Top Security Tips for Your WordPress Site from the DDoS Attack

WordPress has remained a wonderful platform since its’ establishment in 2003. But, with advancement in technologies, the security of the WordPress is becoming a matter of concern for every WordPress enthusiast as well as the WordPress site owners. The core WordPress installation is not only easy to use but also likely to be secure. But the more you add up the themes, plugins and custom codes to the WordPress website, the website becomes more concentrated towards hacking. Along with the increase in the number of its’ users, it is more likely to be hacked.

But, when talking about the DDoS attack, the WordPress is not the only platform that can be easily hacked. If you have been in the online business, the term DDoS might not be a new term for you. DDoS, abbreviated as Distributed Denial of Service is the attack in which the web services are put out of order by sending loads of requests to the victim’s server. The DDoS is a method through which the attacker sends traffic through various networks to a single target. This makes the targeted system stop responding the other requests. This is one of the dangerous attacks that can be done on a site to destroy the working of the entire website.

Here you will find certain revolutionary methods that should be used to lower the effects of the DDoS attack. Many a time, a small DDoS attack can be overridden easily.

Switches and Routers

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With the increasing advanced technologies, the switches and routers are becoming so equipped with software that is capable of rate-limiting. With the help of these smart switches and routers, the network hardware will be able to find out the non-working IPs which send the fake requests. Once finding them, you can block them from ruining the system further.

But, if you are not provided the access for investing in the networking hardware. In such situation, you can go with a hosting company hosting at reputable data centers and offers better networking hardware along with providing the security against DDoS attacks.

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Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)


As there are the hardware devices that prevent this most harmful attacks, certain systems are established such as they can detect the behavior of DDoS attacks. These systems are known as Intrusion Prevention Systems and are offered some of the security companies that have developed systems that can detect whether the IPs visiting your website and filter them. The IPS are the systems that can easily block the traffic that is causing harm to your website.

Make Use of these hardware devices and prevent the DDoS attack on your WordPress website. Now, I’ll provide certain steps guide to be followed for avoiding the DDoS attack before it comes to your website.

Update Regularly

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Whether DDoS or any other attack, keeping your WordPress website up-to-date is necessary. WordPress community updates the version of the platform on a regular basis with security enhancements in the platform. Not only the platform update, but you must also take care of the server-side updates. Updating regularly will be helpful in avoiding all the kinds of attack on your website.

Keep in Touch with the Host

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The hosting partner is equally responsible as the website owner, for the attacks done on the website. Being a website owner, you must be in a regular contact with your hosting partner regarding the updates of the network hardware and servers. This will help you in providing the best-in-class security to your website.

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Use Security Plugins


WordPress is such a huge platform that there are innumerable plugins and themes available out there. Using the security plugins can add one more layer of security to your website. Most of the security plugins are available in such a way that they constantly monitor and prevent the DDoS attack happening around the website. When your website contains the security plugins, their scripts makes it best to monitor security threats to your WordPress website.


Protect Your Online Presence - Tips for Digital Security

Though WordPress has it in the default functionalities to block XML-RPC, this is an important feature to be taken care of. The default one can be exploited easily in order to send the HTTP requests and target a website. You must make sure that your WordPress website has blocked the XML-RPC. If there are a number of websites targeting your website in parallel, the DDoS can occur.

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