 functional features like computing, analytics, databases, and containers.


Versatile Selection of Services: With AWS, you choose the right software, infrastructure, and tools for your requirements. It is this versatility that makes AWS applicable across all sorts of workloads and applications.
Reliability and Scalability: You can easily push up your cloud computing requirements with AWS without compromising on the reliability.
Ecosystem and Community: You’re not only getting AWS, but also their partners, developers, and third-party tools. A lot of times, the value of these bonuses is much more than your initial investment.


Costly Support: The biggest problem with AWS is that they are a big company. This implies that if you need responsive support with special treatment, then the cost would be very high.

3. Google Cloud

Google Cloud Computing Services screenshot

Google Cloud is perhaps the most popular service. One of the best cloud computing platforms with an array of solutions and services such as storage, computing, machine learning, data analytics, and others.

Being a Google service, it is most preferred by businesses that are looking for scalable and cutting-edge solutions.

For this reason, with their robust capability around machine learning and data analytics, Google Cloud has become the preferred choice for organizations inclined to data-driven decision-making.

Its security and reliability are also to be praised. With this and Google’s environmentally friendly practices and data centers, it is a win-win for any organization to choose Google Cloud.

Generally, Google Cloud is a platform enabling revolutionary technology and offering sustainability to businesses of any kind and size.


Virtual Machine Live Migration: Google Cloud, as evidenced by live migration capability to migrate virtual machines without preceding downtime.
Machine Type Customization: Google Cloud allows the user to customize their configurations of virtual machines. For example, they can tune memory and CPU resources using the available options that best suit them.
Robust Compute Engine: This is a quality Google Cloud solution that makes managing and running virtual machines easier than ever.


Accessibility and Usability: The services provided by Google Cloud are very simple to use. They are making it easy and smooth for all.
Innovativeness: For instance, Google exhibits its innovation capacity through the incorporation of AI and machine learning capabilities.
Security Features: Google knows more than anything that security is most important. Google Cloud being a secured service makes sense, with so many changes to terms of policy and privacy and policies for their own will, as well as by USA regulation.


Support Cost: As is the case with AWS, there are additional costs for premium customer support. Due to the high demand associated with the brand Google, it comes with additional prices.

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4. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Services screenshot

Microsoft Azure, the top provider of cloud computing services that can support hybrid cloud, brings any business need to integrated cloud solutions.

Firstly, it makes companies more productive straight away when they start using their service which combined with its superb flexibility that makes you realize why they are on our list. They do not play around with security and give companies quick access to their data while applying stringent multi-level verification.

Computing power is an even lesser concern since they offer a framework that might suit perfectly well with any kind of Windows Server workload. They acted as a sting of great innovativeness that affected the view of technology, in both firms and the real world, and did really change the way.


Azure Synapse Analytics: It was formerly called SQL Data Warehouse and presents amazing analytics and warehousing tools.
Azure DevOps: It is an ongoing evolution and release. This well-known tool enables the incorporation of additional functionalities into software upon request from a client.
Azure DevSecOps: A DevOps Extension with more focus on Security.


Service Speed: By combining Azure’s quick integration and its fast service you get a service that is easily tailored to suit customers’ needs, regardless of what they may be.
Good Flexibility: Just as with other services offered on this list, you get a highly flexible service in terms of integration, upgrading, and functionality with Azure.


User Experience and Limited Consistency: It is quite impossible to keep all the services up to date; sometimes, even if only a few people use it, the company stops supporting a certain feature.

5. IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud Computing Services screenshot

IBM Cloud combines Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). This is a wonderful business that understands how to derive power from cloud computing and integrate it into critical and complex business infrastructures.

They boast of providing an affordable and scalable solution that enhances employee productivity and facilitates future expansion. For instance, they enable numerous cloud services such as IBM Watson, the speech to text conversion service.

IBM Cloud and Red Hat collaborate to provide industry-leading cloud and AI solutions with emphasis on security, scalability, and innovation.


Hybrid Cloud: IBM Cloud is committed to using whatever it can by combining cloud servers and client hardware for more server power.
AI and ML: IBM Cloud has good AI and machine learning capabilities to offer their customers.


High Availability: High availability and being a redundant service is what defines IBM’s Cloud. This reduces downtime and guarantees continuity of service.
Data Management: It offers sophisticated data management capacities to cope with huge amounts of data.


Limited Global Availability: They are also not as popular as a cloud service and thus, less distributed worldwide. This gives room for the possibility of some latency problems.

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Best Cloud Computing Services You Can Trust: Conclusion.

There are numerous solutions available to ensure that you add Cloud computing to your home or business.

Still, we consider Gcore Cloud our first pick, even though they are a smaller company as compared to others. What differentiates them from the other services is that they can offer better customer service while at the same time embracing customer care in terms of quality like other services on this list.

Cloud computing has come a long way, and it is bound to grow further into the future; thereby making its integration into your business can be crucial to give you an important competitive advantage.

Disclosure: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; this means each time you make a purchase, we get a small commission. However, the input we produce is reliable; we always handpick and review all information before publishing it on our website. We can ensure you will always get genuine as well as valuable knowledge and resources.
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