Overcoming the Fear of Technology

Technology these days seems to be inescapable. Almost all walks of life have incorporated it into their daily operations. Even some of the most ordinary and seemingly mundane human activities have the option of using technology to make it all easier and better. Today’s workforce is arguably the most affected, as even applying for a job, which before would only require you to go inside a company and hand them your resume, would now need you to have some knowledge of navigating with technology. They are, after all, made to make people’s lives easier, and instead of avoiding or ignoring them, it’s better to embrace them.

No matter what your opinion is on technology, there’s no denying it’s made doing a lot of things faster and easier. But if you’re fearful of it, you won’t be able to reap its many benefits. Fortunately, here are some ways in which you can overcome your fear.

Control Your Imagination


The reason why you’re fearful of technology might be because of propaganda. Various horror movies, for example, have led many people to believe that technology can possibly terrorize humans and take over the world. Other times, if you’re an older individual, younger people might convince you that you’re not fit to handle today’s most state-of-the-art gadgets and more. This can lead to thinking up the most awful situations when you’re handling technology. Don’t let your imagination ruin what can be extremely helpful for you. Always know that doing or navigating something new can always lead to mistakes, but that you can also learn from them and improve how you use technology. Also, technology will never take over the world the way you see it happen in the movies.

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Read Manuals and Other Helpful Resources

Whatever gadget you have with you, there’s going to be a corresponding manual that comes along with it. To avoid any accidents, you fear might happen when you use technology, make sure you read the manual from cover to cover. Although it might take time, you’re more or less going to be less scared to use it when you’re finished reading. This particular resource will not only explain to you how to set your electronics up and how to use them, but it can also inform you as to what it can do for your personal life and possibly your work.

Learn from Experienced People

More than reading the manual, you can also let other people help you navigate technology. If you got the same sort of laptop as your friend, for example, and he/she has had it for a long time, you can ask for his/her help on how to use it. These people might even give you some useful tips on how to go about technology in an easier and deceptively more simple way. And when you get the hang of it, you’ll find that there never any need to be fearful in the first place. Just remember that if your friend/family/co-worker can do it, so can you!


Start with It Slowly

Just because technology makes the world a bit more instant, doesn’t mean you have to learn it as quickly as well. Be patient when navigating new pieces of technology, as moving full-force when you’re not exactly ready can increase your fears rather than decrease them. Taking in technology slowly will help you learn more about how to better use them, what they’re good for, and the multiple ways they make life easier. There’s absolutely no need for rushing to know exactly what to do with them, especially if you’re work doesn’t necessarily makes use of such as much in the first place.

Practice on Your Own Time

In the same vein, it’s best that you practice learning how to use technology during your own time and at your own pace. In the first place, if you’re fearful of technology and want to get rid of such fears, it’s best that your current line of work doesn’t have much need for technology. This way, you won’t have the rush to learn everything about it and get used to using it as quickly as you can. And during your free time, when you’re more comfortable and less pressured, you can take things one step at a time. Remember, there’s simply no rush to understanding technology if you’re work doesn’t require it.

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Be Confident when Using Them


Finally, you really just have to be confident when using technology. There’s no sense in being afraid of it as it’s there to enhance your life and make doing all sorts of things that much easier and faster. Basically, it’s like your assistant. And an assistant won’t work well if its superior is not confident with it. You’re going to be faced with a lot of difficulties and accidents with regards to technology, even when you’ve gotten used to it and you already know how to navigate with it. Let go of your fears, be confident, you’ll be fine!

Technology can be wonderful thin as long as you know what to do it with it and to use it with good intentions. You don’t have to be fearful of it, as it was created to make you live your life easier and better!

This article is written by Anthony Ong. He is a contributing writer for Pixel Papa. He’s written various pieces about graphic design, technology trends, and how to use new gadgets available.

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