5 Ways Good Content Can Speed Up Your Marketing Efforts

“Content is king.” This is the first lesson every person who is just starting into the SEO world is taught. And there is so much truth to it. After all, it is the world of content, and we are just living in it. What we see is content, what we share is content. Everything we learn is from content. What we enjoy is content, what we dislike is content.

So, content is everywhere, whether we want it or not. It’s no surprise we are inundated with content. We find the content of our liking everywhere. Businesses are spending big money in reaching out to their potential customers.

The total valuation of the content marketing industry is estimated at $412.88bn by the end of 2021. This will be a compound annual growth of 16% from the past year. So, content marketing is big. Companies are also spending big money on it. But you are not convinced to spend money on it. Totally understandable.

This blog will help you understand how good content can speed up your marketing efforts and help you achieve even better dividends.

Good content gets you more eyeballs


All those people who say, “this type of content doesn’t work, that type of content doesn’t work,” miss a very simple point. Every type of content works if it has quality, authenticity, and novelty.

Content marketing has three principles: value, choice, relevancy. Any content that has it all is bound to make waves.

If the blog on your webpage is informative, more people will click on it. Your website will have more dwell time, which is one of the ranking factors of Google. This will naturally push your website up in the SERPs.

Likewise, users are always looking for a good meme, video, picture, or even a written post on social media. If people encounter something they like, they share it with their friends. It won’t help with your search engine rankings, but it will get more engagement and traffic from social media.

Websites share original content like research, studies, and explainers. Investing in original content will earn you valuable backlinks from those websites, which improves your website’s credibility and increases the Domain Authority.

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Good and quality content gets you more customers


See, you have two ways to tell customers you exist: place your ads on every street of this internet world or make your way organically to the customers.

The first one is swift; it gets you noticed, but the effects are short-term. People see an ad, click on it, check out the product, and may or may not make a purchase. Also, people don’t share ads.

But, good quality content attracts people’s attention, holds it for a longer time, and convinces them of the product’s benefit. Also, many people share content.

Content marketing is the more effective tool to acquire new customers, retain the existing ones, and get the trust back of your old customers.

With content marketing, your options are so many that you won’t be able to use all of them in a lifetime. There are at least 105 types of content that you can fill your editorial calendar with.

If you are consistently creating high-quality content, you are doing one thing: adding value to your customers’ experience without taking anything from them.

The customers appreciate content that adds value to their experience answers their question and increase their knowledge. If you have engaged customers with high-quality content, you can easily make them take action by placing a CTA anywhere on the page.

If I am reading a blog that lucidly answers all my questions about buying a good quality  Wi-Fi booster, by the time I reach the end of the blog, if there is a CTA asking me to purchase a Wi-Fi booster, I will immediately do so because I don’t have any more questions.

Establish a brand


Whenever there is a talk of a quiz, only one name pops up: Buzzfeed. The company has established itself as a brand with two types of content: listicles and quiz.

They target a young audience who like fun-filled activities and want to know more about themselves. So, they give them a quiz that relates them to a movie character, cartoon, or even zodiac.

Moz is known for its in-depth guide on every aspect of SEO. Neil Patel is known for his lucid explanation of complex topics. This is how distinctive content helps you carve a name for yourself.

Establishing a brand is important for two reasons:
  1. Brand name outlasts the product value.
  2. Customers are loyal to the brands they trust.

Good content is one of the ways to establish trust with the customers. Yes, product quality and service delivery play a role too, but content provides a simple and easiest way to establish brand loyalty.

Once you have won the trust of your customers as a brand that consistently delivers high-quality quantity. You have earned their loyalty for a lifetime.

To better target your audience with the content they like, you first have to find out your audience’s demographics.
  • What kind of audience you are targeting?
  • What is the age, gender, etc. of your audience?
  • Which type of content do they interact with the most?
  • What is their preferred social media channel?
  • What are the answers or products they are seeking?

Building an audience persona will answer these questions for you. for example, you find out that your audience is mostly college-going teenagers who interact mostly with TikTok and Snapchat.

So, the basic understanding is that youth is enticed more with memes and fun content. But, what kind of memes? Do they only want memes to laugh off? Or do they want memes with political take on prevailing issues?

If you target an audience across age groups and social strata, add an element of personalization to it. “Find more about yourself” or “this product is for you” are some of the ways you can add a personal touch to content marketing.

The more depth you touch with your audience personas, the better you will understand your audience.

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You can establish a brand authority


What brand would you consider an authority in a particular industry? Say you are looking for answers to a really complex tax problem. Now, you want to hire a firm that can help you sort the issue. At the moment, you don’t know which firm you would call for advice from. You are beginning your search with an open mind.

Here are some factors you’d probably consider:
  • Which firm has the experience in sorting the problem you are facing?
  • What price are they quoting for their consultation?
  • Which company has better reviews from past customers?

In your search, you come across a blog on a firm’s website that identifies the problem you are facing and explains its remedy. Now, you haven’t found such a detailed explanation of your problem on any other website.

You consider the firm an authority on the subject and immediately reach out to them. This is how good can establish brand authority. When you are known for creating in-depth and insightful content, other companies in your industry will quote you and refer to your content.

This will pin you as the industry’s authority and make it easier to earn customers’ trust.

High returns on low investment


What is the first thing we see before exploring a new horizon to expand our business? How much money will go into it?

With content marketing, you can earn very high rewards with a little investment. Content Marketing Institute says that content marketing costs 62% less than outbound and traditional marketing tactics.

The effectiveness of good content is that you have to put only time and money into creating it. But, after publishing it, it kind of takes care of the marketing on its own. Once your content has gone live on your preferred marketing channels, you just have to sit back and see it move ahead.

If users feel that your content has the quality, answers their questions, or even entertains them, they will share it. Did you have to do anything? No!

From one to two to hundreds of shares and backlinks; from getting more people to notice your brand to increase the dwell time on your website, your content swims the waters on its own.

So, good quality content gives high rewards for low investment and makes your marketing strategy effortless.

With the effectiveness of content marketing, it is no surprise that more content writing services offer their expertise to businesses to create high-quality and impactful content. Already, more businesses are investing in content creation and marketing to be rewarded from this gold mine.

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Final words


Good quality content has no match with other marketing efforts. While others rely more on ‘marketing’ content places more importance on ‘creation’ If your content creation is organized, it will certainly produce high-quality content.

Once you put this content out, it only accelerates the achievement of your marketing goals.

Author-Image-Ashley-RosaThis article is written by Ashley Rosa from Growth Proton. Ashley is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well.  She is crazy about chocolates. You can find her on Twitter.
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