Top 10 Most Recommended Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Are you aware of this thing that your own website can be a way of making the money? If someone also wants to earn some decent amount of money, then blogging is the best option.

The first rule is ‘Never Quit’ whatever happens. We said this because most of the bloggers leave their hope on seeing fewer amounts in their account. Firstly, make your mind and decide whether you want to make money or not by keeping your high expectation aside. Focus on the requirement of the online business and follow simple steps to monetize your blogs.

Follow the basic principles


On making the high-traffic blog ready, you can start monetizing. Though, there are some basic tactics that have to be followed to get the proper monetization.

  1. Make your content the priority: If you have decided to make the money, then put some efforts to make the project successful. Don’t lose in the chase of making money. Always prioritize the quality of content.
  2. Try to keep it attractive: It is a fact making money is really tasteful and depends on the quality of blogs created.
  3. Do the scaling gradually: Scaling is done gradually by outing so much of efforts. You should be familiar with the mechanism of monetization.

Learn the ways of monetizing the blog


1) Pay per click advertisement

Ways to Monetize Blog - Point 1What like it sounds to you? It simply means that you will be paid if a visitor goes to your website and click the ads. It shows an excellent work to those websites who want to have large numbers of traffic.

The marketing team thus has to play a smart role as today’s internet users are well aware of all the techniques surfacing the market. They know about which links can take them to the useful content. To do the needful, it is necessary that there must be a huge traffic on the website to make money. To perform well, you have to add your PPC ads on different pages and attract the visitors.

The experts suggest not putting the ads at the bottom as visitors ignore them. With the help of proper analysis, the expert places the ads accordingly and keeps a check on a regular interval. This shows the importance of your content.

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2) Cost per mile advertising

Ways to Monetize Blog - Point 2It is just like PPC advertising in a number of ways. Instead of per click, you are paid for every 1000 impressions. This is like getting $1 after getting 1000 impression. The experts say that it is the most convenient for making money and earn a good package. Again, the needle stops at the amount of traffic.

The success only comes when the content is good and able to get the visitors.

3) Building an email list

Ways to Monetize Blog - Point 3Building an email list is another way of making the money. Here, we discuss some of the points to grow your email list.

  • Propose a freebie to the clients: It is the best and quickest manner of building an email list. Every reader wants a reason to read your email and subscribe to the newsletter. Thereof, it becomes important to target the audience by offering some freebie as people are crazy about free things.
  • Attract more traffic: It doesn’t matter if your offer is very good; the main thing is that it must be powerful enough to draw the traffic. The more email means you are at the right way.
  • Making use of ideal autoresponder: Get serious about making the email list and for that, you definitely need an autoresponder. As we know, to run a business an appropriate amount of customers are also needed. And, for this list building is the most important thing. For that, an autoresponder is available.
  • Taking effective call to actions: Frankly speaking, the readers are fed up with hearing ‘subscribe’ or ‘get free updates’. Rather you can use some interesting quotations like ‘Grab your freebie now’. It can easily convince the visitors to subscribe your mailing lists.
  • Make smart use of social media: Social media is yet another way to get a lead against your competitors. It is getting powerful day-by-day and shows an immense increase. So, spend some quality time on social media to track the competition and find the approach to reach the visitors.

4) Using Text Link Ads

Ways to Monetize Blog - Point 4The experts suggest that using the text link ads are good you to earn a good amount of money. Adding useful links ads make the reader buy different products while reviewing the website. However, placing the links on a proper site is very important to gain the high traffic.

5) Using advertising widgets

Ways to Monetize Blog - Point 5Very new in the market, advertising widget is the latest approach to making money. Using the widgets is a path to earning the mixture of different types of monetization.

6) Advertising space

Ways to Monetize Blog - Point 6It is also the best way of blogging or website monetization. With this, you do not need any kind of third-party advertisement agency. You just need a sponsor for advertising your website. Basically, the owners place this advertising space for a specific period of time. This method needs a high level of traffic at your website.

7) Go for RSS Adverts

Ways to Monetize Blog - Point 7The most common way of blog monetization is using RSS Adverts and hence, used by millions of bloggers and owners. We encourage you to go for RSS Adverts to earn some amount of handsome money.

