7 Innovative Tech Gadgets and Their Future Expectations

Do you have that “I don’t know this was possible” moments when you check out new gadgets? Well, this is surely the gift of technology! The gadgets present in the market today work on concepts that seemed totally impossible decades ago. Technology has played a pivotal role in bringing this change. Every day, some new gadget is entering the market, delighting users and giving them a new discovery experience. The scores of cool gadgets adorning every person’s life and home are simply unbelievable.

Earlier, tech gadgets usually charmed technology enthusiasts or geeks, but this is no longer the case. Gadgets available today are not just fancy, they turn out to be amazing and quick solutions to problems faced in everyday life. Most of these products maintain the fine line between practical and cool, thus making the gadgets more appealing. Few of the gadgets have completely changed the lifestyle of people and created a dependence on technology to make their lives better. With the pace at which technology is developing, it has become difficult to keep track of the new innovations or figure out what next is going to come in the tech world.

Here is an overview of what you can expect in the future in some of the most popular categories of tech gadgets:

1. VR Headsets


Virtual reality has opened a whole new world of possibilities for techies to explore. The level of escapism that virtual reality could provide cannot be compared to anything else. VR headsets are the latest trend in the gadget market. VR headsets are already popular in the gaming market. But in the coming time, VR is entering other fields like medicine. VR headsets are being developed to help surgeons simulate their operations and practice treatment of trauma victims. It is being developed as an exposure therapy tool for treating soldiers with PTSD. VR Headsets are also being specially designed for treating vision disorders like amblyopia. NASA is using a simulator that uses a robotic crane with VR to mimic the experience of lunar gravity. New wide high-resolution peripheral headsets are also being developed to transform the over experience of virtual reality.

Another development in Virtual Reality is expected to come in terms of social media. New VR headsets are being developed where people can visit virtual homes, make virtual reality friends and more. It could further pave the way for VR social spaces and network.

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2. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners


Cleaning is one of the most effort-intensive household activities, and any homeowner would surely agree to this. Well, technology has come to rescue all the tired homeowners with robotic vacuum cleaners. The new-age robotic vacuum cleaners are not only user-friendly but also come with advanced tools for cleaning floors. The future robotic vacuum cleaners are being developed with a navigation system and a program to help the robot track their surroundings. Another development expected in terms of robotic vacuum cleaners is its affordability. Most of these cleaners available today is quite expensive and not in the reach of majority consumers. New age versatile and affordable models of smart robotic vacuum cleaners are expected to arrive soon.

From laser-based navigation system to robots that can handle a spectrum of flooring, versatility is the focus of upcoming robotic vacuum cleaners.

3. Electric Scooters

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro - 6

From being a toy for kids to a serious eco-friendly mode of transport, electric scooters have come a long way. Convenient and affordable, electric scooters minimize the carbon footprint and give an easy way to move around. Even it is now using as shared transportation in some parts of the USA. New age electric scooters are expected to have features that can make the experience further practical. Addition of features like a luggage carrier, adjustable seat/handle, higher miles per charge, portability, strength are few areas that will see the transformation. Users can also expect to find electric scooter models that give better speed, making them the right choice for long trips. Another innovation electric scooters may witness is in terms of the rechargeable batteries that power these devices.

4. Smart TVs

smart tv online streaming movie video tech gadgets

Evolution of smart TVs and setup boxes has changed the world of entertainment. Most technology giants are competing to be leaders in the smart TV domain. There is a chance that Smart TVs of the future will become the control center of a smart home. OLED screens that have become popular with smartphones, is now set to become a part of smart TV. Forget LED and HDR, OLED is the future of smart TVs. The double effect of OLED along with 8K is making the smart TV bigger, curvier and smarter. Roll up OLED TVs that can roll up and down its own retractable base or stand are just a start into the future of TV screens.

Another potential future integration is the integration of Blockchain and AI with smart homes and Smart TV. The concept of transparent TV screens is also developing. These TV screens have amazing quality and properties. Though in the initial stage currently, it has been proved that these type of TV screens can be constructed using OLED.

Interactivity with the TV and its affordability are other areas that can witness development. Integration of smart TV with smart home brings into the light Internet of Things and security aspects related to it. So, in the coming years, data security will be an important part of smart TV development.

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5. TV Boxes/TV Sticks

Z69 Max Android TV Box - 5

With good speed Internet available easily, people are switching to streaming rather than cable tv. Streaming gives a plethora of options to choose from, and users can simply select what they love to watch. The TV boxes and TV sticks have been around for a few years now, and they are evolving each day. In the coming times, native 4k content will become a priority. The number of apps available on the top-rated TV boxes is becoming a challenge for new entrants in the market. In the coming years, it is expected that apart from streaming apps, other apps will slowly move to TV Boxes. Also, Dolby Atmos and other enhancements are coming to bring a theatrical experience to the TV.

Another enhancement in the case of TV boxes is its affordability. These devices available today is on the higher price end, but in the coming time, these devices will be more accessible and affordable.

6. Voice Assistance Devices


Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the prime reasons behind the evolution of tech gadgets. A device like a voice assistant is totally the boon of IoT. The future of voice assistants and AI seems very promising. With the development of smart homes, voice interfaces will also develop at an exponential rate. User behavior and demand are also shifting towards the voice. So, in the coming years, it may be possible to find voice assistance devices that support streamlined conversations and no need to wake words. These devices will also have better integration with other devices used in a home-like refrigerator, HVAC system and more. The overall user experience of these devices can also be expected to improve with smarter speakers and display. Customization and individualized experiences can be expected with voice assistant devices recognizing voice to understand who is speaking.

7. Air Purifiers

Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier

Pollution and its ill effects on health are known to all. The overall quality of life in cities can be improved with cleaner air. Air purifiers are just the right device to ensure cleaner air around your home and office. With the growing congestion of pollutants in the air, the future of air purifiers seems promising. Use of these devices will no longer be limited to people suffering from respiratory and health problems, it will become a commonly used device like water purifiers. Air purifier devices will see a lot of development in terms of their shape, size, and use. Innovative gadgets like air purifying curtain or portable air purifiers will be in demand. Air purifiers with enhanced multiple abilities like tracking humidity, temperature, and real-time air quality check will attract customers. There may also be a significant development in the efficiency of the sensors used in these devices.

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Final Words


Each day more and more devices are being introduced with the objective of making life healthier and easier. Most people spend significant time on their day on different innovative gadgets. In the coming time, it will become important to centralize the functioning of most gadgets so that users do not have to switch between apps continuously. These gadgets are not an additional expense, these are devices that will help make your everyday tasks fast and easy. It will allow users to devote their time to additional activities and focus better on their life. No matter which tech device you are considering, it is reasonable to see what is the future of the device.

Entertainment, health, communication and other areas of life are changing with these devices. Technology has the power to change the world, and these innovative devices prove this each day. Technology is further paving way for new innovations and discoveries that were never considered earlier. A decade and beyond, it will be interesting to see how technology has changed lives forever.

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