How Beneficial Strategies of Mobile App Marketing are Helpful for Your Business?

With millions of applications available across iOS, Android, Windows, etc. sometimes it is difficult to discover your application. Getting your mobile application discovered easily is the fundamental challenge faced by every mobile app marketer. Mobile app marketing is the major requirement for the successful growth of the mobile application and your business. A mobile app cannot succeed on any major mobile platform without an effective marketing plan. By applying appropriate marketing strategies, you can make your mobile app discoverable among millions of other mobile apps popping up every day in the app stores.

What Is Mobile App Marketing?

Mobile app marketing is a process of marketing and promoting the mobile application. Mobile app marketing can be considered as a part of mobile application development. However, it takes up a lot of efforts and time but if the marketing strategies are planned and executed properly, your app can achieve the top rank on app stores.


Before implementing the marketing strategies to promote your mobile application, it is necessary to understand that the main goal of your business. Understanding the user’s behavior is the first step to take towards the mobile app marketing. There are several essentials things to consider while building strategies of mobile app marketing. Good developers apply their marketing strategies during mobile application development.

So, let’s discuss how you need to plan your mobile app marketing strategies that can also guarantee long-term success. Different kind of mobile app marketing strategies is applied during different stages of mobile app development.

Let’s first discuss the pre-launch mobile app marketing strategies:

1) Select A Good Name:

How Beneficial Strategies of Mobile App Marketing are Helpful for Your Business? - Point 1As per human nature, we always remember something new and unique. The app name should be unique and memorable. The selection of the name for your app can make or break the mobile app. As a business, you must be knowing your potential consumers and the set of keywords they are looking for. Try to use the most important keywords in your application’s name. It also helps in app store search.

2) Choose Important Keywords:

How Beneficial Strategies of Mobile App Marketing are Helpful for Your Business? - Point 2In order to market your market, it is necessary to understand the importance of right keywords in marketing. The right selection of keywords can help your business grow and achieve your desired goal. Your choice of keywords should be able to represent the application’s operations and make the user understand what this app is all about. A consumer always considers keywords to search the app.

To make an appropriate selection of keywords, you can use several App Store Optimization (ASO) tools such as Appstatics, MetricsCat, Distimo, AppFigures, etc.

3) Find Your Competitors:

How Beneficial Strategies of Mobile App Marketing are Helpful for Your Business? - Point 3There are millions of applications available in the app stores today. You must be able to find similar functioning applications and competitors on the app stores. After finalizing on keywords, list down the competitors and their products without filtering. It helps you in scaling your application’s operation and features.


4) Create An Attractive Icon:

How Beneficial Strategies of Mobile App Marketing are Helpful for Your Business? - Point 4Along with the application’s name, another important thing is application’s icon. An app icon has the power to convey your application’s message. Name and icon are the first impressions of your application. Visitors are more likely to click on an attractive app icon instead of a dull and lame app icon. Apple does not approve iPhone applications with lane icons; it should be attractive enough to catch end users and make them click on your app.

Moreover, the app icon should be relevant as per the theme and purpose of the app. A creative app icon makes the consumer open the app frequently.

5) Screenshots:

How Beneficial Strategies of Mobile App Marketing are Helpful for Your Business? - Point 5Screenshots doesn’t look like a big thing, but they have their own importance when it comes to showcasing your application’s functions and essentials features on app stores such as Google Play, Apple App Store, etc. As a business, you always want to turn out the visitor into a real user and for that, you must be finding several ways to get the visitor to the app’s detail page. Screenshots are the perfect way to express the features and functionalities of your app.

Always try to put exciting and memorable screenshots that are also informative, at the same time. You can use catchy screenshots that are capable to draw visitors attention and also explains what your app does and its ease-of-use.

Appropriate mobile app testing makes your product great at every stage. Pre-launch and post-launch testing improves app’s design and functionality. It helps in providing an intuitive and optimal user experience for the app users. Mobile app testing ensures to improve the user engagement, user adoption and offers a positive user experience.

A user-friendly mobile app leads to create a positive user-experience that can eventually help in word-of-mouth recommendations, social media sharings, and improve the number of downloads.


These above-mentioned tips can be very helpful for your business before launching an application or during the mobile app development process. However, there are a few more marketing strategies that can be applied after the launch of the application.

Let’s focus on post-launch mobile app marketing strategies that can be easily applied and followed by multiple mobile application development companies:

Post launch, the mobile app marketing can be categorized in two different genres:

1) Free Marketing:

How Beneficial Strategies of Mobile App Marketing are Helpful for Your Business? - point-01Free marketing can also be termed as organic marketing. There are multiple ways to promote your mobile application organically. You can sign up for the free analytic tool that will help you in tracking your mobile application and your competitors with the help of search rankings and top charts on app stores. You can also get your mobile app featured on various app review sites. Reaching out to the end users through these media outlet can help you in getting a high percentage of app downloads. You just need to discover the right platform to publish creative blogs or articles explaining the features of your mobile application.

After publishing blogs or articles on well-known media platforms, you can attach or build an amazing landing page for your users. Readers are more likely to visit the link after reading an engaging blog about the mobile application. As a business, you can majorly link two places: first is your website’s homepage, and another one will redirect to the application’s detail page. Moreover, social media is apparently the most powerful platform that can help your business in driving potential users to your website or app. A powerful social media account can do wonders for your business.

2) Paid Marketing:

How Beneficial Strategies of Mobile App Marketing are Helpful for Your Business? - point-02Paid marketing basically works on tools. There are numerous tools that can be used to track the application’s growth. For instance, mobile app tracking is a great tool that can help you to track the number of downloads and their source. Moreover, you can also track the number of downloads required to feature your application in Top Charts. These tools can help you in finding the approximate number of downloads that will be needed to move your mobile application in Top Chart rankings.


How Beneficial Strategies of Mobile App Marketing are Helpful for Your Business? - conclusion

Smartphones have become a great resource for mobile app marketing. However, the web still matters a lot, and it plays a vital role in the growth of your business. Along with an attractive and useful mobile application, your website is also capable of engaging users rich content and features. Mobile app marketing has become an important phase of mobile application development process. It is the most desirable marketing strategy as it requires multi-faceted approach through paid and organic app marketing.

The best way to approach is to create an app and start promoting it through every possible channel and social media platforms. With these above-mentioned points, it is clear that mobile app marketing requires great efforts to build and promote a mobile app that can drive fast forward success for your business.

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