YouTube Mid-Roll Ad Breaks are Now Available in Shorter Videos

Tired of viewing the extended clips and bloating content at the end of the video? Fret not like the new mid-roll ad break policy by YouTube has got you covered.

Gone are those days when long videos used to enjoy the ad benefits the most. With the introduction of the YouTube Monetization policy, tables have now been turned and shorter videos are all set to reap the advantages.

Don’t get surprised if you soon start observing that publisher’s videos are getting shorter day-by-day as this is all because of YouTube’s latest mid-roll breaks strategy.

Nobody has enough time to watch those long informational videos. Keeping the audience’s concern in mind, YouTube has decided to offer exceptional advantages to the shorter videos. Now, YouTube publishers can enjoy the benefits of Mid-Roll Ad by reducing their video length between 8 – 10 minutes. All those videos that exceed the threshold of 8 minutes can avail this feature hassle-free.

Content Creators on YouTube have welcomed this news with open arms and took it as an opportunity. Now, there is no need to extend the duration of the video just to get the ad benefits.

But have you thought about why this change has been done and is it worthy or not? To eradicate your dilemma, scroll down the page and get updated with every single fact associated with the same here.

Why YouTube has Upgraded the Monetization Policy?


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To Enhance the Quality


This change is mainly rolled out by YouTube to remove the unwanted content that publishers are adding forcefully just to reap the advantage of mid-roll ad breaks.

Publishers usually infuse unnecessary information in their video just to ensure that it qualifies to carry mid-roll ads. But this greatly influences their quality and in turn, annoys the viewers.

In order to overcome this situation, YouTube has modified the existing advertisement strategy by qualifying all those videos that cross that 8 to 10-minute limit are eligible to enjoy mid-roll ad breaks.

Let’s be honest, chopping off the length multiplies the quality of the videos leveraging mid-rolls by tenfolds. Nobody likes to view the filler content that creators usually ad to qualify for carrying the ads. Therefore, it is not just advantageous for video publishers but also for the viewers as well.

According to one video publisher on YouTube, “A 20% decrease in the total content you need to create is of little importance”. The change is attempted to maintain the quality and to engage the viewers. If the creator compromises the quality of the video, it somewhere affects the overall marketing network of YouTube; and this is something that cannot be overlooked.

To Effectively Implement the Marketing Strategy

On top of this, the new monetization policy is also beneficial for the business owners as well who use YouTube marketing strategy to promote their brand awareness. Earlier, these ads used to be applied on longer videos of 10 minutes or more. Also, there are ways for end-users to stop ads on YouTube to prevent themselves from viewing interruption. This directly impacts the marketing strategy and makes them unable to generate leads and conversions.

Therefore, YouTube has revised its mid-roll ad break strategy and encourages the content creators to produce short yet knowledgeable videos to attract more and more viewers.

To Generate the Revenue

Yet another reason to roll out this update is to stop the users from skipping the ads. Since the timeline of the YouTube displays where the ad is placed, viewers usually expect that the content after the ad is filler and thus stop watching the video before the mid-roll ad plays. This simply cuts down the revenue that would have generated for YouTube and Video Maker.

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Final Words


According to one content publisher, “The addition of the mid-rolls can enhance the revenue generated on the video by 50%”. This figure also depends on the number of mid-rolls inserted in the video.

YouTube is adding mid-roll ad breaks in shorter videos in order to avoid the fillers. It allows the publishers to manually slot the ads in their video and never limits the number of ads. However, this must not be placed too frequently as it annoys the viewers and will greatly impact your revenue.

So, keep an eye on the video duration and try to come up with interesting and short content to engage the viewers.

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