6 Effective SEO Strategies for Online Fashion Retailers for 2019

Fashion has become a lifestyle these days. People want to know all about the latest trends and the new lines for the season. With the increased demand for fashion, we now see a tremendous amount of online retail stores competing against each other, offering dresses with all accessories, summing up a complete package. There is a crazy number of retailers floating all over the internet, making up strategies to be seen and heard. Companies often pay a lot to find an SEO expert in order to be on the top.

So now what actually is SEO? SEO is basically a Search Engine Optimization technique that has proved to be effective in so many ways for online stores. Using SEO, a company can increase its visitors and help customers look for the items they want to find by appearing first on the search engines.

SEO is one of the costly techniques as it is effective in so many ways and offers a good amount of ROI to the businesses. With this article, we intend to provide you tips to spend less on SEO and ways how you can actually perform SEO yourself.

Research Keywords with Latest or Upcoming Trends


Choosing keywords is a make or break point for your company. There are tons of keywords up there, ready to be taken by the companies but are they relevant to your offering? Or the latest trend? Yes, that’s the question you need to answer. Keywords can be chosen from a list of websites like Google AdWords or WebCEO’s keyword suggestion but it has to go with your offerings and the trends you are setting for the upcoming season.

Moreover, your keywords need to be long-tail instead of short-tail. Picking up a keyword “dresses for girls” might be used in tons of websites but if you go for more specifics such as “pretty dresses for girls” might add a little more difference to your content, converting in more chances for your website to be founded.

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Attractive Images with Catchy Dimensions

Fashion Retailers SEO Strategies - Perfect Picture to Your Content

That’s right! If there’s one thing that a customer really wants while shopping online, that’s the picture of the dress they are buying. Now we see many websites putting up all kinds of pictures on their websites but do all of them capture our attention? No!

We do need to put up eye catchy pictures of the offerings with appropriate dimensions and funky colors or maybe the right colors to make it more likable. Half of the interest is developed looking at pictures of models wearing that dress you want to buy. So, take notes people, always go for some good quality creativity when it comes to pictures.

Content is the KING

Fashion Retailers SEO Strategies - Content is King

Picking up keywords won’t make you secure a permanent place in the online world. Keywords are just a gateway for the customers to enter into your website but in order to keep them engrossed, you have to create amazing content. Content is another make or break factor and plays an important part in delivering the message to the right audience. Therefore, you need to ensure that the content you post on your website is interesting yet catchy and fun to read.

Categorize Your Products

Fashion Retailers SEO Strategies - Product Categorization

Now let’s talk about Keyword Cannibalization. The term refers to the fact when websites take the same keyword, and search engines face major problems showing the results. This is a common problem that occurs in SEO but what happens if you are the cannibal of your own website? Sounds strange right? Yes, that can happen!

Many companies make different pages for each of their product and are left with less identifiable words hence, putting up one keyword on both pages. Therefore, it’s always better to make categories of all your products. If you have different pairs of boots, put them all on one page and save different content for those flashy heels you have lined up for the upcoming season.

Web Analytics Tools to Track user Activities


Sales aren’t the only metric you use to measure the success of your website or is it? That’s something you need to ask yourself. Now if it’s an online retail store, of course, sales would be the number one metric but we do believe websites need to be improved with time or it would lack the latest trends you know you could incorporate!

It’s always better to use tools such as Google Analytics or heat map trackers to know the latest trends of your customers and the actions they performed on your website. You can use this information to incorporate relevant changes on your website based on the findings from these tools.

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Back Linking other Websites

link building config setting

Last but not least, backlink your content with the links of the other websites so you can grow together yet faster. Reach out to bloggers, link their content so they can link yours to make it more noticeable to the relevant audience.

Just creating a website is not enough. It takes a lot of effort to run it and gain traffic. Once people start to use your website, only then you have achieved your goal.

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