10 New Exciting Smartwatch / Smartband to Stay Fit and Healthy

Are you looking for the most exciting smartwatch that can be used to keep a track of your health? In fact, while exercising and other activities; you require a state-of-the-art smartwatch that can be used for multiple purposes. Well, standing at the threshold of an era of touching edge technology, you mustn’t be confused about which product is the best. Watches are no more a time-keeping device but they serve multipurpose activities starting from monitoring your health and keeping a watch in your calls. You may say this is the ultimate application of artificial intelligence. We have researched ten such smartwatches that can be your most desired choice for the coming year.

1. ELEPHONE R8 Smartwatch


The ELEPHONE R8 smartwatch is 1.3 inches in size, waterproof, android compatible, and takes 2 hours for charging. It sports various colors, it’s stylish with a simple UI interface. The watch gives a measure of the pedometer, distance, and calories in sports mode. The unique features that this sports watch perform are- heart rate monitoring, step counting, and calorie calculation, and sleep monitoring. You will love the metal body and the IML craft technology. The watch is lightweight and comfortable. The watch features a 5.0 advanced Bluetooth and has the ability to control the smartphone camera remotely by just shaking your wrist. ELEPHONE R8 features a time display, call alert, SMS alert, alarm reminder, shake the camera, and cell phone look.

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2. Huawei Band 4


Huawei Band 4 is a compatible product, touch screen, and made with rubber. It functions as a pedometer, sleep tracker, fitness tracker, message reminder, speedometer, activity tracker, and many more. The rectangular-shaped product has an easy charging feature and exhibits longer usage. A single charge goes for more than 6 days. They are made from waterproof material and is the most preferred gazette to wear during gym or any other activity. These have a smart heart rate tracking system and also ensure lesser distraction during sleep. The band works as a speedometer, calendar week, alarm clock, and weekly planner. This sports watch is the most suitable for adults and has a detachable band. This gazette successfully detects six types of sleep problems and also suggests five types of suggestions for better sleep. The band fits into a general USB charger and fits into the plus easily anywhere, anytime.

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3. Gocomma V23


Gocomma V23 is around full touch body temperature detection measurement smartwatch with health resolution that supports blood pressure and oxygen monitoring. The product is compatible with Bluetooth version 5.0 and has a transmission range of 8 meters. It has a magnetic charging point and the keypad has an LED indicator. The watch is android compatible and ensures function like monitoring real-time blood pressure. You can use them in multiple sports modes like riding, running, climbing, basketball, professional sports algorithm, and many more. Gocomma V 23 has a three-axis gravity sensor that records walking steps, mileage, calories, and other data. The sports experience will make you love healthy sports.

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4. Rogbid Rowatch GT


This watch is a high definition touch screen smartwatch with waterproofing technology and supports sports health, compatible with Bluetooth version 4.0. This product detects heart rate and supports the regular monitoring of heart rate. The watch detects blood pressure and supports the regular monitoring of blood pressure. The gazette supports distance movement and also calorie consumption. You may raise its bright screen and may take the backhand off the screen. This watch supports sports activities like indoor running, outdoor running, indoor and outdoor walking, trekking, steppers, and all elliptical machines. You may set reminders via the clock, call, SMS, microchannel, and QQ reminders. This gazette will enhance APP trajectory support and also remote-control support.

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These smartwatches support sports health and have waterproof wireless charging. They are characterized by APP push in, wireless charging, Dail long bright, and compatibility to Bluetooth 5.1. These gazettes can detect heart pressure, heart blood, heart rate, pedometer, stopwatch, and offline payment. The Bluetooth button supports SMS, We Chat, call, QQ content synchronization screen, and many more. The gazette supports 24-hour heart monitoring. The other features that are supported by this smartwatch are weather, sleep monitoring, full-screen multiple touch, stopwatch, sleep monitoring, and sedentary reminders. The phone is supported by a long-life battery and “find my phone” option. The smartwatch is characterized by a super retina display and supports wireless charging along with an AMOLED HD screen. This can be seen as an artisan-made gorgeous beauty product that would enhance your look anytime. You may set the always in mode to read the time without being switched to charge.

