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Mobile Phones are the most attractive necessity of everyday life. Mobile Phones have come a long way from earlier stages. From Black & White screens to color screens, from keypad design to touch phones Mobile phones have emerged as a basic necessity. With the passage of time and advancement in the technology, the use of mobile phones is becoming more versatile. iPhone has come up with the idea of iStore where users not only can download different applications and games but also can upload their own built applications and games. Google has come up with the idea to launch android market way back in 2008 and have changed the name to Google play in July 2012.

Android Operating System has been the talk of every town since its launch way back in 2007. The earlier versions have very limited facilities but with the advancement in the technology Android has evolved as well. The world wide manufacturers like HTC and Samsung collaborated with Google under Open Handset Alliance to develop Android operating system with Google having the major share of around 75 percent of them. Initially Google has Android Market as their apps platform but have emerged and got the facelift with the launch of Google play. Now people can enjoy these Apps in their mobiles by downloading them. Android is an operating system that has been based on Linux. First and foremost it is designed for the touch screen mobile like Tablet computers and smart phones.

In 2007, Android was launched under OHA. OHA is a group of telecommunication, software and hardware companies dedicated to improving wide standards for mobile devices. It is very important to know how the Android has been architected. The Android Open Source is also known as Software Stack. Every layer of the stack has combined together numerous programs that support the functions of defined operating system. Kernel is the base of these stacks. Android kernel has been built by using the Linux version 2.6. These include security setting, power management software, memory management programs and various hardware drivers.

By the end of 2012, there were probably 700,000 Apps that were available on Android and same estimation of various number of downloading of Google Play. The primary Play store of Android is 25 Billion. In July 2012, Google has revamped its android market and first play store see the sunlight. Google has wanted to introduce Google Music, Google books and Google Videos, magazines, stories, television programs, movies and various games. In this regard it needs a platform through which it could introduce its areas of interests. There was a need of unified platform so that everything that has been a part of the same product could compete with the presented product in the market. Play store is not a complicated thing; people just need a touch screen mobile and an internet access. Open internet on your mobile phone and now you can use and enjoy the play store. In fact, Play store is a new version of previous existing Apps. There are no hard and fast features that could carry out the mind of its users. It is just a little effort to re-brand and gather similar services in a new name. The example of this play store is like Google Music has become the Google Play Music and so on.

The name has changed, it appears as Google Play in the app drawer and same on the website, but it does not mean that you lose something. People lose and waste nothing. Technologies and advancement have never loose or waste anything so as the Google Play Store. Play Store is a warehouse of things where you can purchase but in actual it is an attempt to get experience of shopping. It is updated daily and you get various Apps on daily basis. But they are not offering these deals for Movies and Books. So, you have to purchase your interested App and you are then ready to install it. Google make it easy to get access towards the new services.

By introducing the Play Store, Google has generated this single platform that is concerned to the concept of buying things. It also enables it’s users through this concept to get live on the clouds to be able to access it on any place where there is an internet facility. So, when the new services are introduced with a mobile hub, they automatically get attached as the new features to the Play. The services are continued to develop from this frame. Google Play Apps are self-sufficient Android Package files. Google play itself does not install the applications rather it asks devices of Package Manager Services to install them.

In Google Play Store Music various artists have launched free music and albums through this store. The user can automatically create a playlist by using a well known feature Instant Mix. They are offering about 4 million of books with different titles, which comprise the world’s largest collection of e-books. Google applications are free of cost they can be installed via devices or the Google Play store. Those apps that are purchase able can be refund if people do not like them within the 15 minutes from the time of download. Those who use 3.9.16 versions are capable to remove or delete the apps from the list of ‘All Apps’ on device only.

From its predecessor known as Android Market, Google play has played a significant role in capturing the attention of the mobile users. Google has merged all the applications in one platform and since its launch in July 2012, more than 0.15 million applications have been developed and at an estimate more than 30 billion downloads of those applications have been done. Google is trying to capture more and more attention of its valued customers by introducing new services. For this they have announced gift cards for its users. Furthermore, they are also removing malicious applications from the play store to keep the interest of the users intact.

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