5 Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Mobile apps have become an inevitable part of one’s everyday life. Be it buying clothes, grocery and other accessories, browsing music and movies, or accessing emails etc – all you need to do is to tap on an app. It won’t be wrong to say that mobile apps are the modernistic way to reach potential audience regardless of their physical location. This has fuelled another competition among businesses to come up with an app that can help achieving an unshakable position in the market. And, businesses rely on developer’s for getting a user-friendly yet highly engaging app to prevent losing a huge customer base.

If you are a developer too, you may know how important the selection of programming language is. For all those who are not aware of this fact, it is very significant to realize that it is the language that can either lead to a great success or tremendous frustration.

Now that you know the language selection can make all the difference, you might be wondering about the best languages to go for. Don’t panic!! This post is a complete solution for all such queries, listed with the commonly preferred languages to make development experience smoother for you:

1) HTML5


Do you want to develop a web-fronted app for the mobile users? HTML is the one you can call reliable solution. This standard solution will make it easy to insert the multiple data types, streamline input parameters, balance the playing field of the browser, justify the variable screen sizes etc. It is advantageous from the standpoint of cost and efficiency. And the learning curve is competitively shallower than learning any new language from the scratch. If dealing with uncertainty and walking through the browser-based path, HTML5 comes as an obvious choice.

2) Java

Java Programming Language

Let’s begin with the confusing section: developing software is possible through Enterprise Java Beans, JavaScript, and Java. But from the three, Java is the only one you will use for the mobile development. It is an object-oriented programming language that is most frequently used by developers to deliver the best services to the enterprises. The good thing is you can count on Java from the performance standpoint. This is the language that can be run with and without the browser. And this flexibility means a lot especially in terms of the software update and reusing code. For all those who look at Android as the primary platform, Java is certainly the best option. But the same is not applicable for iOS platform. But if you want to build a common code that can be run on multiple platforms, Java is undoubtedly a great choice.

3) C++

C-CPP-C++ Programming Language

If you need to get down and dirty for building Android or Windows based apps, C++ language is the best answer for all your object-oriented dreams. This language is again among the preferable ones from the performance standpoint as you can develop apps for virtually any purpose and for almost every platform that’s existing. The skills of programming are widely available and this language is often a well-known quantity. It’s not something ultra-modern or trendy- it’s been in existence for quite a long now even before the inception of smartphones.

4) Objective-C


While every other firm in the world was relying on C++ for the development, Apple continued with Objective-C as its primary language for programming. It is also a superset of C-Language like C++. Many of things are similar in terms of functionality and it comprises of a lot of functions that specifically deal with display functions, graphics, and I/O functions. To keep it short, Objective-C is the vital component of the Apple’s framework for development and is integrated into all the framework of iOS and MacOS.

5) Swift


Cocoa and Cocoa Touch is the Apple’s latest APIs. Swift is the language used for writing codes for them. According to Apple, Swift is developed to work along with Objective-C, though it’s pretty obvious that the company would ask many developers to work on Swift for complete programming. Swift was basically designed for eliminating the possibility of security vulnerabilities that tends to arise with Objective-C. If you want to get started with the process of writing iOS apps, get on with Swift. And if you’ve been already developing iOS apps, it’s the best time to train your developers to work with Swift. The reason to get along with Swift is the latest announcement by Apple that says – “Swift will be going open source this fall”. It is likely to increase the number of people who can work with Swift and also there will be an increase in the number of projects in which Swift will be used as the primary development language.

5 Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development - Conclusion

In addition to the above mentioned, your suggestions are always welcome. All you need to do is share your suggestions and we will come up with another post after a thorough research.

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