8) Getting Audio Advertisement

Ways to Monetize Blog - Point 8The latest method in the market is to avail Audio Advertisement. In includes Pay per play method in which whenever someone plays an audio advertisement on your website or blog, you will be paid for that. The best thing is you will be paid according to the frequency of playing the sponsor’s ad present on the website.

9) What about Pop-Ups or lightboxes

Ways to Monetize Blog - Point 9Many of the business owners are looking forward towards the use of pop-ups and lightboxes so as to attract the potential customers and converting them into a loyal one. But, be precautious of using too many of pop-ups as it can annoy the visitors. Therefore, the smart use of pop-ups is very necessary to enhance the e-mail subscribers.

10) Opting for affiliate marketing

Ways to Monetize Blog - Point 10The process of monetizing the blog is simple, but one has to follow the steps to earn the money. Marketing is the way of branding your work and attracting a long list of the clients. Blogging helps in doing business Blogging not only used for attracting the visitors to the website but is a way to act as a credible resource.

Without any question, it has become a crucial component to get a higher position in the search engine ranking. If we hear the experts, then it is required for an effectual marketing strategy to get the higher conversion rate.

Get the help of blog to rank in search engine


Never avoid the blogging if you want to hold back your position. What companies do is invite the guests to write the blogs. This is a smart tactic of marketing strategy. In case blogger has less time to write something, he can follow some basic tips to still increase the position.

  1. Play the linking game: For any product pages, it is important to add some useful links. This is how a site can achieve a higher ranking.
  2. Use the appropriate keyphrase: Keyphrases have the perfect place to be placed and that is your blog. Therefore, it is important to use the appropriate key phrases to enhancing the position of the blogs
  3. Bring on the images: To give a visual appeal to the website, using the right images are important to attract the visitors.

Blogs are the way to tell stories

Blogs give someone the opportunity to share their experience, stories, views or approaches related to the business. These are proven to be a one-on-one connection to create the relationship with the clients and earn the credibility. By direct connecting with the customers, one can easily gain more value of the customers.

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Get connected with the traditional media


The best way of opening door to various opportunities, blogs have become the life of many websites. A well written and unique content has the potential to spread among the readers and gain lots of appreciation. It can also land someone business to the height of success and popularity.

From small to large business, everyone needs blogs to create fruitful revenue. The basic need of uploading the blog into a website is to drive the potential customers towards it and earn a specific amount of money directly from the blog. Creating a good foundation for monetizing the blog is the basic fundamental and uses the blogs as per the requirements of the clients.

The money you can make online with a blog

The real value cannot come out until ads are not put up on the websites. There are many people who make six-figure salaries. For this, they frequently update the blogs so that the readers appreciate them.

Blogging is like making some serious cash. Show your full dedication to do your work and force the reader to come back. Just stick to the blogging world so that you can easily get noticed by the readers.

Coming to the topic, one can make the money according to the time to update the blog on the website.

It requires continuous working to make some good amount of money. Google AdSense can also be used as effective options to place the advertisements.

Start finding the new opportunities

Man Reading Touchscreen Blog Digital Tablet

When you start the method of monetizing your blog, many opportunities come towards you. Either it is related to the advertising or promoting some products, blogs provide a platform for doing the marketing of a brand. The new opportunities only come when the business is run by the different mindset and looking for the new ways of approaching.

Concluding the article, we just want to say that makes the money from a blog by increasing the number of readers and also enhances the count of first-time visitors. The first-time readers are defined as those who read the information for very first time, click the PPC ads and subscribe the RSS feed. Whereas, the regular ones are basically the one who help the business person to sell banner ads, text link ads, affiliate products and purchasing the eBooks.

While monetizing the blogs, it becomes important to keep a focus on the content. If you use more ads or links than the content, then the blog is not of any use. The tips are really beneficial for those who want to make the career in the blog writing.

Author-Image-MattThis article is written by Matt. Matt has experience in the digital marketing sector, prominent for consulting and motivational skill sets. He is the combined package of the trainer, personal coach, national speaker, business coach and provide a safe solution for you to connect with businesses and freelancers from all over the world. He is currently associated with FreelanceMyWay.

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