Netflix vs YouTube: Which One is the Best Streaming Service?

We all love watching movies and our favorite shows, but what if we don’t come back home on time? Or what if we get stuck with some of the stuff at home? TV channels won’t wait for us! One solution is that we buy a DVD or CD to watch shows at our feasible time, but that too will take a lot of our precious time to go to the shop and buy the DVDs. So, what could be done? If we don’t have CDs or DVDs or we can’t manage the time? This is the time when YouTube and Netflix make our favorite shows, and movies available for us at a convenient time.

The only question is which one is better? YouTube or Netflix? If both are good for streaming, which one should we use? Let’s analyze both of them one by one:

YouTube – a Brief Intro:


YouTube has been a part of our lives since February 2005. Thanks to Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim for giving us YouTube.

Google has bought the website within one year of its existence in 2006, and since then, YouTube has been operating as Google’s subsidiary. YouTube has over 1.3 million active users at the moment, and the number of users is continuously increasing.

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Pros of using YouTube:


Let’s see what benefits YouTube has to offer:

  • The main advantage of using YouTube is that it is entirely free of cost. You do not have to pay a single penny to use YouTube. You just need an internet connection and you are good to go. YouTube has launched a new feature where you can download your favorite shows and watch them later, with or without the internet.
  • YouTube is not just good for streaming; your business can have a boost if you use YouTube for business purposes.
  • If you use YouTube for marketing, Google will happily show you if people search for related content. Remember, it is not only the people who love watching videos, Google also loves videos too.
  • YouTube allows you to connect with people around the Globe. You share your content and without any restrictions on geographical boundaries, people all around the world can get access to your content. YouTube can make you famous overnight!

Cons of using YouTube:


Nothing comes without having a little disadvantage. Let’s see what YouTube has in place for us:

  • YouTube offers free comments for all. So, even if your content is good, haters are going to hate it anyway!
  • YouTube has uncensored videos, which can be bad for the younger generation.
  • Controversial programs are sometimes shown which might hurt peoples’ beliefs.
  • Commercials sometimes irritate people. People want to enjoy their favorite shows without any disturbance.
  • In order to enjoy YouTube Originals, you’ll have to subscribe to YouTube Red.

Why Is YouTube Blocked?


YouTube is loved by billions of people who use it to watch all types of content, from funny videos to TV shows and much more. Some people also upload their own videos. Still, due to many reasons, censorship on YouTube stills exists in many parts of the world. The reason behind this is that much content on YouTube had been uploaded in the past that insults or criticizes any government officials or directly targets any religion in different ways.

Many countries have strict policies which clearly state that any content which will directly or indirectly affect a country’s government, growth, or individual will be banned. That is the reason why YouTube got permanently or temporarily banned in many countries.  Below is a list of countries where YouTube is or was banned due to the same reasons:

  • Iran.
  • Pakistan.
  • China.
  • North Korea.
  • Turkey.
  • Vietnam.

Netflix – a Brief Intro:


Did you know Netflix has been entertaining us since 1997? Netflix is an American service provider and production house, with its headquarters in Los Gatos. Netflix is owned by Reed Hastings and Morgan Stanley. It charges a subscription fee monthly from its viewers and provides them access to thousands of great TV shows and movies without any ads.

Initially, the list of TV shows and movies was provided by partners, however, now Netflix has also started launching its own original content. Some of its most popular Netflix originals include House of Cards, Peaky Blinders, Sacred Games, and Narcos.

With 151 million subscribers and 6.56 million users on trial, Netflix is the 7th largest internet company by revenue (the US alone amounting to up to forty percent of the total).

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Pros of using Netflix:

smart tv online streaming movie video
  • First things first, Netflix originals have made a special place in our hearts. From 13 reasons why to How to get away with murder, every show is interesting. Each series launches a season every now and then to keep the viewers attracted and entertained.
  • You don’t have to worry about commercials disturbing you. The content provided by Netflix is completely ad-free.
  • You can download the programs and then watch them at your convenience. This means if you are at a place where you can access a WIFI then you can watch the content downloaded previously and enjoy your favorite shows.
  • There are different payment plans for different users, you can easily select the plan that suits you the best. Multiple people can stream at the same time according to the plan you choose.
  • High-quality content is provided.

Cons of using Netflix:


Like YouTube, Netflix has some disadvantages. Let’s have a look at that:

  • It is not free. Though the amount is not so much, you still have to pay for the subscription. And the less you pay the fewer screens can work simultaneously.
  • Netflix does have its original shows and stuff, but the choice of the shows depends on your geographical location. If you don’t live in the USA, you’ll have to use the best Netflix VPN to enjoy content exclusively available on Netflix US.
  • Netflix can’t be used for commercial purposes. It is used solely for your entertainment.
  • Even though all the content available is high quality, the new content takes time to be uploaded. It makes the library old and uninteresting.

Best Shows on Netflix:


From documentary series like The Keepers to favorite shows like friends, peaky blinders, and many more, read below to find the best series available currently on Netflix.

  • Stranger Things.
  • Peaky Blinders.
  • Animal Kingdom.
  • The 100.
  • Friends.
  • Money Heist.
  • You.
  • Black Mirror.
  • Narcos.
  • Lucifer.
  • SUITS.
  • 13 Reasons Why.

How to Access Netflix In Different Locations?


If you are traveling to a place where Netflix is not available then you don’t have to worry. We have the best solutions for you. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps you to select the best server via which you wish to access the Internet. You can also choose a server in the UK, USA, or India.

To all those who view your IP address when you are using the VPN, it will view as if you are from another location. They won’t find who you actually are. Other benefits of using a VPN are listed below:

  • Hide your online activity from government observation.
  • Access and stream with torrents and P2P anonymously.
  • Escape speed throttling by local internet providers.
  • Access geo-blocked content and sports in other places on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, and in the US.

There are many different VPNs available around the market but you will have to choose the best to stream with security and speeds. There are also free VPS however they will never provide you with the best services. Below is a list of the best 5 VPNs which will make your streaming experience the best:

  1. ExpressVPN – Excellent speed.
  2. PureVPN – 24/7 customer support.
  3. NordVPN – Highly secured.
  4. IPVanish – Most popular.
  5. Atlas VPN – Privacy-focused.
  6. SurfShark – unlimited connections.

Netflix vs YouTube:


Though YouTube is a clear winner in the number of users they currently have, the service is no match for the quality of entertainment Netflix has to offer. In addition, Netflix lets you enjoy all their movies, and shows documentaries at a pretty reasonable price. So, if you ask me, I’d say that you should enjoy YouTube for all the free stuff. When it comes to spending money, Netflix is the service you should consider.

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Concluding Statement:


The two best streaming websites compete with each other. Sometimes, it gets difficult to choose between them. The secret is to choose the one which best suits your requirement because both are equally good and both have flaws too. So, if you are comfortable using YouTube, it is perfect. If you are using Netflix, it is awesome! So, which one would you prefer and why? Let us know in the comments section below. Feel free to add up any other pros and cons related to YouTube or Netflix too.

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