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Are you looking for a Residential proxy server at an affordable price? There are several agencies and big organizations available in the market that offer you premium features at a budget price. However, you need to analyze several factors before making a final decision. Storm Proxies is one such a recognized service provider that is getting tremendous attention from users. Go through the following review on Residential Proxies by Storm Proxies to know everything about the offerings of this product:

About Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies entered into the proxy market in the year 2016 and it has achieved a huge customer base within such a short period. It has won the trust of several customers by creating a niche for itself. The residential proxies of this agency are extremely fast and they are highly budget-friendly. As the company is only a few years old, they have a limited pool of 70000 IP addresses which they would look forward to increasing in the coming time.

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Features Offered

Find the most important features related to the Residential proxy server offered by Storm Proxies below.


1. High Convenience for Users

number-rank-rating-point-order-1Most of the players in the market believe in offering a highly sophisticated system that includes APIs and browser extensions. However, Storm Proxies focuses on a simplistic approach that offers users better convenience. Users only need to pay for the ports and they get proxy gateways.

Even if you are dealing with proxies for the first time, you will find using IP addresses of Storm Proxies very simple. The overall dashboard interface is very easy to understand and it lets the user navigate through the entire functionality very smoothly. There are hardly any settings that need to be altered and you can get going within a matter of seconds.

2. Performance

number-rank-rating-point-order-2When it comes to performance, the Residential proxy server by Storm Proxies is delivering incredible performance at such a budget price. Users can enjoy smooth crawling and scraping of webpages without any connection errors.

3. Customer Support

number-rank-rating-point-order-3While most of the other industry players are offering live chat and phone support, Storm Proxies encourages you to get in touch with them through email. The response time is very quick and you will get a resolution to your query within 24 hours. Storm Proxies has an experienced and well-educated staff that is capable of resolving user queries within a quick time.

On the website of Storm Proxies, you will find a detail rate chart demonstrating the time frame within which the support tickets are managed. More than 40 percent of them are resolved in an hour and the remaining ones are managed in 24 hours. The amount of time required to resolve the query mainly depends upon the complexity of the issue.

4. IP Rotation

number-rank-rating-point-order-4Though Storm Proxies offer only minimal support for IP rotation, it is quite acceptable. It doesn’t offer IP rotation session by session but it offers IP rotation support every 5 minutes.

5. Anonymous IP

number-rank-rating-point-order-5Storm Proxies is taking the help of high-end technology to make proxies anonymous. The agency makes sure that your IP will remain hidden and you will enjoy all the services without fear of losing your privacy.

6. Static IP

number-rank-rating-point-order-6Storm Proxies also offers you dedicated IP which is easily compatible with the software of your choice. Regardless of the situation, the IP will remain constant and you can use it with the services that require stable IP.

7. Availability of Unlimited Bandwidth

number-rank-rating-point-order-7Storm Proxies offers you unlimited bandwidth which makes it stand out in the competition. There are no limits placed on Bandwidth and you get everything without paying any hidden costs.

8. Instant Proxies

number-rank-rating-point-order-8Most of the other industry players want you to wait for a short time from the moment you purchase the proxy to the moment you start using them. In the case of Storm Proxies, things are quite quick. Users can start utilizing proxies the very next moment after they purchase the plan.

9. Usage Restrictions on Illegal Activity

number-rank-rating-point-order-9Storm Proxies put strict restrictions on torrents, hacking or any other form of illegal activity. This is the key reason why the company has got such a large base of long term and trustworthy customers.


The following are the few current limitations in the Residential Proxy servers offered by Storm Proxies. They should improve these over time.


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1. Less Geographical Coverage

Point 1Storm Proxies is new in the industry and its coverage is restricted to only a few countries. Currently, it offers services only in the European region and the US. This leads to limitations on users to target only a couple of regions. However, the company has some plans to expand its services in some other countries and you may hear the announcement on the same in the coming time.

2. IP Pool

Point 2When we compare Storm proxies with other industry players, it has a limited number of residential IPs in their basket. No matter what plan you opt for, users are granted access to only 40,000 IPs which is quite low.

