5 New Xiaomi Gadgets That You Should Try in 2020-2021

Xiaomi is known to blend innovation, technology, and aesthetics to make some cool gadgets. Since developing its MIUI interface, Xiaomi has done breakthrough technological innovations. Xiaomi has some astonishing ‘smart’ gadgets to boast of, and our picks for the top 5 new Xiaomi gadgets you should try in 2020-21 are:

1. Xiaomi AI Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


What this Xiaomi AI Wireless Bluetooth Speaker does is truly mind-boggling!! It’s cutting-edge “CrystalWave” audio technology is based on an algorithm that produces balanced and ultra-rich sound output. The build and mechanism of this speaker are made to give you clear audio playback. But it is the AI technology that makes it truly awesome. Turn it into a live voice assistant which takes voice commands from you. You can then set alarms, check the weather, and do many more tasks with just a voice command. Not only that, it has a special infrared emission signal range of 10 meters to control 5000 home appliances by just saying “Xiao Ai”. It has a massive music library, FM radio, audiobooks, and more.

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2. Xiaomi Mijia AC-M6-SC Air Purifier


When performance matters, the Xiaomi Mijia AC-M6-SC Air Purifier does the job silently and efficiently. 3 filtration layers remove harmful bacteria and viruses with a filtration rate of 99.5%. Turn the automatic mode and its high precision laser particle sensor detects changes in indoor air quality and purifies the air. Its pressurized air duct system delivers 6660 liters of clean air per minute. Brushless motor and polished inner walls offer no resistance, giving you uniform airflow with larger output. Light touch OLED display screen with a 3-color display lets you control indoor temperature, humidity and warns you about changes in air quality. Mijia APP lets you operate with your smartphone and with Xiao Ai smart speakers you can give voice commands.

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3. Xiaomi Mi Band 5


Take your fitness into your own hands, literally, with this Xiaomi Mi Band 5. It has 11 professional sports modes that let you track your fitness for a number of fitness routines like running, walking, cycling, yoga, rowing machine exercises, swimming pool, treadmill, jump rope. This Xiaomi Mi fitness tracker sports band has high precision sensors and an algorithm that monitors your heart rate 24/7. If it detects an abnormal heartbeat, it reminds you of its vibration. It has a special fitness mode for females. 1.1 inch AMOLED screen with touch display gives more space for operating this sports band. Magnetic charging gives 14 days power on a single charge. It is water-resistant and can take photos with a remote camera.

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4. Xiaomi Mijia 1S Electric Scooter


Ride easy with Xiaomi Mijia 1S Electric Scooter. A 3-step foldable design allows you to carry it wherever you want. Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body weighs 12.5 kg, making it lightweight and able to carry the load of up to 100 kg. It runs 30 km on a single charge and has a maximum speed of 25 km/hour. A double-disc braking system applies brakes and saves battery life. Energy-saving mode (ECO), Normal mode (D), and Sports mode (S) are the three adjustable modes in this electric scooter. 8.5-inch shock-absorbing inflatable rubber tires allow you to use it on rough roads and tackle speed bumps and obstacles. It has a smart dashboard to monitor the driving status.

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5. Xiaomi Redmi AX6 Wireless Router


With Xiaomi Redmi AX6 Wireless Router you can connect PC, laptops, mobile smart devices in your home into one big network and enjoy seamless internet and mobile connectivity. Dual-core 1.7GHz network acceleration engine handles huge data transmission and multiple devices at the same time. This wireless router achieves a maximum Internet speed of 3 GB/s. A built-in gaming accelerator allows you to play high-end multiplayer games without any lags in gameplay. 6 omnidirectional antennas enhance data transmission with wider coverage of the internet. 6-channel high-performance signal amplifiers penetrate walls and improve transmission power. It connects 248 smart and traditional devices and home appliances at a time. It is safe for kids and parents. Mesh network allows WiFi 6 throughout the house.

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The Bottom Line


The above gadgets, no doubt, will be in demand in the year 2020-21, and with so much technology and automation, Xiaomi, is a name to look out for in the years to come. These gadgets are cool, affordable, and will make life easier for those who deserve a good life.

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