Animated Explainer Videos in your Online Marketing Strategy

A good video can express thousands of words and also engage visitors very easily. Instead of a written document, a visual presentation is always much more attractive and easy to sink into viewers mind. Along with the popularity of videos, the video marketing is now becoming a very effective strategy for online marketers.  And here it comes the importance of Animated Explainer Videos. An Animated Explainer Video can be your perfect idea to promote your business to the whole world. By this article, today we will know all about the Animated Explainer Videos and how we can implement it in our next online marketing strategy.

What is Animated Explainer Videos?

Animated Explainer Videos

Basically, animation explainer video is a short type of visually animated storytelling video. It can express any working ideas or anything to the world. This is a very entertaining way to express your message to all your customers. If you can able to express your thoughts and ideas to your customers without boring them, what else you need? This can surely help your customers to understand your offering easily and will definitely increase your conversion rate.

Examples of Animated Explainer Videos

Here I am adding 2 great examples of animated explainer videos. The first video is produced by the Amazon Web Services to introduce the Amazon RDS for Aurora. And the second video is the explainer video developed by the team of Dropbox to provide an easy understanding of how Dropbox works.

Example #1 :: Introduction to Amazon RDS for Aurora

Example #2 :: What is Dropbox?

How can Animated Explainer Videos increase Website Sales?

Animated Explainer Videos - Increase Online Sale

Animated explainer videos are undoubtedly one of the latest marketing strategies which people likes and appreciate the most. So when there are appreciations from customers, successes will definitely go to shake hand. But try to make good, worthy and clear explainer videos, which in return will do the entire job of promoting your services or products to the entire mass of people you want to target. The video should be attractive, well animated and to-the-point. A good explainer video can increase your sale 60-85%.

How to implement Animated Explainer Videos in your Online Marketing Strategy?

You can implement animated explainer videos in your online marketing strategy in various ways. Here I am explaining the 3 best ways:

1) Adding the Video on your Landing Page:

Animated Explainer Videos - Landing Page

You can make your website landing page much more expressive by adding your explainer videos. Try to place this video toward the top of the page. This can make sure that your website visitors will surely notice the video. This can increase the chance that your visitors will see the video and so they get a good idea about your product or service. You can practically able to tell your buyers why your product or service is better and why should they purchase it. As attractive your videos will be, you can expect a better conversion rate.

The R&D team of Qudos Animations has done a research on the conversion rate by using animated explainer videos in various ways on many of their client’s websites. They have found the most hikes in the conversion rate can be achieved by placing your video on your website landing page. They have also pointed out that there is an additional 15-20% increase in conversion rate if you place your video toward the top of your landing page.

2) Different types of Explainer Videos:

Different types of Animated Explainer Videos

One video to explain your products or services is fine. Many videos to explain different aspects of your products or service are even better. Once your customer sees your first video and gets attracted toward your product or service, they will definitely start surfing your website to get more information. Now, here is your chance to provide them some other explainer videos. It can be like how your checkout process works, what steps you follow to provide your service, what are the questions your customers ask you frequently etc. These additional videos will definitely increase the confidence of your customers towards your products or services.

3) Adding your Videos on your Email Marketing Campaign:

Animated Explainer Videos - Email Marketing Campaign

This is the most interesting way to promote your animated explainer videos. If you have an email list of your customers who prefer to receive a periodic newsletter from you, can send them newsletters containing your video. But you need to optimize the newsletter correctly. Make sure your newsletter is relevant. Use a relevant Subject for your email and also try to include the word “VIDEO” in your subject line. Adding the word “VIDEO” in the subject line can increase the chance that your customer will view the email.

Add some intro text in your email and then add an image (or animated GIF image) that will fit well with your videos. Then make sure to link that image with the link to your website where the customer can watch the video. Then send the email newsletter to your mailing lists. This can surely help to increase your website traffic as well as conversion.


Animated Explainer Videos - conclusion

Hopefully, I have explained you well what an Animated Explainer Video is and how you can make full use of it on your next marketing campaign. And believe me, this can really bring wonder to your business whether small or big. Implementing the procedure will definitely boost your business sales and website traffic as well.

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