Different Features of Motion Detection for Security System (Java)

Motion detection security system is one of the most famous Java systems that helps and protect people. This is used in houses, malls, offices and now the advanced security system is also working in the mobiles. Security has become the most important priority throughout the world. People want to save themselves from becoming a victim of a crime. Motion Detection system helps people in making their lives, places and personal goods save from the thieves and other criminal people. This system is sensitive for and capable of detecting the heat of a presence body in an intended area. When the alarm system detects the heat of a body in a specified area it automatically starts to buzzer or siren to alarm the owner of that system. This system benefits human in numerous ways. The rate of crime has reduced and it also reduces the cost of human expenditures. This system is also called surveillance system.

This system has been operated by human who used to sit behind the PC or a wireless PDA, it approaches the pre-implied content that has been captured by several surveillance cameras, which are helpful in describing what movement has been done in front of these cameras at some earlier time. People who are operating these systems have to be sharp, intelligent and quick in action. This system needs the presence of mind all the time. So, lazy and low capable persona re not appointed to operate these systems. The most famous and used motion detection security system is Video Motion Detection Security System. There are various motion detection techniques that have been projected, but three of them are the most used techniques and approaches: Background subtraction, optical flow and temporal differencing. Background subtraction the process of this technique is to use a model of background and get a current or present image then compares both of them. Background subtracts the general view of the image but optical flow is an approximation of the confined image and specifies the difference between the first image and the next image or adjacent image. Optical motion uses the main functionality of background subtraction to have the things keep going. This difference of getting image by getting subtraction can lead us to get image only at a specific time and heed to be accessed more. As far as smoothness of the video is concerned each and every pixel or frame should have catered. Temporal differencing collects two or three consecutive frames and then based compare them.

For motion detection two things are necessary i.e.

  • Hardware
  • Software

Before having software, we should have a system capable enough to support the software that is going to be installed in the computer. With in computer system we require a micro-controller along with Radio Frequency Receiver and Radio Frequency Received and an interface that will control all the processors that are being installed. Just like a transmitter we much h Radio Frequency Receiver. The Receiver must consist of a Platform on which the application will run. They must also contain on single piece RF receiver, RF camera, motor driver and IR LED’s. After having a hardware system, there is a need of software system that helps in operating the detection security system. The software has based on four important modes that operate the whole system. They are all independent modes. The first mode is PC Controlled mode. There is a need of a computer system that has been placed inside the home, office or any other building and the camera has been placed outside the main door of the building. It captures images and objects from the outside situation and transfers it to the PC. There is a mobile platform that has been controlled by control center. This mobile platform is consisting of four things: micro controller, mobile driver, IR led and power supply. The control centre is using a Visual GUI program that has been developed by the use of Micro Visual Studio 6.0. When the camera has received any video it gives signals to the platform and re video receiver then user control the platform system. The second mode is called Internet Controlled Mode. In this mode, it is not necessary that it has been controlled in the present building. It has server programming that can control the system while remaining in some other building. But the camera is needed to place in the required building. It is the extension of the PC Controlled Mode. In this there is a client-server that is incorporated. This mode is helpful for the approved client PC to control the platform with the help of internet from a distant location. All control gears for directing the mobile platform when the client gets log on to the main control center. Camera has transmitted the instant images of the location that mounted on the platform.

The mobile platform then used to create correct signals. The third mode is known as Tracing Mode. Tracing Mode is using a program that is called MATLAB. The MATLAB has stored the color information of the object into the control centre. When the Tracing Mode system has started work then it follows the object whose information has been stored by MATLAB program. This program describes the image processing of the specified object when it comes in front of the camera. Then it generates some control signals towards the mobile platform to trace out the object. It basically deals with the background subtraction technique. In which background matters a lot. The fourth and the last mode is Motion Detection Mode. The procedure of this mode involves the mobile platform that focuses on a specific object which is the priority of security concern. This mode has added a security alarm system on the requirement. That produces buzzers and sirens when some object is tried to touch the camera or even passes from the camera. This sensitizes the heat of some human body and start alarming the system.

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