3. Unavailability of Free Trial

Point 3Storm Proxies doesn’t offer any free trial but they provide a 24-hour money-back guarantee for their users. You can subscribe to any of the plans of agency and if you are not satisfied with their services then you can claim a refund within 24 hours. This makes this product risk-free and users won’t hesitate to subscribe to plan and give a shot.

4. Limited Authentication

Point 4When it comes to proxies, most of the users prefer in dealing with two methods of authentication. The first one is IP authentication and another one is Username & Password authentication. Storm Proxies believes in simplicity and it offers only one method of authentication which is IP authentication.

How Rotating Proxy Exactly Works?

The Rotating proxy process is extremely easy and simple to understand. It doesn’t involve APIs or IP replacements. This leads to a lot of simplicity and it also saves a significant amount of time. Users will avail multiple Proxy gateway IPs which they can enter in the software that creates proxy connection. Once done, users don’t need to alter IP in the software as the entire proxy rotation happens automatically.

Plans & Pricing

The Residential proxy plans of Storm Proxies are not sold based on bandwidth which most of the other agencies do. The plans are categorized according to the number of ports and each of the plans discussed below offers you access to only one IP address. What it means is that you can use it for only a single PC. You can go to the member area and choose between EU IPs and USA IPs. The proxy rotating duration for each of the plans is only 5 minutes.


1. Residential Proxies (5 Ports)

Residential Proxies by Storm Proxies - Plan 1It is a very basic plan that offers you Residential IPs poof of around 40000. You need to pay $10 for one port which means you will be billed $50 every month. This plan comes with a single access IP and unlimited bandwidth. It is an ideal plan for users who want a lesser number of ports and sitting on a lower budget. This plan also comes with a 24 hours money-back guarantee which gives users incredible flexibility while making a final purchase decision.

2. Residential Proxies (10 Ports)

Residential Proxies by Storm Proxies - Plan 2Similar to a basic plan, it offers unlimited bandwidth and once access IP. You also get access to Residential IPs Pool of 40000. This plan costs you $90 per month which means you are priced at $9 per port.

3. Residential Proxies (20 Ports)

Residential Proxies by Storm Proxies - Plan 3If you are looking for multiple ports then this plan is a perfect choice for you. With a cost of $8 per port, you also get 1 Access IP and unlimited bandwidth. The Residential IPs Pool of 40000 makes your job quite easy.

4. Residential Proxies (50 Ports)

Residential Proxies by Storm Proxies - Plan 4It is best for users who are looking for a large number of ports. Opting for 50 ports means you will be priced at only $6 per port. Unlimited bandwidth and 1 Access IP are some other features that you can avail with this plan.

If you are looking for a small package than the above-mentioned plans then you need to pay $19 every month for a single port. If you are Pro user and wish for something bigger than the above-listed plans then you can opt for 100 ports plan that will cost you only $550 monthly.

Residential Proxies of Storm Proxies are Optimized for:


  • Multiple account registration.
  • Travel fare aggregation.
  • Product page intelligence.
  • Email Protection.
  • Data Verification.
  • Web crawling and scraping.
  • Pricing intelligence.
  • Brand protection.
  • SEO monitoring.
  • Market research.
  • Ad verification.
  • Traffic bots.
  • Scraping sites.
  • All other actions that involve dealing with multiple IP addresses.
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The Bottom Line:

Residential Proxies by Storm Proxies - conclusion

Though Storm Proxies doesn’t offer you high-end features that you look for in premium plans, it gives you features that are above par at such an affordable price. After going through the list of unique functionalities that Storm Proxies offer in their Residential Proxy server, you can overlook its limitations. Storm Proxies is not a company that you can overlook because of something they are lacking. The diversity of products and plans is one of the key things that separate Storm Proxies from other service providers.

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Though Storm Proxies doesn’t offer you high-end features that you look for in premium plans, it gives you features that are above par at such an affordable price. After going through the list of unique functionalities that Storm Proxies offer, you can overlook its limitations.

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