How to Make Your Website More Interactive for Visitors

Having an appealing and informative website can help your business greatly. When done the right way, a website can be used as a tool to produce quality sales leads. As time goes by, you may start to notice elements about your website that need to be changed. Making a website more interactive for visitors is a fantastic way to keep them interested and engaged. In order to bring your vision of a more interactive website to life, you will need to hire an experienced web designer to help you out. Read below to find out how to make your website more interactive.

Ask Visitors for Ratings and Reviews

Are you trying to increase user interaction on your website? Asking your audience for feedback, whether it be through comments or ratings is a great way to increase interaction. Devising a way to ask for this feedback without seeming too pushy or intrusive is essential.

Negative Feedback may harm your business - Make interactive website for visitors

Using things like pop-ups to ask for feedback can come off as a bit spammy. Rather than using pop-ups, you can put the request for feedback or reviews at the end of your content pieces. If you want to make your website stand out, use emoticons rather than the standard star-rating system.

Use Quizzes and Polls on Your Website

In the past few years, interactive content like quizzes and polls have exploded in popularity. Using this type of content on your website can help you gain valuable insights about your customers. But, before putting a poll or quiz out on your website, you need to test it thoroughly.

Online Reputation Management - Make interactive website for visitors

Moreover, this will allow you to gauge how aesthetically pleasing the images in your polls and quizzes are. Checking out some review sites like, or even can be helpful. You can check how they interact their users with several options. Once you have the information, you should have no problem finding your best way to proceed on your website.

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Gamification and Rewards Can Be Helpful

If you are looking for a way to keep your audience interested and engaged, using gamification techniques like points and levels can be effective. Adding these elements to the comment sections of your articles and blogs can help you get more comments and shares. Having a leaderboard that shows which customers comment the most on your content can also help you to keep readers interested.

Don’t Forget Social Media Buttons

The valuable pieces of content on your blog should always feature social media share buttons. Having these buttons placed in easy to find locations around your website is crucial when trying to increase customer interaction. The easier it is for customers to find these social share buttons, the higher the chance will be of them sharing it.

Online Marketing - Social Media - Make interactive website for visitors

Instead of using the same social share buttons as other websites, you should have your web designer create buttons that match the overall design of your site. By doing this, you can make your site more appealing.

Post User-Generated Content

Allowing users to generate content that is then published on your website is also a great way to increase the interactivity. Showing your customers that you value and appreciate them is a great way to keep them engaged and interested in your company.

Writing articles that directly quote a user’s comment is a good idea. Taking the top comments from some of your most popular posts and using them in an article can help you increase the amount of attention and shares it gets.

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Internal Linking is Essential

Once you have attracted a visitor to your website, you want them to view as many pages as possible. The best way to get a new visitor to visit multiple pages on your site is by creating internal links in your blog posts.

link building - Make interactive website for visitors

You need to make sure the internal links you create are relevant to the article they are placed in. If you are trying to increase your website’s search engine rankings, you may want to consider creating external links in your blogs as well.

Consulting with marketing and web design professionals can help you make your site more interactive. Making your website easy to use is a key part of keeping visitors engaged and interested in your company.

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