NordVPN vs SiteLock VPN – Which One is Best for You?

In today’s times when accessing multiple sites of variegated types become more than essential, resorting to VPN services is nothing out of the odds. For starters, VPN implies Virtual Private Network that helps in creating a secure connection to another such network, sans internet. Haven’t we often heard of regions that restrict the usage of one or more websites? VPN can easily be used to browse through such sites; all forms of activities conducted therein can be shielded from the rest of the world. And this includes Wi-Fi, yes!.

VPN: Then & Now

Virtual Private Network - VPN

With the passage of time, VPNs’ popularity has increased by several notches. In the present times, a vast majority of sites require it and for obvious reasons. In fact, several businesspersons or entrepreneurs who outsource projects often had to deal with this issue. But let me tell you something interesting here- the original reason for setting up VPNs was completely different. It was primarily meant to connect business networks in a secure manner over the internet. Even those who had home-based business enterprises could take the help of this amazing service for their benefit.

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How does the VPN work?


The working principle of VPNs was basically very simple. These forward all the network traffic to the other network and this is exactly where the advantages lie; in terms of bypassing censorship of the internet. Also, few operating systems have integrated VPN support. So, while working on your WordPress, you might not have faced much of difficulty; but this could have been possible had you worked from a country or region that prevented the free access of the site.

When connecting the computer (or even smartphones and tablets) to VPN, the former acts exactly like on any other local network as a VPN. So, almost all the network traffic travels via a very secure connection to the VPN. In this way, you get to access all the local network resources in a safe and secure manner, regardless of where you are. As you keep browsing the web staying connected to a VPN, the computer tends to contact the website via the encrypted VPN connection. Then the response from the concerned website is also forwarded via the connection made. One good example would be Netflix. So, if you’ve resorted to a USA based VPN to access the site, then it will be seen as that coming from within the country. That’s indeed great, right?

How to know which one works best for you?


“Since times have changed and so has requirements and purposes, hence the best VPNs would be those that help you mask the online activities from all forms of government surveillance.” – as Mandee Rose, the chief editor of VPN comparison site, mentioned in one of her recent articles.

In addition to that, you would experience no difficulty downloading and working with torrents and P2P anonymously.  You can also watch the geo-blocked programming and sports in countries that restrict few common sites like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon and such.

Among the many that have currently flooded the market, NordVPN and SiteLock VPN is enjoying rave reviews all over the world. In this piece, it would be a great idea to learn more about them.


nordvpnBest meant for workplaces and organizations that require getting remote access to multiple business resources internally, NordVPN is a superb choice for keeping internet connections and networks secure. This one tends to add just another extra layer of security to keep communications fine. The makers of the VPN service have, in fact, added very strong encryption to all forms of internal and external traffic to prevent third parties from accessing any information meant to be kept confidential. The location is based in Panama and the VPN has been working in full swing since 2016. Pricing has undergone changes, yet it is still preferred for a feasible rating. The best deals are available for purchasers at the website and options are indeed aplenty. In fact, the good part about this VPN is a free trial.

Know more about NordVPN

SiteLock VPN

sitelock-vpnImagine your site getting an SSL certificate; do you need anything more? What most people fail to realize is that the SSL encryption works to secure data transference between the site and its visitors. In this way, the website isn’t protected. There is a likelihood of cyber attacks and malware, so website security becomes a prime concern as well. Using SiteLock VPN, most business owners have actually heaved a sigh of relief! And that’s primarily because there’s provision for strong, robust and effective anti-malware technology. All these are presented in a rather simple, hassle-free dashboard to help secure the site. The best value rates of the VPN are also present on the website to facilitate ease in choice and decision making on the part of the buyers.

Know more about SiteLock VPN

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NordVPN vs SiteLock VPN: Comparative Analysis


In order to proceed with the purchase, it makes for a wise decision to evaluate and analyze the basic components, features and pricing details of both.

NordVPN vs SiteLock VPN: Analysis 1

NordVPN vs SiteLock VPN - number-rank-rating-point-order-1As experts rightly pointed out, NordVPN is akin to magic with its Netflix unblocking facility. Also, it has P2P optimized servers and the appeal lies in its Bitcoin supporting and malware blocking ability.  Among its effective features, the effective kill switch, unlocking the power of Netflix, iPlayer, high-end and speedy live chat support indeed work wonders. Sadly, the support site often needs a little bit of work. The client UI issues and above-average pricing pull down the growing popularity of this VPN.

On the other hand, SiteLock VPN as a provider offers unlimited access to the internet, without privacy concerns surfacing at the top. The data caps and privacy concerns are add-ons too. You can easily resort to SiteLock VPN for its availability extends to Apple device, Android and Windows. All you need to do is install the VPN and log in with your username and password and click on ‘connect’. Most businesspersons swear on it owing to the help it provides in keeping the business data secure. Besides, it is available for a multi-seat license and that ensures the remote employees’ safety is guaranteed.

NordVPN vs SiteLock VPN: Analysis 2

NordVPN vs SiteLock VPN - number-rank-rating-point-order-2As regards privacy concerns, NordVPN stands a winner in every sense. Even a representative of the company said that there’s no profit gained via the sale of users’ data. There is zero possibility of generating any revenue from sources, barring the subscriptions of customers. The VPN is based and also works under the legal jurisdiction of Panama, wherein no stringent laws are binding upon the company to retain data for a certain period of time, and this includes log data. Overall, customers are quite content with the use of it, as evident from reviews.

On the other hand, SiteLock efficiently combines the kill switch with the auto-reconnect function to keep the VPN running when staying connected to the internet. In case, the VPN service loses connection midway, the kill switch can disconnect from the internet to offer additional protection. In much the same way, the auto-reconnect tries to connect to the nearest server possible instantly. So, you might find yourself back online without having to work extra for establishing the reconnection. There’s no log policy here as well, which means no information gets stored while you access the service of it. The only deterrent is that they not mention the VPN services in their privacy policy. So, no official document supports this statement. Additionally, there is DNS leak protection too.

NordVPN vs SiteLock VPN: Analysis 3

NordVPN vs SiteLock VPN - number-rank-rating-point-order-3Users who have switched to NordVPN look up to it for its consistency and definitely, customer support. It is far easier to use and protects the privacy aspect better. The support rendered is also way ahead than most others. As most people have said that the double encrypted VPN allows easy navigation without being seen, yet staying safe. And what more do you need to speak about a VPN that provides a free trial too?

SiteLock is fairly new, just launched in 2019. So, it has a lot of scopes to grow and expand in terms of rendering support to users. Frankly speaking, starting with the main page for the service, there are few broken buttons and errors in copywriting that act as potent glitches. Also, the FAQ page still doesn’t contain entries for VPN service. In other words, the general information on the web page, blogs and more are all that you have, for no other reading material can be found. The good thing is that the VPN offers 24/7 customer care and support via live chat, phone, and email facilities. On social media pages, it’s active on Facebook and Twitter.

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The Bottom Line

NordVPN vs SiteLock VPN - conclusion-final-words-end-finish-bottom-line

Overall, both the VPNs have secured a fan base for their own. And pricing wise, NordVPN no doubt is a tad expensive. But SiteLock VPN with its large network and no dedicated servers for streaming or torrent downloads is still preferred, largely because of the speed. However, it might disappoint you if customization is what you seek.

There are pros and cons of each; it depends completely upon you or the company or individual concerned to resort to the best VPN. Currently, both are running strong and you can freely make your choice.

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