Unique Tips to Incorporate YouTube Ads in Your Marketing Strategy

YouTube is one of the most valuable platforms with vast and influential targeting capabilities. The second-most popular website after Google, YouTube draws around 2 billion visitors a month. This platform is great for driving engagement and creating market value. It is a great marketing channel and gives users low-friction conversions.

However, brand advertising on YouTube is not an easy feat. Creating YouTube Ads for your intended audience is an art and it takes a lot to become an artist.

Looking forward to infusing YouTube Ads your business in your Marketing Strategy and wondering where to start from? Scroll down the page and have a rundown of the best tips & tricks to make your YouTube Ads profitable.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!!

A Quick Guide to the Types of YouTube Ads


Before jumping into the YouTube Ad creating process, let’s talk about different formats and how advertisers can use them to achieve positive outcomes.

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Bumper Ads

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A six-second, non-skippable ad that plays right before the video, Bumper Advertisements is an ultimate choice for those who want to deliver the message without taking much hassle. Such ads are great for creating brand awareness and for promoting the event.

It creates a lasting impact and gets into the viewers’ minds with few flashy shots and a small spoken line. According to Google, around 90% of such bumper ads create a big lift in ad recall.

Non-Video Ads

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Wish to promote your brand but aren’t looking to shell out a big spend? If yes, then these non-video ads might be the ideal choice for you. This format simply features an image, a small text on the right-hand side when the video is playing and a button to reach your website.

It acts as a banner ad overlay that appears during a video from the channel that decided to monetize the same.

Discovery Ads

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Discovery Ads are identical to Google Search Ads and mostly appear among the search outcomes in a semi-organic way. Like Google Text Ads, these also come with an indication of ‘Ad’. It let users know that they are paid for results.

These are composed of three lines of text and a thumbnail image. It is a type of TrueView Ad because people actively choose to watch them.

Skippable Video Ads

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Skippable YouTube Ads play either before or during the video. It plays for 5 seconds and thereafter gives viewers the option to skip the same by hitting the “Skip Ad” button. According to Google specifications, a video ad must be of minimum 12 seconds and it is recommended to keep it under 3 minutes.

The major benefit of using this format is that you will be charged only when a person views your ad for at least 30 seconds. The good part here is if the user skips the ad, the banner still remains in place.

Non-Skippable In-Stream Video Ads

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It is just like the previous one with the sole difference that it doesn’t allow the users to skip the ad in between. A study reveals that around 76% of YouTube users usually skip the ad when they get this option and, therefore, non-skippable ads are a great way when a brand really needs awareness. For this kind of YouTube Ads, charges are according to per impression, say 1000 views.

Effective Tips to Create Worthwhile YouTube Ads


Here are some of the key points one must take into account while creating YouTube Ads for your business. Let’s get started!!

1. Redefine your brand territory


With 400 hours of new content uploaded to YouTube every minute, it is back-breaking to stand out among the competition. Marketers need to begin with defining your brand territory in which you can win.

Determine what your brand stands for, find the point where your brand overlaps the audience’s interest and bring something out-of-the-box to earn your customer’s loyalty.

There are several tools with the help of which you can analyze what exactly your audience cares about the most. Make use of YouTube Analytics, YouTube Trends Dashboard, Google Surveys, Brand Lift, etc, and gain deep insight into the customer’s interest.

2. Make your YouTube Ads Meaningful


All your efforts invested in creating a YouTube Ad will go in vain if it doesn’t make any sense to the audience. Keep in mind the fact that no one likes to watch long and boring advertisements and, therefore, you need to create a memorable video with meaningful content.

Try to come up with a story that can engage the customers and get them hooked until the ad finishes. If you have a desire to leave a long-lasting impression, then go for a throat and say the story that takes a risk.

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3. Select your YouTube Ad Format Wisely


The format is yet another important thing to keep in mind while creating the YouTube ad. From bumper to skippable to display to sponsored cards, there is a variety of ads format available to choose from. Check what kind of format suits your marketing needs and make a choice accordingly.

Understand your brand’s objective, consider the target audience, and only then select the YouTube ad format wisely. For instance, if you are looking forward to creating brand awareness, then go for the Discovery ads; however, if you are more into generating leads to your website, then it might make sense to use the Sponsored Ads.

Invest in market research to understand the format that can help you in achieving the business objectives. Make sure to follow the specifications outlined by Google to ensure the quality match-up.

4. Don’t forget to include an element of surprise


Want to stay ahead of your competitors by creating a meaningful and exciting YouTube Ad? Well, in this case, don’t forget to add a dash of surprise.

Let’s be honest, most of the ads are predictable and therefore, they make little or no impression at all. This is because marketers are suggested to come up with a fun and surprising element that can keep the viewer engaged throughout the end and leaves them spellbound.

Keep in mind the fact that if you will not add any creativity to your advertisements, then nobody is going to watch them. Also, low-quality ads tend users to stop ads on YouTube to halt the interruption. This will adversely hinder your marketing strategy and leaves you barehanded.

Try to break the monotony by adding a catch to your video and blow the audience’s mind on the go.


5. Incorporate both Visual and Auditory Components


Ads that tug at the audience’s heartstrings are always impactful and memorable. Creating such ads is surely a time-consuming and challenging task for marketers but the impression they create on the viewers’ minds is totally worth the efforts.

A video ad is a different ball game and provides you the chance to connect with your audience effortlessly. Try to incorporate both visual and auditory components to capture the attention of the targeted audience. Adding people and creating a relevant experience that feels native and natural is what you should target.

Well, you are in luck as we humans have a myriad of emotional triggers. Just pick the one you want to evoke and create an engaging story around the same. Simple, isn’t it?

6. Be Critical About the Resources Required


So, you have finally decided to incorporate YouTube Ads in your marketing strategy, but have you thought about the resources required? Whether you are intended to create a high-quality video or attention-grabbing ‘magical’ moments around the event, productions experts and a good budget is required to achieve the objective.

Try to create videos according to the resources you have in store to make the most of the same. Determine whether you can go for a series of advertisements that keeps people coming back for more or opt for the one-off video that delivers your message with a quick impactful hit.

7. Do not underestimate the influence of Nostalgia


There is denying the fact that people have an emotional connection with their past and they always enjoy reminiscing on it. Therefore, it would be recommended to infuse your videos with the blast of their past and triggers their emotions so that they can feel more favorably towards your products.

Marketers should consider the past cultural trends, age, gender, and demographics to find out what exactly brings forth their nostalgia and create content accordingly.

8. Keep Your Ads Short and Crisp


Last but not least, try to come up with a short and crisp ad with relatable content. Look, no one loves to watch those long and time-consuming advertisements with the same predictable story. Therefore, it is better to clock them in between 15 and 60 seconds and show your brand in action.

In addition to this, make your ads action-oriented and tell your viewers what you want them to do.

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The Bottom Line


So, there you have it!! Infuse these useful tips to curate exciting and memorable YouTube Ads and take your business to unmatched heights of success.

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