10 New & Exciting Earphones / Headphones You Can Consider to Buy Now

Today earphones have become an integral part of our lifestyle. Seriously, calling them just a device would be an injustice with them because they are those awesome tools that let you roam in your music world freely while ignoring the nonsense of the world. This is the reason today’s earphones have been in high demand. Stylish earphones with new designs and new functionalities are popping up each day in the market and leaving the people amazed. If you’re also in a hunt of a pair of new-styled and exciting earphones, you have landed in the right place. Here, we have pulled together the top 10 best stylish earphones/headphones.

1. Mobvoi TicPods 2 Pro Plus


This Bluetooth-enabled earbud combines stylishness and technology perfectly. Built-in with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the earbud has a coverage range of 10m. To improve the transmission and latency, it is equipped with Qualcomm’s flagships level chips that do their job flawlessly. Furthermore, the sound quality of the earbud is also of top-notch. It is equipped with a 13mm moving coil that makes sure to offer you an immersive music listening experience. In addition, the audio sensitivity of the earbud is 132dB@1kHZ. Speaking of the design, the headphone is known for its lightweight and ergonomic design. It is only 4.2 grams and fits in very well in the ear.

Key features:

  • 13mm moving coil.
  • Built-in auto sensors.
  • 10m coverage range.
  • Semi-in-ear design.

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2. Xiaomi Mi Air 2S


If you’re after advanced headphones, Xiaomi Mi Air 2S Airdots will surely please you. Unlike many of its competitors, the earbud is designed with a 14.2mm speaker that ensures clear and immersive sound. To further intensify the sound quality, the earbud is also designed with LHDC BT decoding technology. Not just that, it is also equipped with a dual-mic noise cancellation system that blocks the outer noise and lets you enjoy the music at the full swing. Adding more to its features, the earbud features a BT 5.0 chip, which provides stable connection, smooth transmission, and universal compatibility. As for the design, the earphones have a half-in-ear design that doesn’t cause any discomfort in your ear.

Key features:

  • Built-in infrared sensors.
  • Features BT 5.0 chip.
  • Dual-mic noise cancellation technology.
  • Battery-operated.

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3. Marshall Major III


If you’re fond of stylish headphones, turn your gaze to Marshall Major III Bluetooth earphones. Its ergonomic design puts it apart from the crowd. The top strap of the headphone is adjustable and can be customized according to the head sizes. The best thing about this earphone is that it is incredibly portable despite being bulgy in size. Just collapse the earphone and put it even in your little handbag. If you’re concerned about the comfort level of the earphone, worry not. The earphone sits comfortably in its position without causing any discomfort in your ears. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, the headphone has a wide coverage range and universal compatibility.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Adjustable top strap.
  • Ensures maximum comfort.
  • Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology.

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Featuring ¼ dynamic driver and a microphone, the earbud offers deep bass, incredibly clear sound, and awfully good music quality. To boost the quality of sound further, it is also designed with noise reduction technology that blocks the outer noise and lets you enjoy seamless music. The unique feature about this earbud is that it supports FILL+APP, which lets you experience 15 different types of EQ sound modes and enjoy many other advanced functions too. Furthermore, the earbud is designed with touch-control flexibility that allows you to easily pause and play the music and increase or decrease the volume just with a single touch.

Key features:

  • Built-in microphone.
  • Features ¼ dynamic driver.
  • Has touch-control flexibility.
  • Sweatproof and comfortable.


5. Lenovo Thinkplus Trackpods TW50


Another headphone with the latest Bluetooth technology and many other awesome features. Built-in with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the earbud is compatible with almost all Bluetooth-enabled devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Since the device is designed with a non-destructive noise-canceling technology, it offers you a crystal-clear voice with Hi-Fi quality and ensures a mind-blowing music experience. On top of everything, the headphone is designed with unique touch force sensor technology, which lets you operate the headphone with a simple touch. Just touch and lightly hold the earbud to switch songs or voice calling. No hassle of taking the earbuds off.

