Looking for a Smartwatch Phone? Try These 5 from GearBest!

The smartwatch trend has exploded in recent years, with several large brands having their own models on the market; some more useful than others, each with their own pros and cons. One thing they all have in common, though, is that they require a mobile phone to get the most out of them. Are there smartwatches on the market that could potentially replace your mobile? Well yes, and if you are in the market for a smartwatch phone then consider these 5 great devices from GearBest.

1) Kingwear KW18

KingWear KW18 Smartwatch Phone

The KW18 smartwatch phone from Kingware is fantastic value for money, especially when you consider the features and capabilities of the device. Offering most of the functions available on other smartwatches, the KW18 also allows you to make and receive calls. A heart rate monitor and pedometer help you with your fitness tracking goals while the sleep monitor lets you track your sleep patterns.

While the watch supports iOS and Android for basic connectivity, you will be able to download apps from the Google Play Store such as WhatsApp messenger. The low storage is made up for by allowing the user to add a memory card of up to 16GB.

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2) Zeblaze Blitz


Almost everything that you could need in a smartphone, on your wrist. Lots of built-in applications that you use every day – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (the smartwatch phone has a built-in camera). And because there is a number attached to the Zeblaze Blitz (via your Nano SIM card – not supplied), the smartwatch phone works with the latest messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Google Allo.

The crystal clear display is excellent for viewing YouTube videos, and while you are out on your run, the heart rate monitor will keep you posted on your progress and your fitness tracking.

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3) Y3 Smartwatch Phone

Y3 Smartwatch Phone

Voice identification, GPS, pedometer, and a call monitor… Is this a smartwatch or a smartphone? With the Y3 sat proudly on your wrist you would be forgiven for feeling a little like James Bond. With the styling of a traditional watch and the innards of a smartphone, the Y3 is a fantastic device.

Along with all the health monitor sensors that you could need and full access to the Google Play store thanks to the Android 5.1 operating system that the Y3 uses, there is any number of uses that you could find for this smartwatch smartphone. Like other devices of this nature, the watch face can be swapped out for anyone of dozens that you are able to download.

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4) DZ09 Smartwatch Phone

DZ09 Smartwatch Phone

If you are not looking for ‘bells and whistles’ smartwatch smartphone, then the DZ09 maybe a slightly better option. Compatible with Android smartphones and acting as a camera remote for the same, the DZ09 completes most of the necessary requirements for a smartwatch smartphone, including allowing the wearer to make and receive phone calls from their wrist.

The built pedometer allows the tracking of steps taken, to help you to keep track of your fitness goals – ideal for those that are health conscience. As a more basic smartwatch smartphone, the price tag is much lower than its contemporaries, but that doesn’t mean it is any less useful.

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5) NO.1 G3


As smartwatch smartphones go, the NO.1 G3 is as fully loaded as most of the others. A whole multitude of applications awaits the user. It is fully equipped with a sleep monitor, a highly accurate heart rate monitor, and a pedometer. All of these add up to a device that any health-conscious; smart device owner would find extremely useful.

While out running, being able to take a phone call on your wrist instead of fumbling through your pocket and potentially dropping/damaging your smartphone cannot be anything except a massive plus in anybody’s book.

Buy NO.1 G3 from GearBest

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In Conclusion

Looking for a Smartwatch Phone? Try These 5 from GearBest - Conclusion

All of the devices listed here represent excellent value for money. Especially when the feature sets of the devices are taken into consideration – not to mention the build quality.

If you are indeed in the market for a smartwatch smartphone, whether to feel like James Bond or because you just really need one in your life, then you cannot do better than one of the devices in this list when it comes to features vs. price point.

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