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6. Gocomma DT6


The smartwatch Gocomma DT6 is white-colored, Bluetooth enabled, and with PPG health facilities. The ECG detection is can be done anywhere, anytime, and is based on the intelligence pulse. The bracelet has a double-hole imported green light sensor that reads heart rate change. The gazette is used to record exercise data throughout the day which notes mileage, speed, heart rate, exercise duration, mileage, calories, incoming calls, text messages, APP notification, and many more. The gazette can note medicinal functions like AI auxiliary diagnosis report, blood oxygen detection, electrocardiogram detection, heart rate alarm, and sleep monitoring. Gocomma DT6 aids magnetic charging, exercise pedometer, exercise track, calories, finding bracelet, and also weather forecast. The phone reminders will specify your status at QQ, WeChat, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter. While you charge it for 1-2 hours, you may use the gazettes for 15 days.

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7. Zeblaze NEO 3


This smartwatch is waterproof, dustproof having a 20 days battery life with a fitness tracker. The main features of the product sports are step tracking, heart rate monitor, calorie burn activities, exercise tracking, and sleep tracking stages. The product can be used as an accelerator, proximity sensor, and also heart rate sensor. This smartwatch is android compatible. The product features a lightweight design, stainless steel button, high precision sensors, GPS connected sports mode, sedentary reminders, and heart rate monitoring. The main functions of this smartwatch does are weather forecast, music control, camera control, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, and find a phone option.

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8. OVISEN S201


This gazette has both hands wearable with a TWS headset which has 2 in 1 smartwatch with real-time temperature monitoring pedometer and blood pressure oxygen stimulator. The smartwatch supports dial 180-degree rotation, body temperature detection, custom watch face, and excellent sound quality. The smartwatch has a custom face and can monitor blood oxygen, step counting, and calories. The product has various information reminders, phone reminders, along with answering and rejecting calls. The headphone has a professional tuner debugging, along with excellent headphones and music experience. There is a powerful magnetic absorption that allows enjoying the charm of HIFI music. This watch also features a powerful Bluetooth headset.

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9. XIAOMI Smartwatch Wear 3100


This smartwatch wears 3100 waterproof sports having a data monitor voice control for watch standard version. The watch supports the e-SIM card function, and the e-SIM must be activated to watch SMS spp. The AI speaker function doesn’t support the Chinese language, and only the analog door card function is working out of mainland China. The watch is water-resistant and comes with a built-in application that measures heart monitoring. The gazette focuses on your heart rate sensor, geomagnetic sensor, barometer, ambient light sensor, and OTS optical displacement detector. The smartwatch is used to monitor outdoor walking, outdoor running, cross country running, indoor running, mountaineering, indoor cycling, and swimming. The IOS system does not support the access card but you can use the smartwatch to bind bus cards, access cards, and subway cards. The gazette is built with an XIAO AI speaker.

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10. REMAX RL-EP09 Smartwatch


The smartwatch is enabled with multiple sports mode Bluetooth control music IP67 waterproof fashion. The watch features seven sports mode which can record motion sensors and analyze data like heart rate, distance, and calorie consumption during exercising. There are options for sedentary reminders like healthy life and meticulous care. The Bluetooth remote control music can be enjoyed by touching the screen easily from anywhere or anytime. By using a high precision optical sensor and algorithm, heart rate monitoring is much accurate. The power consumption being lower, the heart rate, the blood oxygen, and blood pressure are all monitored in real-time, and scientific data records the escort of your safety and health. The watch has a slim design with waterproof, dustproof, and splash-proof qualities. The smartwatch monitors real-time sleep monitoring and can take pictures remotely. The watch is multifaceted with built-in dials that can be switched freely thereby showing different styles.

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The Bottom Line


As you see, there are a plethora of choices for these smartwatches or smart band. When you look for procuring one, it’s important you look for reviews on the online sites. Starting from health functions and ending in-call reminders, your fit band will be the right product and one-stop solution. Your requirement must match to the features they exhibit. Get the best gazette that serves multiple features and most importantly, matches your purpose. Take the pride of caring for your health by getting a gazette within your reach.

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