Key features:

  • Equipped with a touch force control sensor.
  • Built-in noise cancellation technology.
  • Coverage range 10m.
  • Half-in-ear design.

Buy Lenovo Thinkplus Trackpods TW50

6. Jabra Elite Sport


If you’re looking for such a small-sized earphone that can make the people think whether you have worn the earbuds or not, hands down, this is the best fit for you. The earbud is really tiny in size, but it doesn’t mean it compromise on the quality. From sound quality to design, the earphone stands no behind than top-quality earphones. Having an ear-hook design, the earphone makes sure to fit perfectly in the ear. Its plastic construction material also makes it skin-friendly and comfortable. The good thing about this earphone is that it doesn’t let the outside noise come in and affect your music listening experience. Blocking ambient noise, it ensures a smooth music experience.

Key features:

  • Ear-hook design.
  • Plastic construction.
  • Blocks out outside noise.
  • Compact in size.

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7. Huawei Honor AM116

Huawei-Honor-AM116 Earphones Headphones

Here comes another earphone with ergonomic design and remarkable features. The unique thing about the design of the earphone is that it is a blend of in-ear and traditional headphones. Given the fact, it offers maximum comfort as well as stylishness. Speaking of its features, the headphone is designed with all basic features that you can expect in a good-quality earphone. The earphone features a 3-key controller that lets you adjust the music as well as calling voice according to your needs. Unlike others, this earphone is designed with a back air hole that is meant to offer a better and smoother frequency performance. Moreover, it also features an air intake hole, which intensifies sound quality and bass effects.

Key features:

  • Half-in-ear design.
  • Has a back air hole.
  • Features 3-key controller.
  • Comfortable and user-friendly.

Buy Huawei Honor AM116

8. Baseus Encok D01


Sleek, simple, and elegant are the words that do justice with this awesome head-mounted earphone. The earphone looks simple, but it has a bunch of features to impress you. To start with, the earphone has a dual-track design that doesn’t only let you enjoy mild music but also loud music like rock and roll DJ. Furthermore, it is also designed with a de-noising technology that allows you to enjoy your favorite music without any disturbance even in a noisy environment. As for the design, the headphone has a head-mounted design and it sits well in its position offering you maximum comfort. The protein leather cap makes sure to keep your ear sweat-free and comfortable even after hours of wearing. Above all, it is foldable.

Key features:

  • Head-mounted design.
  • Folding flexibility.
  • Designed with a de-noising technology.
  • Easy accessibility.

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Just look at this Bluetooth earphone and admire the awesomeness of the technology. As opposed to its competitors, this earphone is built-in with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which doesn’t only ensure faster transmission speed but also intensifies the whole music listening experience. The coverage range of the earphone is also wider as compared to its competitors. Unlike others, it can cover up to 33ft. The awesome thing about this earphone is that it is designed with a smart LCD display where you can see the battery capacity of the earphone.

Key features

  • Features an LCD display.
  • Designed with Bluetooth 5.2 technology.
  • Coverage range: 33ft.
  • One-touch accessibility.


10. Haylou GT2

Haylou-GT2 Earphones Headphones

Here comes an advanced in-ear headset that is impressing the people with its mind-blowing and innovative features. The headset is designed with a 7.2 mm dynamic driver that provides balanced and clear sound. What to say more, the earbud is even equipped with high-precision sensors that automatically play and pause the music without putting on/off the earphones. You can skip the track backward or forward. Adding further to its awesome features, it is also designed with a one-step paring technology that lets you connect it with any Bluetooth-enabled device in just seconds. Speaking of the design, the headphone has a half-in ear design that ensures a comfortable wearing experience even if you wear the earbuds for long hours.

Key features:

  • Battery-powered.
  • 15-hours battery runtime.
  • Features 7.2mm dynamic driver.
  • Equipped with a multi-functional button.

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Get one of these stylish earphones and take your music listening experience to a whole new level. These headphones will fill your life as well as your mood with soothing and vibrating music. The great thing about these earphones is that you can carry them anywhere with you, as they are compact, portable, and handy. Not just music, they also intensify your voice calling experience offering you hands-free operation.

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