SEO: Facts, Myths, and Benefits

Today businesses take their business online in order to create an online presence for expanding their audience and overall growth. But in recent times that’s not enough, even posting regularly without a solution or proper strategy is not enough for getting outstanding traffic and amazing brand awareness. Here comes SEO for your rescue, that is Search Engine Optimization. Let’s find out the facts, myths, and benefits that come with SEO.

Unfortunately, many businesses are not aware of this. So, let’s take a journey together to learn all about SEO. Professional SEO services improve both the quality and quantity of the audience visiting your brand through search engines. These contribute towards increasing brand awareness and attracting local customers, to build credibility and trust without spending anything.

On-Page SEO


On-Page SEO believes in optimizing your business website both in terms of content and technical aspects. The technical aspects include formatting HTML source code, Schema, and Meta tags as per your requirements and public demands in the form of searches. In this the applications like Google Ads, Ahrefs and Semrush are used to identify popular search terms associated with your brand products to incorporate them in your content and technical parts of the website to polish them.

This helps to guide the interested audiences to your brand as soon as they showcase a requirement. By including these terms and keywords naturally, the businesses provide an engaging beginning to their story in order to attract traffic by showing your content to more people. Additionally, to improve the credibility and engagement of the content, you can include videos, pictures, time-lapses, and many more. After doing all possible changes to your webpage, then you should move to Off-page SEO.

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Off-Page SEO


This is used to improve the visibility of the webpage when it is showcased on various search engines. Making changes outside your business website page to help improve your search engine rankings increases your brand popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. This can be achieved through reputable websites vouching for your content with backlinks, social media marketing, guest blogging, Linked and unlinked brand mentions, influencer marketing, and much more.

To help your content reach maximum people to improve your business search rankings you also need to promote your content through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and as well as niche platforms like Quora, Reddit, etc. Because these could help you achieve greater reach for your website by sending stronger and powerful social signals to various search engines leading to the page being shown as highly relevant. However, this is just a scratch of SEO, it is much more than it is usually understood and implemented. There is a massive part left to be explored.

Facts you must know about SEO


“It would probably shock a lot of people to learn how much is factored in when Google determines search rankings. As far back as 2009, it was believed to be over 200 ranking factors, and with the time that’s passed, it’s almost certainly much more than that now. New functions, such as neural matching, RankBrain, and others, have been a major part of Google’s evolution into what it is today.” – as explained by Marketing1on1 in one of their recent blog posts.

The concepts of SEO have opened a lot of possibilities for your business either as a marketer or a business owner. So, here are few facts you should know to improve your online business using Search Engine Optimization:

  1. SEO isn’t something magical that can be used to achieve the desired goal in just a blink of an eye. It is important to be patient and understand the importance of SEO to support the creativity of your business with tangible information to attract maximum traffic.
  2. Page Titles should be made effective as it is essential to have a targeted page title. It is the second most important aspect of on-page SEO and one should include recently searched terms that include keywords.
  3. The meta description should be brief, about 155 characters are maximum and tempting for customers. It should be dependent on the searcher’s interests giving them the idea of what’s coming behind that click on the page.
  4. Not all Search engines keep backlinks as criteria for website ranking factors. And it is possible to rank your brand web page without links.
  5. Object detection of search engines in images of quality content as a part of content marketing strategy adds an extra layer of ranking signals that cannot be easily altered. This helps to reduce false-positive results of searches using particular relevant keywords.
  6. According to various insights, it seems that uploading a video on your business website’s homepage almost doubles the chances of your web page being shown on page one of the search engines. This SEO tactic keeps your audience engaged and provides visitors something to share easily.
  7. SEO is a continuous practice because taking your webpage online is one thing and improving its position on the ranking is an entirely different step. As the SEO ranking factors keep on changing with time and new latest trends approach.
  8. You should have a mobile-friendly website as fifty-one percent of people discover new businesses on their smartphones. In addition, the webpage should have a superfast loading home page to embrace impatient visitors as forty-seven percent of users expect your webpage to load in under two seconds.
  9. People only spend an average of less than one minute on search engine results and click on the very first result they see. Therefore, it is essential for you to work on your website rankings by creating appropriate headlines for clickable searches, high-quality images, and videos, etc.
  10. Around forty-six percent of google searches are local. Therefore, recently, Local SEO is increasing in popularity. Because it is important to prioritize your business in a particular locality by using less competitive local SEO keywords for good SEO rankings.

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Myths about SEO that you should avoid spending time and thought on

  1. SEO concepts cannot be stripped in a similar manner on a webpage twice as results can vary. Following myths is not harmless as it leads to a waste of time and money.
  2. The most dangerous myth about SEO is the opinion editorials build in minds of people saying that it is dead. As SEO is very well alive, only strategies to achieve the target using SEO concepts have changed over time. So, as long as search engines exist and have visitors, SEO isn’t going anywhere.
  3. The next myth is that Search engines only rank fresh content. The ranking of websites is not on the basis of how old and experienced the content is. But it is dependent on queries and page traffic trends. Therefore, the only thing to be done is timely update the content to gain immediate search traffic on your business webpage.
  4. Duplicate content that has a penalty on the web is a very popular myth. But there is no such thing, whereas this doesn’t mean that duplicate content is good for your website.
  5. Another myth is that SEO is setting it and forgetting its job. For a while, it’s true as SEO can lead to free, passive, and consistent traffic that doesn’t fade over time. But, after that, you need to reinvent your strategies as it is kind of like going to the gym which means you should be consistent in order to get and maintain your results.
  6. Some myths say page rank is not important anymore but that’s not true as page rank is the building block of search engines for your brand websites. It helps you manage the quality and quantity of off-page SEO links to your page and still adds to the value of your webpage.
  7. SEO is not all about number one ranking it is more than that. It is worth your time and effort as your webpage get traffic from tons of relevant keywords and not just one on which you get ranked.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

  1. Get targeted traffic for your brand: SEO helps you to get a targeted audience for keywords that you want all the users that come to your website from various search engines. Who wants solutions from your website for a similar problem? This will attract them to your site again and when they share about your services, it brings an opportunity for gaining new potential customers on your website.
  2. Earn credibility for your brand: This improves your ranking, credibility for your website traffic, and trust amongst people. Which eventually increases your brand awareness.
  3. Search Engine Optimization results in better conversion rates: As more trusted traffic is attracted to the website then it’s more likely to have a better conversion rate on your website. As people who search for specific keywords relevant to your brand get directly landed on your websites for purchasing interesting products from your business.
  4. Increases social media presence: Good SEO eventually increases social media followers of your brand as when visitors land on your website they are likely to know more and follow your latest work by visiting your social media pages through clicking on their icons present on the webpage.
  5. SEO provides a better and relevant user experience for the visitors: It is necessary because if you rank on search engines, you have to make your website load faster and provide relevant content to make your visit last longer and purchase on your website. In simple terms, SEO makes your website more responsive to create the best impression on the visitor.

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Final Words


So, if you are still in a dilemma as to whether to go for Search Engine Optimization or not. Then the answer is yes, as in order to grow your business nowadays, you need to follow trends and explore various digital marketing channels present to get benefits like increasing visibility of your website and providing value to your target audience.

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