8 Point Checklist for Video Marketing

Videos are fast becoming the preferred form of marketing content, according to research published by the Aberdeen Group. Unlike many other forms of marketing, which have nebulous returns, videos often demonstrate significantly and high ROI for most of the companies which use it. And best of all, a video can be used for many of the same tasks as more traditional text content, from lead generation to building brand awareness.

With that in mind, we’ve taken pains to gather some of the best video marketing tips and tricks, and consolidating them into a simple 8 point checklist.

Narrow Down Your Objectives!

Video Marketing - Point 1A video view isn’t worth much unless you’re connecting it to an objective of some kind. Measuring ROI is difficult with all manner of social media posts, but videos can be particularly difficult. Is the goal to attract new visitors or potential clients? Is it to inform existing ones? Or to increase conversions? To send viewers to your website? Once you know what the objective of a video is, you’ll be better equipped to measure its success.

Plan Your Video Duration

Video Marketing - Point 2Did you know that more than half of viewers click away from a video at the 2-minute mark, regardless of how long the video is? So don’t waste time and money making very long videos; instead aim for short, punchy videos which provide a lot of value, and aim for the 2 to 3 minutes mark for the most bang for your buck in terms of customer engagement and production value. Even Forbes tells you to keep your videos short!

Delete Poorly Performing Videos

Video Marketing - Point 3Having any kind of content, video or otherwise, which is performing poorly– such as poor watch time, negative comments, or thumbs down– can perpetuate negative brand image. If you have a video in your stable that’s attracted a lot of negative attention, get rid of it, no matter how much it cost to make! This is a great way to think hard about the content you want to post next time. Make sure the next one is based on what works and is a sure click with the audience.

Cross-Post Your Videos Carefully

Video Marketing - Point 4Vimeo doesn’t work like Youtube, Youtube doesn’t work like Facebook, nor should you treat them the same! And that can be said for all the major video-display websites. Where possible, alter your videos slightly for each platform. For example, Facebook videos benefit from having a pinned frame with large, clear words explaining what the video’s about, while Youtube benefits more from great titles and a ‘catchy’ still frame without words.

Be Aware of Viewing Metrics for Different Platforms

Video Marketing - Point 5Videos posted to Facebook usually have a very short shelf life; they’ll accumulate a lot of views if you post and promote them at the right times, but they’re not likely to have much traction. Youtube videos, on the other hand, are likely to have an indefinite shelf life; the more views they get only helps them rank higher in searches.

Keep Track of Video Platform Influencers

Video Marketing - Point 6Just as with other social media sites, influencers on Youtube and Vimeo exist, and can provide powerful help in distributing your content… if you can connect well with them. Especially if your video marketing is to younger generations, this is a powerful tool which should not be overlooked.

Always Post Video Transcriptions

Video Marketing - Point 7Youtube and many other video services allow you to upload transcriptions, which can powerfully positively impact that video’s SEO. If you don’t have a transcription, you can utilize third party companies to have them made, such as SpeechPad’s video transcription services or Speakertext. Transcriptions are often important, especially in long videos. It is also beneficial especially to the handicapped community. With useful transcripts, translations and captions, the deaf may now understand what you wish to convey in your videos. It is also helpful for students and learners for the same reasons.

Provide Context for In-Page Videos

Video Marketing - Point 8Just plopping a video on a page won’t do as much for website visitors as just a little bit of information above the video to lead potential viewers in. If you can, add links at the end of the video to take viewers to other pages, which can reduce drop-off rates and increase visitor satisfaction.

Video Marketing - conclusionVideos are great mediums for content marketing. So, be creative and give it all you’ve got. You’ll realize how powerful this medium is when it has taken the Internet by storm. Make it an asset and not a liability for your business.

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